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(Evoloons) Hydrurga Swimming by jWobblegong (Evoloons) Hydrurga Swimming :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 28 6 Animation Practice - an fish by jWobblegong Animation Practice - an fish :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 16 3 (Evoloons) Hydrurga by jWobblegong (Evoloons) Hydrurga :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 13 1
(FoD week 6) For Love of Fireworks
Vasda waited until Mahriti had been napping awhile to make his demand. “Mee. Hey Mee. I want to go see the brightworks.”
One green eye cracked open to blearily squint at him. “Mnrr?”
“At the festival,” Vasda helpfully clarified.
Mahriti was silent long enough that if Vasda had been anyone else he might’ve feared she’d fallen back asleep, one eye stuck open. But he was not someone else! He was a great hunter, and great hunters were patient, and also he knew that Mahriti needed time to consider things before making decisions. So he exercised his (absolutely voluminous) patience and waited, slowly working his way through his just-after-star-rise grooming checklist: fluff out his cheeks just right, scratch the base of his horns, start working on his ears, the scratch where he’d snagged a shrub was feeling much better but still a little tender–
“Mhhhhhyeah,” Mahriti yawned, closing her eye again. In the usual fas
:iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 1 1
Literature Tag by jWobblegong Literature Tag :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 6 0 (FoD week 5) Accidental Metaphor by jWobblegong (FoD week 5) Accidental Metaphor :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 24 1 A Bright Delight by jWobblegong A Bright Delight :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 32 2 (FoD week 4) In Execution of Duty by jWobblegong (FoD week 4) In Execution of Duty :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 23 6
(FoD week 3) Acceding to Adventure
"...and that is why we needst beg your aid," Nakia finished, peering down the curve of her snout to see how the latest kukuri she'd found took the news.
Said kukuri blinked.
Well... she didn't actually have a way to confirm that Death's gift of tongues was working correctly, but it wasn't as if such a thing could stop functioning, right? And if the silent stranger (who she had privately nicknamed “Winky”) didn’t understand surely they would have wandered off by now, not stood there staring attentively while she talked. Concluding that Winky was merely thinking it over, Nakia settled her feathers back into place and made her request. "My kith and I can scry these shards of Death but the journey is no mere thing. Thus do we ask for guides and companions that we might succeed in our endeavor.” She paused.
Winky blinked.
Nakia tried making a subtly-encouraging face, ears perking hopefully.
Winky blinked more slowly, slightly out of sync.
Nakia took a breath
:iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 1 1
FP sheet: Kataja + Haapa by jWobblegong FP sheet: Kataja + Haapa :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 21 3 (FoD week 2) Startling Stranger by jWobblegong (FoD week 2) Startling Stranger :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 30 4 Particularly Pesky Plants by jWobblegong Particularly Pesky Plants :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 23 0 Swindy Swiping by jWobblegong Swindy Swiping :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 47 2 A Day Delighting In The Dams by jWobblegong A Day Delighting In The Dams :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 78 4 FP sheet: Mazikeen by jWobblegong FP sheet: Mazikeen :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 188 12 So Close and Yet So Far Away by jWobblegong So Close and Yet So Far Away :iconjwobblegong:jWobblegong 252 25

Random Favourites

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jWobblegong's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Please don't thank me for llamas! A llama back is plenty. :)

My chief addictions are ARTPGs and llama trading.

My art tends towards the shaky-handed, brightly colored and fantastical.

:iconthicklesip: is my very old side-account for art pertaining to the MMORPG Istaria.

Offering: art (FP, AR, enamoreds, whatever!)

I'd like to get kuku with traits to work on having really nice ARs! I am particularly interested in Discovery Expert; Friend of All Floral & Archaeologist Extraordinaire are also really good! Hunter of the Wild I am more picky about since I already have one. :) (Do Knowledge of the Wild kids even exist??)

I still want kuku that look nice, so I'm a little picky about genes and features. Luckily I tend to prefer simple genos! I enjoy kukus with a gene or two but I like something easy to draw (especially for ARs)!


Hard-edged markings = YES! Soft/fading markings = ehhh. Piebald is banned from my life.
Prefer lighter coats for Diurnal kuku, darker coats for Nocturnal kuku
♥♥ Fuzzy tails! ♥♥ Ruffles too.
Double horns mutation = ok. Other mutations = don't like it.
Ear/horn ratings: big X = not unless it's otherwise the most perfect kuku ever. Small X = not fond, but maybe. Unmarked = totally fine!

When in doubt: offer! I will always consider it. :)

If you don't have genos but you do have slots:

The problem with traits is they have such a low chance to pass on that buying slots sounds (to me) like a terrible way to get them. That said I'd love to be added to a ping list in case you get a trait geno! I might also be willing to do some kind of long-term deal– small steady trickle of art in exchange for first dibs/maybe discount on good trait kid? Not sure.

I'll also consider imports but generally don't go for them.


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Leave a comment on this journal: #PluralityOfPride

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