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Baby Dragon - Tabasco

By jwohland
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A baby dragon's preferred form of nourishment

So, I'm giving this little guy new life by recreating him as a 3D character. Please, come check out his progress!...…

If you'd like to see how I did this, you can visit my blog. I've created a tutorial which explains how I approached this image.…

I hope you enjoy it!
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I bought this as a print years ago and have finally come to framing it and it has been damaged in a house move. I am gutted!! is there a way to get a replacement print?

glidergem's avatar

Omg. Feeling a bit dense. Switched the mobile site to Desktop version and the shopping option came up. I have ordered the replacement. Happy days.

HourglassOfLostTime's avatar

So you swll prints? I love this baby dragon piece 💖

HourglassOfLostTime's avatar

I need this on my kitchen wall!💖

Do you sell prints!?

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Hey, Baby Dragon fans!... I'm working on Version 2 of this little guy. Come check him out...…
SO ADORABLE .... I am sad that the US Postal Service managed to crush the triangle shaped cardboard box it was in..... and ruined the poster.   I sent a request to customer service at Deviant Art for a replacement ...   We are going to frame nicely and put in the kitchen.   :D   Can Deviant Art use a stronger box?
jwohland's avatar

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope DA made it right for you

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It's a great combination the Dragon and Tabasco, great details.
jwohland's avatar

Thanks Brownie.. It was nice to see this little guy make the rounds, and resonate with people.

NoticeMeSenpai1995's avatar
*breaks down door* CAREFUL ITS A LITTLE HOT!
jwohland's avatar

Haha.. yes it is!

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Can I purchase a digital copy for use on my new website?  It's a good match for :)
jwohland's avatar

Sure.. (a year later)

jenvander's avatar

How do I do a digital purchase? I don't see that option in the Buy menu.

jenvander's avatar

And over a year later, I check on this 😅 Worth the wait, I still love this lil' guy 😊

KittyMew-Mew's avatar
Sooo cute! hehehe..... I didn't know if you knew ~blushing~.... but this persons selling this beautiful lil image as well on pg 1 I think it was…
jwohland's avatar

There's always someone stealing art from someone out there. Thanks for the heads up!

vicinit's avatar
Hell yeah! Looks lit when he be hugging that hot sauce bottle
jwohland's avatar
jwohland's avatar
Sergio37's avatar
Maybe he could try some hot sauce instead
AngusMcTavish's avatar
So THIS is how dragons get their fire!
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