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Fusions set 70

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Codenames: Mercury Magnet, MagneRock, Trash Bunny, Liqui-geist, Gewlem, Mongadder, Moosunebula

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The fusion pokemon

dex: created in an excitement to better understand the ancient origin of magnamite, this bizarre Pokemon was born.

Dex 2: it enjoys spending its time ”hiding” amongst rocky terrain with geodudes, which it ancestors hail from. It fails to understand that it does not blend in well with its surroundings.



the fused Pokemon

dex 1: A cluster of Magnadudes came together to form this Pokemon when it’s adopted family of geodudes was in Danger. It rapidly twirls its arms to build up electrified punches.

dex 2: It generates large amounts of electricity by rolling down step mountain sides. This electricity could then be later harnassed as a dangerous offensive tool.

Bulkier Electric/Steel-types! Along with the fusions between Zangoose & Serviper, Frilish & Milcery, Scraggy & Trubish, Minior & Dianice, and Spiritomb & Solrock + Lunitone.


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I fucking adore the Geodude/Magnemite and evolution dude, such great designs.

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Geodude + Magnamite

Graveler + Magneton

Trubbish + Scraggy

Frilish + Milcery

Dianice + Melkeor

Zangoose + Seviper

Spiritom + Solrock + Lunatone

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Each and every one of these fusions are just so neatly designed <3

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Also wouldn't the Spiritomb fusion count as a hexafusion?

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Y'know I'm kind of surprised it took till the 70th set to fuse Zangoose & Seviper together.

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Nice ones, I like the jellicent/milcery ones and the lunaton/solrock/spiritomb!

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Can't wait for Frilcery to evolve into Jelcremie!

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Looks like you’re starting to fuse more than two ‘mons together!

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The Zangviper kinda givin' me some Symbiote vibes

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That Zangoose Seviper is GENIUS (the claws being fangs and all) - as well as the Luna/Sol Spiritomb! Gravleton gave me serious Mr.Mime vibes at first? Shrug emoji

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Magnedude and Magler, Bunnish, Frilcery, Miiniancie, Zangviper, and Spirisoluna.
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if my memory is correct, this is the first time we've seen a fusion design that incorporates three pokemon instead of just two! lunatone, solrock, and spiritomb work so well together! the diancie and minior fusion is my favorite of the lot though!

There have several more fusions with more than two pokemon.

Set 27 has a Cresselia+Altaria+Articuno fusion

Set 45 has a Weezing + Shuckle + Forretress fusion

Set 53 has a Durant+Escavalier+Genesect+Scizor/Mega Scizor+Forretress+Trash cloak Wormadam fusion

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you're right! i'm just very forgetful LOL

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Cool designs! I really like the Spiritomb x Lunatone. Could you add a description to your next set of fusions?

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