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The Last of Us is an Amazing game and since I saw the first images of the Infected Ive been working on this Clicker cosplay.

Photographer [link]

Model [link]

Body Painter and Modelling FX [link]

The Game itself is Fantastic! If you want to know more then check out these links.
First is the BBC clip that started it all. All facts and when you think about it, it really is scary [link]
The second link is Hush. Naughty Dog’s vid doc which was my main source of research for this project [link]

More Clicker images in my The Last of Us gallery: [link]

More Urbex images in my Bristol gallery: [link]



Naughty Dog [link]
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Jun 16, 2013, 2:45:31 PM
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May I Ask? How did you make it? I am going to Cosplay next year and I been trying to find a way to make a clicker and your's is spectacular.
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Here you go, let me know if you have anymore questions…
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Jill Valentine Clicker
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So very very cool.
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that is cool, can she even see in that mask?
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wow excellent!!
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Creepy but somehow sexy :heart:
JWBeyond's avatar
Yes! Thank you! That's what I was going for! If I was sure it wouldn't kill me I defiantly would ;-)
TheVocaloid1's avatar
It was me an Honor, nothing to thanks :smooch:
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THAT is some awesome makeup!
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My gosh, if i would meet her on the street, she would scare the shit out of me and i would run away screaming (i know, worst idea ever meeting a clicker...) XD We finished the game last weekend, and clickers are the most creepy type of Infected. Everytime i heard the clicking sound, i was like: "oooohh nooooo, not this bastards again." XD And i was not even the one playing, just watching.
Amazing game and this cosplay really really gets it!
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Thank You! But all the credit goes to the talented people at Naughty Dog! I love the Game, Im on my third run-through, Survivor mode is kicking my ass!?
Love your make-up work! Can't wait to see More!
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Ah, but it was your hard work, to make it real-life ;)
Thank you :)
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That's amazing, now you need volunteers for the Bloaters. :D
JWBeyond's avatar
I was actually thinking about that! Not 100% happy with this one so I reckon I could try again but do the Bloater! But I have no money at the moment so you'll have to wait a while ;-)
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I'm sure it will look amazing, and hope to see it in due time. :)
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I seriously hope you are in Florida because I would love to see this walking around AFO (convention in Orlando). This is just too cool!
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Sorry we live in Great Britain the land of hope and glory :flaguk:
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This is so fucking amazing!
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Looks amazing! Great job!
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