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Well, I've got to hand it to you, Drew, this definitely looks interesting piece! And it's really neat that you've shown it to your co-w...

I really like how this is thoughtfully put out - these "levels of power" make me think of this being a video game, with one being the e...

I really feel the concept in this; I also took the time to read the lyrics. You don't see any great lyricists out there. This picture r...

by D-Jett

You seem to be improving more and more by the second! I swear, I need to keep up with your ever-changing skills as the arteest XD What ...


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


So, this is a character I hadn't drawn in a fact, it's been five years since I first drew her! And yet, I haven't done much in terms of development.

For those who are new, this is Kennedy. She's a kangaroo, a mixed martial arts fighter, and came from a mystical tribe. She's a feisty one, so be careful. =P

Also, huge shout outs to Cherry-Chocoalate after all these years.
Hey, folks! Signal boosting this! Just needs a little love...
hello artists! Got a discord and just want to chat and other art/non-art related things??
Come join my server! contribute and have fun!
Blackmask - Dub Nation
Here's our favourite slutty yellow cat repping her squad - the NBA's own Golden State Warriors! Dub Nation represent!

And ToastedAlmond98 suggested some team color paints, which, of course! :XD: Also, some peeps behind her might get a good view... :horny:

© Critterton Concepts
R U Sirius
A token of congratulations, in celebration of Timbernator's bound to be game-changing project, CYGNUS, which you can check out here:

Seriously, I'm putting this up just as the first few pages are being! Or, maybe just a few minutes...

Also, I did a sketch in minutes. :wow:
Carmine - Where Is My Santa Suit?
Exactly what it says. =P It's the holidays, and she can't wait to put on the suit. But :legasp: it's missing! 

And, yes, had to apply the filter. Niggas be treating us like children. :unimpressed: Even tho Carmine is furry (even down there...)

This will probs be the first official post under the TDT After Dark label.

© Critterton Concepts
Asuka in a Kimono
So, I did some fan art - it's Asuka, the lovely tanuki from Chris Scott's Ray Fox. Go read it! I had to draw her in a kimono, because, why not?

By the way, Scotty has an Indiegogo campaign for his comic:

Spread the word - it only has eight days left! I've never been this excited... :la:
Dr. Stanley Alan Mason is a genius scientist who worked with Frankie. Together, they took a big risk - creating the Twins, as they were the key to exploring the vast corners of the universe.

He extracted the essence of kitsune spirits to give them the power; but his process was interrupted. He thus made it his goal to finish what he started.

I felt that this guy would be like an adult Dexter, with Dwarfism...

© Critterton Concepts
Francis Nicolas Coleman, or Frankie, is the "father" of the Twins. He was a White Moon agent, and he set the spark, so to speak.

He worked with Dr. Stanley Mason, and the two believed in "creating heroes." But certain circumstances happened, and he sacrificed himself, leaving Mason to finish the job. Meanwhile, before he died, Frankie had a plan - he had a few friends get ready in case the Twins make it through...from Lieutenant Stork, to Delilah, to Rodger, to Jonathan Spine, and...yes, even Blackmask...

© Critterton Concepts
Delilah is a character I had in my head for a bit. Actually, for ten years. :lol: She'll be a character in my Brotherhood Legacy movies (which I'm writing outlines for).

She's an agent of White Moon, taken in after she escaped from captivity (she was a "lab rat"). She was trying to find a purpose in the world, until she met the Twins. It's up to her to help them decide what to do with their lives, as she does the same thing.

© Critterton Concepts
Jade Porter
Took me long enough. :P

This is something that Fox-Jake has been wanting to do for a while, and once he told me about her story, and the fact that he's trying to develop it further, I just had to get on board.

Jade wanted to have one shot at a new life, but that was taken away from her when members of a cartel raided her home, murdered her mate, and injured her pelvic area. Since then, she's taking down corruption, when no one else could, by any means necessary.

© Critterton Concepts
Jade Porter created by Jacob Elmer
Bleu Major
I've had this concept in my head for years.

So, if I had a "fursona," this would be the closest representation of myself. :P

He's a queer guy (girls? boys? don't matter), a music producer (yup), with thicc thighs, and dirty thoughts. :XD:

I figured that it'd be a good showcase of how the twins use their abilities...this calls for a lot of glow effects! I had the idea that their kitsune abilities would make marking come alive, if that makes sense.

