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8-bit TARDIS

Maybe I should make a game. Like a GBC style game. Where you'd fly the TARDIS around and fight pixely little Daleks. Or maybe I won't. We'll see.
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I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.
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What the blazes, Colin Baker? Who dressed you!?
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If you were to make a game, I'd want it to be number four, Tom Baker. He's the most iconic Doctor there is with his long stripy scarf and floppy hat.
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Dude, so cute.
this would be great as a necklace, just sayin'.
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I really wanna make this into a little polyvinyl necklace charm now. I wish I knew how...
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it would be so boss. I would buy one and wear it everywhere and it would be lovely. :]
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Er, just vinyl.
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Or maybe I'll just sculpt one out of polymer, cast it in latex, and then start producing them and selling them on Etsy... Hm...
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That's amazing and adorable and amazing! You should totally make that game... then share it with the world.
One of the new Doctors would be best. Perhaps Eleven or Nine? Or Six or Four! Their clothes would be harder, though.
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First Doctor is SOOOO the best!! <3 William Hartnell <3
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*tilts head at an extreme angle* I never pictured you as a Doctor Who fan...
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So now the question is, if I were to make a game, which generation of Doctor should I feature... Or perhaps all of them?
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"Doctor" indeed.
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