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Alright, there it is. My new updated blabberbloo.

Dunklolin, Arctolektross, Archezolt, and Dracocard
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Can you try fusing Rillaboom and Slaking?
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Dusknoir + Guzzlord looks fantastic, actually :)
do solagleo + zamazenta
lunala + zacian
necrozma + eternatus
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I love every time you do fusions! It inspires me to do more of them
will you do a eternatus fusion???
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goatman.... thic
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The fossils are trash and fusions better not be the inevitable forced unecessary gimmick of Gen 9
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Yes lad, great ideas as always...and they're tons times better than the real fusions fossils. Unsightly ideas (apart from the fish one), bad proportioned and not funny at all. I know what they represent, but this is the wrong way to do that. :no:
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i bet the Pokemon Company is gonna release a update in the game that gives us
Gigantamax Snorlax
Gigantamax Toxtricity
Gigantamax Melmetal
And the other halve of each of the fossils

(i just really want them to release an update that brings back the other half of the fossil so we can see what they actually look like)
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I've seen the leaks, all of them, I don't think there will be the "complete" fossils in the data, although it would make much more sense than those things we have :shrug: and despite the mythical(s) is (are) not among the data yet...
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We have no mythical Pokémon in SW/SH
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It could be a (or more) removed design because they knew about the datamining. :shrug:
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I think the new fossilmon are referencing when scientists try to guess how an ancient animal was structured, but then get it all wrong (which is surprisingly a common occurrence, especially when paleontology just started out) :)
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I know that but, as I said in my previous comment, this is the worst way to represent those mistakes, I mean, they're out of proportions, they do not even look like Digimon or other monsters (which would have been strange the same)...just a kids cartoon ripoff idk :(
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Ah I see. Personally, I really like 'em, but I respect your opinion. I'm just glad they're not rock-type anymore. :D
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The idea behind them is really cool, I was sooo excited actually and I like the Ice/Water one now that I’ve seen them’s just the proportions :( 
but thank you for respecting my point of view. :aww:
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Guzzknoir looks really cool!

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Woopidimp, Wobbukyu, Laprektross, Archedos, Dusklord, and Genperior
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not quite for 4 and 6
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