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Fusions set 60

For /vp/
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Krookodile + Aerodactyl = Ninja?
BulbaFriend's avatar
More like Gargoyle
SpireEx's avatar
Perfect scary leaks then :XD:
ConnorGotchi's avatar
that Krookodactyl is the coolest thing and closest Pokemon we'll get to Ridley Pokemon
Fuego-fantasmal's avatar
The designs looks very good.
FrozenFeather's avatar
The malamar/arbok is awesome!
Aalacer's avatar

I love that Sneasel+Gligar's silly face!

tooscoo's avatar
I knew I spotted you in that thread ;)
RZGmon200's avatar
Krookodile + Astrodactyl
Inkay + Ekans
Arbok + Malamar
Sneasel + Gligar
Weavile + Gliscor
Spiritom + Gofagrigus

You need to make more fused evolution lines
SirWhibbles's avatar
Love the Spiritomb/Cofagrigus!
popcornhorn's avatar
these are all badass!!!
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Alright, we have...

Aerodile, Yakni and Ramalam, Sneagar and Weascor, and Spirigrigus.
ChrysoMal's avatar
ohhhhh you would be the perfect person to do the minior/amaura minior/aurorus fusions i suggested for that dex!
please, i beg of you to do that one next! <3
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