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My Bio
I am a professional contract Illustrator, Animator, and I work as a Motion Graphic Designer.
I have been doing art professionally for over 30 years for companies such as Disney,
Clear Channel Communications, Universal Studios to name a few.

UPDATE: Aug 05, 2014
I am working with my brother, who is a screen-writer, on a fun, cute and colorful series of children's books we are entitling as 'The Monsterlings'.

Monsterlings is an illustrated children's book series using traditional and 3d illustrations to help tell the fictional stories of small peaceful Earth bound creatures. These tiny denizens live in the nooks and crannies of the world below the grasses and fallen leaves, much like their very real counterparts; the ants, snails, lizards, beetles, and other little creepy crawling things.

They are just as dependent on nature as nature on them. They have what is known as a symbiotic relationship with the other living creatures in their habitat, meaning, although they are different from the other small beings in their world, they help one another survive and thrive.

There are two types of Monsterlings. The Budlings, who love, nurture, and are good for their natural surroundings. And the Grublings, who are not good for their habitat and thrive on its destruction for their existence.

When Budlings are prevalent, everything is in harmony, flourishing, and beautiful. They help the bees, butterflies, birds and other critters considered the working class of the "Underneath" as we call it.

When Grublings are prevalent, everything is in decay, stagnant, and smells of death. These have a symbiotic relationship with mold, mildew, and are akin to harmful viruses, aphids, and all manner of creatures that seek to latch on to another living thing and drain it of its life, just so it can exist.

The purpose of the series is to teach children the "Circle of Life" and that all living creatures, no matter how small or how large, are important in keeping the planet healthy and alive, which keeps us all healthy and alive. It will teach them we are not just food, or fodder, but intelligent beings of heart and soul, independent of one another yet reliant on each other at the same time.

Children will learn about plants, animals, insect life, and how even the smallest unseen species makes this huge spinning orb we call Earth, home. And it is vital we take care of it so it will take care of us.

We are just starting this project and most of the art you may be seeing from me concerning this topic are considered early works and creature concept art and scenes. Much like the Monsterlings themselves, these pictures are just part of the building blocks of the bigger picture, or in this case....

The Monsterling Book Series.

UPDATE: May 30, 2014
I am moving into a different direction in my art, I am going into a more mainstream commercial illustration style.
Using 3d, I'll be creating cartoon illustrations of animals doing non-animal things.
As well as mythology, fantasy, and classic stories such as Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes and A thousand leagues under the sea, etc... Come back soon and check on my progress, I think you will like the works!

My favorite art style is Low-Brow, I do a lot of 70s Hot Rod Monster, and Surf Art styles professionally and for my own personal collections.
My current collection I'm creating is the FUGLIEVERSAL MONSTER series,
I am recreating the Universal Monsters in 3d and 70s Hot Rod Monsters style caricatures.
I am hoping to finish all the Universal Monsters in this style on posters, greeting cards and novelties.

I do take contracts on Art, Illustration and Animation.
Please contact me directly at 602-793-0649, or via e-mail at jw@joewraith.com.
I very rarely use this site, so contact me using the above information.
Thank you,
Joseph A. Wraith
Also check out my Motion Graphics work at:
Check out www.evileye.graphics as well...

Favourite Visual Artist
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, BK Taylor, Frank Frazetta, BROM
Favourite Movies
Avatar, Blade Trilogy, Underworld Series, Star Wars, Alien Series, All the new Marvel Comic Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Mad Men, Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, Boss, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy,etc...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Van Halen (DLR), Whitesnake, Aerosmith
Favourite Writers
Anne Rice
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
XBOX 360
Tools of the Trade
2 G5 Macs, Wacom 21 inch Cintiq
Other Interests
Music and art
I had a friend ask me the other day why I was so bent on doing #Monsterlings art work and the like. He is a game artist and illustrator who does much more dark and aggressive artworks. I told him everything I see out there as far as new art, looks li...
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New Halloween Make-up and Costume I just completed for a friend. https://www.deviantart.com/jwraith/art/Skully-The-Clown-491770631
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