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duraladon litwick is the bomb. its adorable and i think it would a very cute regional variant

Junglephox's avatar
Aerodactyl/Tortunator is really cool.
PerfectChaos22's avatar
Cramorant + Lickilicky is actually pretty cool

I like it more than the actual thing, Gamefreak makes too many Pokemon based on reality IMO
Alejo1305's avatar

i can make sprites of you pokemon fusions???

FireLizard2005's avatar
OMG that Cramorant
SurvivorMett's avatar

the polteageist lileep fusion is everything to me.

FrozenFeather's avatar
Ooo the polteageist is adorable!
Mat4265's avatar
I love the duraludon-litwick
Evodolka's avatar
awesome hybrids :la:
ChrysoMal's avatar
I love tea chalice and burstadactyl!
finally a new jwnutz art piece
Fuego-fantasmal's avatar
SpireEx's avatar
Cool fusions, I like you've already used the brand new Pokémon! :D
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Aromalicky Cramolicky
Darththeo's avatar
You are wrong on one.

That is the new pokemon Cramorant plus Lickilicky, not Aromatisse 
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Oh, I keep forgetting they add more and more Mons until the release date.
KivaTheDCWizard's avatar
The Litwick/Duruludon washup is both cute and funny. i love it!

The rest is cool too, with Cradily/polteageist being so cute.
ConnorGotchi's avatar

OMG the Duralitwick lighter is hilarous!

Chingily makes me scared

Aeronator makes me wish PokeFusions were canon

and the Lileep x Polteageist chalice/cup is clever

also I want to protect Cramolicky

YingYangHeart's avatar
what about Finnefly(or Cuteon) and Reuniclix(or Steeliclus)
RattleAndBolt's avatar
Chingling Cradily is something I didn’t know I needed.
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