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Blake - RWBY

Blake Belladonna from RWBY. Really miss Monty's animation and choreography.

Got caught off guard by the vol 3 ending, wasn't expecting things to go the way it did.....Kind of wish that it didn't end in such a ruby ex machina way
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This artwork is so beautifully done, I like it.

hottest member of team rwby

My favorite anime catgirl.

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WOW!! This looks like a photograph!
are you going to do the rest of team Rwby?
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ohhh my i love herr
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the Ears are actually a bow in the series
To hide it, but she do have ears, as a faunus
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i was new and know i found out about her being a fonicceeee
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the noctis hair looks so good on her
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I like the Final Fantasy-esque style of this.
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So pretty and animated!
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this looks so Awesome :D !! 
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where is leonard church
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i have like a huge crush on Blake Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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One thing that always confused me about the Faunus: why do ones who have animal ears like Blake still have a set of human ears as well? 
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My theory is Faunus might have some what of a regressive animal mutation where their base DNA is mainly human but a small segment of it is possibly animal ancestor. Think of it like the X-Men with the mutant gene many of them can look like humans but have hidden powers or abilities that make them different from homo sapiens.
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True. I've noticed that the Faunus tend to be more agile and have almost effortless levels of balance that the humans in the story struggle with a bit more unless they're trained to the same degree as Pyrrha and Qrow. 
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Let us not forget Tyrran he is a prime example of just how much different a Faunus can be from a human in terms of combat even Qrow despite being a veteran Huntsman was barely able to match him and you would think something as heavy and long as a scorpion tail would be more of a hindrance than an advantage.
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This looks so amazing!!! :love:
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Awesome!!! She is my favorite character from the show. I like the way you drew her Gambol Shroud too.
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