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Tanktober - Day 15 - Tiger I Tank

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Here's the fifteenth art for Tanktober (Inspired by thomchen114's Tanktober). And well well well! What have we here? It's the famous and fearful German heavy tank known as the  Tiger I!!!!!

Name of tank: Tiger I (Or Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E as it was known to the Germans)

Place of origin: Nazi Germany

Info: After the encounters with the heavier British and French tanks such as the Char B1 and Matilda II, Hitler was convinced that Germany needed their own big heavy tank, so he starts the "Tiger Project", two prototypes built by Porsche (Designed by Ferdinand Porsche) and Henschel (Erwin Aders was the one who designed the Henschel prototype) were shown to Hitler on the 20th of April 1942 on his birthday and put on trial, ultimately the Henschel would win the trials and ultimately the the final design of the Tiger Tank (Or though some elements of the Porsche design were also used on the final deisgn).  The Tiger Tank's main armament was the 8.8 cm KwK 36, (Or though it was originally an anti-aircraft gun) this was excellent tank cannon as not only was it capable of ripping through the armour of anything the allies could through at it from the American M4 Sherman to the T-34 but it had very long range so a Tiger tank could take out a dozen of Allied tanks from a far distance and it's secondary armaments were two MG 34 machine guns.  It's armour was also majestic as it's maximum was 120 mm thick which was at the time it was first deployed the thickest the armour on a tank could get and was able to withstand rounds form the likes of the Sherman's 75mm gun M3 gun and the T-34-76's main guns, it had a crew of 5 (commander, gunner, loader, driver and radio operator), it weight 55 tons,, had the Maybach HL230 P45 V-12 as it's engine and surprisingly it actually had a pretty decent speed despite what most might think, it had a maximum speed of 28.2 mph which was actually pretty close to the speed of most medium tanks at the time and from 1942–1944 1,347 Tiher I tanks would be built.  Or though the Tiger tank was not perfect by any means as it had very bad teething problems, it was very build and maintain and overall just way too overly-engineered like one thing I should point about about the Tiger is it's interleaved track wheels, what's wrong with them you might ask? Well for one if one of the inner wheels is damaged you need to take the two outer wheels in front of it which is a really pain, plus in cold and muddy there was a chance they the wheels would get very muddy and dirty and make the wheels stuck, so you have to take multiple wheels off just to get to the ones that are broken. it was also difficult to transport as it was very heavy (As I said it weight 55 tons) and if you wanted to transport it you would have to take it a part and place the parts separately on a train and once it reaches it's main destination you have to reassemble the entire tank..... AGAIN!!!! But despite all those problems to absolute excelled at it's main purpose which was being a potent weapon of war and striking fear into it's enemies and in that aspect it was a major success.  The Tiger tank was so feared by the Allies that they had to stop and rethink things to try and counter the Tiger, for the Western Allies they invented the Sherman Firefly and the M26 Pershing (Which was a US tank with a 90mm gun or though it saw very small use in WW2) and for the Soviets they invented not only the T-34-85 but also the IS-2 heavy tank.  The reason the Tiger I is even called that because after the King Tiger/Tiger II was introduced in 1944 the Tiger tank was renamed to the "Tiger I".  Regardless despite it's flaws the Tiger I Tank was a fantastic tank and has gone down in history as one of (If not the most famous) tanks ever built along with both the US M4 Sherman and M1 Abrams, Soviet T-34, etc and I'd go as far to consider it to be one of the most important vehicles ever built as inspired many tanks that came after it.  Overall the Tiger I is a legendary and magnificent tank and it really deserved the praise it gets despite it not being perfect.

Photo of a real Tiger I:…
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