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("40 winks"+Rip Van Winkle+Koala)

Winkoala are always asleep but are able travel by sleepwalking. They still carry a log around, though mainly to aid them in attacks such as legendary tantrums if they're caused any major discomfort. It is believed that they taught certain tribes of ancient peoples the secrets of traversing a subconscious dream world.

Based on:
Sleeping masks
Pillows/Neck pillows

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This one would evolve from komala by learning Sleepwalker

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Best Komala fake evo.
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Love the Dreamtime reference 
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Oh, I love how this design is based around how being woken up early can make you angry and cranky.  I wish Komala had an evolution like this.  I wonder if one of his abilities could be like raising his attack stat (or maxing it out) once he wakes up from sleep status.
I like this. A sleepwalker is a good evo for Komala.
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Sounds like me, I get so angry if I'm woken up, idk why haha

Great design, I think it's a very natural progression for him, the design looks even more grumpy, tired, and old, it's great
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When Komala has insomnia.
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Its been a while since you've done regular Pokemon evolutions.
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I don't know why but that face reminds me so much of Boober Fraggle from Fraggle Rock.
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