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Artist // Student // Digital Art
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My Bio

Hey there, I am a self taught digital and traditional artist that have been in the artistic field for roughly almost 3 years. I love to draw a plethora of things ranging from MLP, Anthro Stuff, Human Art and so on. I mostly like to draw Ponies for the most part since it is what got me into drawing in the first

(6)MLP NGTJoL Logo (6th Revision)

I am currently starting work on a webcomic project under the name of MLP: Next Gen- The Journey of Eclipse (or NGTJoE for short), which is my take on events following Season 9 (Episode 24/25) from my perspective. It's right now in the wip phase as I have a lot that needs to be done before I can continue it consistent

I am a huge fan of animation. I don't particularly have any favorites, but I love all kinds of animation and hope one day I can become an animator myself in the future. Some of my favorite things to draw are Buildings, Some Environments (such as Skies, Forests, etc). I am learning a lot of things still, so any form of tips or constructive criticism is well

I hope you all will like my art


| Commission Info |CLOSED|

| Commission Info |CLOSED|

(Paypal Link ) Https://paypal.Me/StarlytheSillyArtist--------- :: PLEASE FILL THIS OUT WHEN REQUESTING A COMMISSION ::-- <What Kind Of Commission Do You Want?> <Character reference:> <If Requesting A Custom OC, Go To The Custom OC Fill Out Form> (Go to Type #3) <What Are You Paying In? (Points Or Money (Paypal))> -------------------------------------------------------- TYPE #1MLP Art(OPEN) --------------Full Body Prices -Flat: 250 Points or $3.00 USD- -Detailed: 450 Points or $5.00 USD- -w/background: +250 Points or + $2.50 USD- -Extra characters: +200 Points or +2.50 USD-Half Body Prices -Flat: 200 Points or $2.
I've updated my Commission Sheet a bit. I also am allowing you guys to ask for icons again since its been a while since they've been open (so MaestroMcKay Venomous-CookieTwT, AndWyvern, PancakeArtYT, MoonlightRaindowYT. My Icons are Open so if you
Also fyi the traditional art i posted will be drawn digitally as well.  Just wanted to let you guys know

Donation Pool

Donation Pool For Commissions

If you have points and want to Commission me, please do send the points here

Makes it easy to keep track of sent points

5844/100000 points

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Hi! How many will cost me an animated icon if you can do it

have a beautiful day/night

my commissions are not open atm

your page and art is so p l e a s i n g to look at omg

it's so consistent and I'm super jealous