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My Bio
Been in the industry for a decade. Constantly learning and adding to my skills. I'm an innovation designer, who embraces art of every media.

I work my day job doing product and systems design, and on the side, I do photography and run a small business.

Favourite Visual Artist
too many to list
Favourite Movies
hmm..will have to narrow it down
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Lifehouse, The Fray, Skrillex, john mayer, deftones, tool, and so many more...
Favourite Books
It's a lifetime goal for me to read an entire library's worth of books - i'm about 1/2 way.
Favourite Writers
I tend to go back to either 3 things - the classics, a good crime mystery or anything written by Nora Roberts lol
Favourite Games
too many to list here
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Playstation, Wii, Xbox, Kinect
Tools of the Trade
Computer, pencils, paper, markers, charcoal, graphics tablet, post-it notes, sharpie markers, and the imagination
Other Interests
Art, Design, Business, Marketing, Movies, Music
Hi folks. Thought I'd pop in and say hello. It's been a long time! How is everyone? So much has changed for me. Can you believe I've been a professional in the industry for 12 years now?? I seriously laughed seeing some of my old work on here. Eventu...
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I can't submit a deviation for some reason.  Guess I'll try later. :(
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Woo!  Finished phase 3 of my project.  Would love everyone's support. Check out Creative Fusion Pro's new forums! http://www.creativefusionpro.com  Click that link and then click forums on the navigation. I need YOUR help! We've started to fill the forums and resource sections with some of our favorite places for design, development, photography etc - but we want you to tell us where YOUR favorite resources are! Get critiques, answer and ask questions, join the community and get involved to change the industry!!! Creative Fusion Pro.
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I would like to join your group pls
Hi Jen! I recently joined your Creative Fusion Pro group as a moderator, and I also just recently joined deviantArt after a friend suggested it. I'm a graduate student at KSU studying for an MA in English (Composition) + I am working on a graduate minor in technical writing and graphic design. Right now, I do a little freelance work locally and through my (work-in-progress) studio website. [link] But, as you probably know, the freelance industry is a tough one to get into, especially if you are looking to make a career out of it!

Sorry for long question, I'll get to the point now! :) My question is two-fold:

1.) If you have time, would you check out the work on my profile and offer any tips, pointers, or advice for areas to check out and improve upon? Your designs are so good and professional, I think it would be great to get your assessment and advice!

2.) I read your profile and see that you are a real pro. On my profile, I have a web version of my resume. I really really want to find a career position, as you know my fears about freelance work. The job-market is horrible though, and I have just been out of luck finding regular employment (other than as a cashier!). Right now, freelance work plus graduate teaching is sustaining me, but it's no career and I'll be finished in less than a year! To tell the truth, I'm kind of freaked out about it! I don't want to be a student forever, that's for sure, but I am really concerned that I'm gonna be a long-term supermarket cashier (not that I look down on it, it's just I really am hoping for something I'll enjoy) with a masters degree and no real design career experience. Any professional and/or career advice? Thanks so much for accepting me into your group! I really appreciate it! :)

Hi Derek,
Nice to meet you. :) And welcome to the group!

Yes the freelance industry can really be a challenge. I ran my own my firm that I started by "freelancing" before that term was popular. :) Did it for 5 years. Made some good money - but worked myself to the BONE.

Ok so to your questions...

1. I'll look at your site and draft up my thoughts in a bit.

2. Ok, so it sound like you're currently a student, and also working as a cashier for a supermarket. You want to land a job in the market, but it's tough competition out there. Got it. :)
So here's some thoughts/questions to get you thinking of ways out of the cashier work :)
A. Have you considered doing any internship work? I hire 3-4 interns every summer, and my team at Microsoft does the same. The pay is more than you'd make as a cashier - but less than you'd make as a full time employee. But it's a very good way to gain real world experience, and get your foot in the door. 7/10 times - our interns become full time or contract staff after they finish. Definitely something i'd look into while you're still in school.

B. On the freelance side of things. How and where are you marketing yourself? Is it just locally? The beauty of freelance work is that you don't have to restrict yourself to only working locally. Are you looking on any job boards? Are you building up a network? Freelance is typically something I won't recommend students do (yet) because it's a lot more work than is implied. Schools don't teach students how to properly market themselves, and typically students don't have enough experience under their belt to use a contract for any of the work they do - and typically get "screwed" over by the ugly clients that for some reason always seem to be rampant when you're just starting out.

3. If you really want to get into this field -you're best bet is to network. Make a LOT of friends. My mantra when i first started out - there is no such thing as competition. Make friends with EVERY designer you possibly can. It's a VERY small world when it comes to this industry. I've hired designers and worked them for a few years, to have them move on and end up working with them all over again. Everyone I've worked with knows just about everyone (at least in Seattle). So keep that in mind as you grow. Find a mentor (I'm happy to help when I can) who can also help you as you muddle through the business side of things.

Ok, i've got to go run a team meeting but when i get back - i'll take a closer look at your portfolio and draft up some thoughts for you on that as well. In the mean time -you can reach me at jwdesigncenter@gmail.com or on skype at jw.design.center if you like.

Talk soon!

Hello there!

i just wanted to ask How is my art and how may i make it look better and i would LOVE a reply thanks! :)
Best way to make art better is to continue to practice. Start with basics. Composition, balance, anatomy, color theory... learn and master those basics first. that will give a definite edge. Are you doing your art digitally or the old fashioned way?
mmmmm...Well i use MRSPAINT is that old fashon? i also use GIMP
Gimp is better than paint, to be sure. But in the end, it doesn't matter what tools you use, it's about getting the practice and the basics down first. Whether you're using pencil and paper, paint, a tablet, photoshop, illustrator, or a whiteboard.
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