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The Mask

By JWBeyond
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The Last of Us Infected Clicker Cosplay.

The Make
Polycell Expanding Foam Polyfilla re-moulded. Without this process I couldn't have dreamed of doing this shoot.
Years ago while making my GOZU head I used this foam Polyfilla to fill and carve most of the head shape, while testing it I found that you can shape and mould the foam as its setting. It was perfect to make a Cordyceps Fungus mask for my Clicker costume. In total I used 3 cans of Foam Polyfilla at a cost of £21. If you try this yourself please follow the guidelines on the can and used safety eye-wear and gloves at all times. Painted using ordinary household paints.

More Clicker images in my The Last of Us gallery: [link]


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Jun 16, 2013, 3:26:44 PM
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Oh wow, that looks awesome!
I have one question though - how was it attached to the head? :'D I mean, was it applied like a prosthetic or.. well, how?
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String and Glue, Im not that Hi-Tech ;-)
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Ahhh thank you very much, this'll info will come in handy when I'm doing my own clicker mask!
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Awesome! Link me a pic when you're done! Your work is amazing, I would love to see your Clicker!
Leprapotilas's avatar
Oh man, thank you so much! I promise I'll send you a link, but it might take a while since I'm rather slow :'D But yeah, pinky promise.
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How can you see through the mask? Did you know you're such a huge hit in the internet for a month or so now?
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She couldn't see at all, I had to walk her around.
Yeah, I've seen a couple of sites have re-posted my work. I popped them in this Journal [link] If there are any more you know about let me know ;-)
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N.P. ^__^ thanks to you too... happy cosplaying :iconsmile--plz:
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Oh wow this is awesome! Major props it looks just like the game!

(Wish I'd done something like this instead of papier mache, eventually mine's gonna rot :( )
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I love yours! Your one definitely captures the shape better than mine!
And I'm pretty sure the foam starts to brake down and powder after a year or two :-p
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