And, yes. The title is a Crash reference. As I've mentioned, that bandicoot is a huge influence. :lol:

© Critterton Concepts
TDT and Friends Franchise 2018 Group Pic
Been doing quite a bit of drawing recently. More to come later.

After a decade of development, I've finally done a picture where the main characters of all my stories are in place. I've reached a bit of a "sweet spot" here. Since the Twins have powers of kitsune spirits, I thought, why not expand that further? Thus, I've built a sci-fantasy world with faeries, dragons, and all kinds of craziness. It's also 80s influenced and pretty self-aware and deconstructive. These four stories stand out on their own in a massive 'verse. I'm finally about to get shit going. You'll see.

(Plus, this is the first time I've drawn Shay in her "Earth clothes")

© Critterton Concepts
The Dynamite Twins, Bunny and Bear, and Dragon Mages created by Jordann Edwards
Fae of Avalon created by Jordann Edwards and Craig Black ToastedAlmond98 
Fire Fox Meets Fire Fox
Heh, Jac has some competition? Maybe? :lol:

So, there's this comic that I highly recommend you check out: It's amazing, and made me think of those action cartoons I grew up watching. Oh, and there's a crowdfunding thing going on - more here:

Expect more fan art soon ;)
I'm signal boosting this. kibbless7 has been wrongfully banned here. This is indicative of an obvious problem on DA.

Spread the word.
We've got an Art Thief roaming around! Some dork named KibblesHatesGAYs is stealing artwork from kibbless7 and posting them on their page. They even BANNED her for something she didn't even do!

They even have an alternate account named Kibbles07.

We need to put an end to it...
Another one for Fox-Jake - it's Daniel "Danny" Smith, aka "Deputy Dan." ;) Yes, he's the younger brother of Kitty, in case you couldn't tell...

Loyal, honest, always got your back. I'd imagine him teaming up with a certain Golden Lab...?

Unfortunately, he reports to a certain silver fox who's been a thorn in everyone's side... :XD:
Now, I know that I have not been active on here, but there is a reason for that. I'm veering away from sites like DA. I plan on building my universe on my own platform.

I acknowledge that it will take a long-ass time to bring it all together. I'd have to build a team soon. Once I have that together, I'll have them join the Discord server so we'd have active discussion. In the meantime, I'm going to be rewriting the outlines of the stories. So, as I'm redeveloping the TDT stories, I'm gonna shift things a bit, especially with the main series. There will be stories that fall under certain banners. Here's what they'll fall under.

The Dynamite Twins

Brotherhood Legacy trilogy - cinematic movies with spectacle.

Life in Critterton - an experience that includes web series, a comic series, and a role-playing game. Stories like The Great Critter Heist and Lost Vegas will now fall under this banner.

TDT Legends - crazy takes on historical time periods.

Nightmare in Critterton - Halloween-themed tales.

Yes, I'm doing away with the short comics. It's a lot better planning out longer, more dramatic narratives.

These stories, and I cannot stress this enough, are still being written as we speak. Again, it'll take me a while to bring it together. But, it will all be worth it. I hope y'all are with me. I get really impatient trying to do a big thing by myself - you saw what happened the last time. I'm starting small, as I've also got other jobs, like making shirts for others.


Also, let me make things clear. I'm sending a message to all the people I used to look up to, who shamelessly ripped me apart.


I've been developing this world for over ten years. But if you think I'm going to fall off, let alone crash and burn, then you need to look at yourselves in the mirror. This is my passion, and I'm not going to stop. When I have stuff that resonates with people, I know I'm making something good. What have you been doing, again?

I don't need you to control what I can or can't do. I built this castle. I have certain people like Fox-Jake as VIP. 

As for the sexual situations? Shut the fuck up. Even though I'm a lifelong Disney fan, this is anything but. Artistic depictions of sexuality have been around for millennia. If I took it all away, there'd be no Rodger. No Blackmask. No nymphs in Fae of Avalon. That shit ain't right.

But, don't worry. I'm not as active on DA as I used to be, and for good reason. My brother and I are working to build our own platform. I wish you'd watch me glow up, but y'all would want me to fail. My parents, and my siblings, and whatever's left of my "friends" gave me the right advice. Keep doing what I do. That's what I'm gonna do. Keep Moving Forward.

I'm fucking done with you. You ignorant-ass, prude-ass pricks. Good-bye.


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