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WINTER - Detail

Facial detail of my painting 'Winter'.
Please click on the image for better resolution.
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900x1224px 843.77 KB
Canon EOS 5D
Shutter Speed
1/99 second
Focal Length
63 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 8, 2013, 5:08:32 PM
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Honeycorn's avatar
fantastic, so realistic! :wow:
Lazy-Panda-Yuri's avatar
The detail is amazing. Great Job! I'm a fan :p
canonographer's avatar
Mad-Margaret's avatar
Astonishing level of skill.
XxParanoidAndroidxX's avatar
i'm just blown away with how talented you are! I've been drawing portraits for sometime now and I can never seem to muster up that kind of patience. The way you capture every single detail is oustanding! This might sound like a silly question but what do you to keep yourself from moving too fast and keep concentrated on the overwhelming amount of every pore!
ammona2011's avatar
omg, i got art(not heart) attack ,kidding,.its amaaaaaaaaaazing wowwwwww.fav
Tomdal's avatar
Fantastic work, look so vivid and alive, bravo!
frosty456's avatar
As an aspiring young artist, I have recently used your portraiture work for what is termed 'artist research' for my sketchbook at school. I'm currently working on a self-portriat in oil paint, alla prima style, I'm sure you know what it is, but basically where you work into the painting whilst the paint is still wet before adding finer detail later. Although you work in predominately acrylics I think, are there any general tips you would be wiling to provide with regards to capture ultra realistic skin texture and the light in the eyes and hair? I am in utter awe of your work by the way, all art is different, if some artists don't like the ultra-realism then just think of it as that's what they do and this is what I do.
Dontsleeptoolong's avatar
I love the way you paint! You point out every detail and and every "flaw" of the human face. Everything from the red ear and chapped lips has subtle indication of winter. Really enjoyable work you have here.
Mythuss's avatar
OMG- greeeeeeat
JormanComegato's avatar
respect men, your art is amazing and inspiring, keep it up!
blueprince312's avatar
what kind of reference did you use? is it possible for a photo to take a super detail like this?
JW-Jeong's avatar
I use both the printed photograph and the actual model. Magnifying glass helps sometimes.
blueprince312's avatar
ah, i see,you're really good especially on mixing to get the right colors,
Rseifert's avatar
Some people complain or rather make comments of the realism of your work, saying that it's just like looking at a photo as if that's something to snear at. You have my deepest respect as an artist and I'm amazed at everything you paint. It's not my style, because I'm not that talented and certainly don'thave that much control and/or patience or time. Being a typical American, I really need results as fast as I can get there. I'm working on it, but it's a long way away from where I am. You have an incredible vision and a beautiful expression. Hats off to you! Well done sir.
JW-Jeong's avatar
Your words are too kind and I can't thank you enough. In fact, being patient is tough for me as well. I feel even intimidated when I'm facing a blank canvas and reminded of the seemingly-endless labour ahead. The work never gets easier but the artist can grow bolder and stronger once he/she is addicted to the sense of joy and satisfaction that the completion of an artwork gives. You are right, it's a long way ahead but I'm sure it's a path worth taking. You have my best wishes! :) :)
Rseifert's avatar
You're a good man. Stay the same as you are and continue to give people faith that it's not always easy. Even for the gifted.
Taqresu650's avatar
To me it looks like a photo. I am amazed by the realistic details.
steph--95's avatar!!! Thats a painting!?!?! Just brilliant! i would love to be that skilled one day..
roesoftheshadows's avatar
Your hyper realism is something to envy =3
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