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Fusions set 61

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Can I make shiny forms of your fusions?
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Sharpedo now a REAL torpedo :XD:

Insta-faved, man :XD:
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I love you. LOL

You always manage to find the right and coolest combination, not only with PoKémon but with you creatures too. ;)
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OMG the Miniorus is my fave hands down! Your Typhedo is great too!
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I love the Minior ones!!!
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Thanks! It was slightly tricky to get a good body shape down
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I don't love the covered shell forms of the minior combo, but the broken open ones are AMAZING I love the connection with the meteors and dinosaurs and all the stars, so fun!
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do you have the link to the thread? i lost it
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I mean they link to the previous thread with every new one but…
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there's not one of these I don't love. Especially loving the Aurorus line
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OMG I wish that Aurorus was real Smiley: Heart eyes

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I'm amazed of how you took two of the most ugly (imo) pokemon, exploud and seismitoad, and turn them into an amazing fusion.
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amazing Poke fusion :la:
minoraurus is my favorite :D
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So here we have...

Minimaura and Minirorus, Typhledo, Minusle, and Seismixploud
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The minior + aurorus one is just absolutely amazing! I think I'm try to male a fusion with Minior as well, it's a cool pokemon
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Yo nutz, I know I'm really annoying but I fucking love the minior/aurorus line fusion. You got it so right and I can only praise you so much but thank you for your absolutely fantastic work.
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Amaura + Minior
Aurorus + Miniour
Sharpedo + Typhlosion
Plusle + Minum
Exploud + Seismotoad
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these are all super cool! my favorites have gotta be the minior and aurorus fusions, truly spectacular! keep it up!
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I made the minior/amaura aurorus suggestion! 
drugbee's avatar
nice thinking!! it turned out wonderfully~
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