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Do You Believe in Jesus?

Do You Believe in Jesus?
If so...which one?

Acrylic paint on wood
40 x 56cm
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A burning heart can never ignore these comments. I write just a humble word for blasphemer, although I know that they will one more time close their eyes and ears:

Christian faith as taught in the Bible is something understandable, which is revealed to every person who has honest intentions and wants to be God's friend, His child.

God Jehovah does not reject us, nor does he present us with historical, philosophical or other riddles that we cannot cope with.

Jehovah comes to us when we really need him and believe in him.

Even if there are cruel things in this world, you will find no other way out of them except in unity in God's love.

All the discussions and half-truths of worldly speculations have been brought into this world by Satan. Everyone can find God. We can do his will in relationship with people and creation.

It is something personal, but shared among true worshipers, who can understand the word of the Bible from the content, they (we) live it.

Jesus came at God's command and brought with eternal Love a sacrifice, because otherwise the weak and flawed people would not have any chances to come home in the union of God's Kingdom. Therefore, accusations and judgments against people are also pure hatred and one rejects the faith of people out of anger.

You have to stop doing that if you don't want to become the victim of your own hardness and hatred.

The word of the Bible came over long time spread finally to the so perfected agreement, which humans could never have invented themselves. The Bible is written inspired by God.

Who can not believe, should be silent on this subject. No one needs accusations against our only Savior out of this fallen world. We are not perfect and don't have to be perfect, this world is also full of blemish, but everything will find back in the state of Love when God will just do it, what ever most people of this 'world - wisdom' do or say, it will come like God has planned it. Those who are full of hate against God's way forget that they are just human and can never understand what God see and think far beyond.

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I know what religions capable of... I saw holy men, and the things they done, whatever is up, don't mind the pain and suffering, crimes and criminals. god and devil are two side of one coin.

but sadly no one gonna draw a paint from mass graves of children In Canada or people of Middle East whom killed by Islamist... yea the god is so merciful indeed...

Even so, taking Jesus out of religion, it is undeniable to believe in the historical Jesus, but biblically we have to know the concept of God, because unfortunately, people outside the world know that as the bible says, the devil He is the god of this world, while on the other side is God, the creator of all things and who also became a man to live like us and demonstrate that he himself conquered the world with his way of living and that we can do the same. the same, giving us the choice to make a difference and not live as in the world, that is the big problem, one has to seek God to be used and change for the better, but also everything points to the great tribulation which is something that It has already been pre-written for 2000 years but don't worry, if you perceive everything will be for the better.

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thank you, for I believe in your good intention but sadly god can not put out of any religion, name god or any gods always religions step forward and talk about it. so where the god and gods come from? everything start from ancient Mesopotamia 2500~3000 bc, you gonna be shock if you find all stories of bible in ancient Sumerian and Akkadian tablets... same stories different names, so what happened? Jews copied Akkad and Christianity copied Jews and Islam copied Christianity. and they all build a enslavement system. so does Jesus ever exists? we know Jesus of bible is same as Osiris and some Greek gods, so where is the real Jesus? no one knows however some believe he is just philosopher nothing else. I also find another person in history named Zoroaster of Persia 1000 bc who died and his followers gave him a Devine Title. in ancient Persian "Khodaa" means God, but there is also another concept for that "Khod ah - Khod Agah" which means self awareness or self conscious there wasn't any god or gods in this. of course his followers still believe in some divine power who fix everything if you just keep worship fire and read weird ancient chants like all other religions... in middle east they kill each other for 3 millennia you can see Afghanistan right now as the most recent example of what religion and holly man can do in the name of god. so forget the god and gods because if you don't you make another Dark Age... in the end I don't believe in divine because there is none not in earth nor in the sky, you have to learn it from covid. I believe in myself in my limited power and knowledge which come from science and I can make my surroundings little better and that's first step for better world.

Many historians or scholars have already ruled out the possibilities of plagiarizing other deities in the case of the figure of Jesus of Nazareth for the simple fact that in Hebrew culture there is a jealousy or repudiation of what is not Jewish, in this case with the apostles, and this is a total ignorance of the stories of some mythologies, as I mentioned, even atheistic scholars take Jesus as a historical figure, we can get secular mentions outside the bible in the writings of the Judeo-Roman historian of the first century , Flavio Josefo in one of his books titled "Jewish Antiquities" in which historical mention is made of 3 characters of the new testament (Jesus, John the Baptist and Santiago brother of Jesus, who mention his martyrdom by stoning) plus the the idea of ​​God or gods in ancient times I have some ignorance on that subject, I do not know if you mean that some cultures and religions of ancient times contained the same events as the one of the universal flood in the story of Noah or so, but if that were the case there are 2 documents that speak of an event that possibly happened in the past, but at the end of the day, in my case he created in God because I know him, Likewise, if you looked for him, he would let himself be found and maybe your life would change, I don't know, but the point is not to interfere or attack someone's faith if the latter has never been tried, I don't think it's your case, thank God, just Maybe you try to share with me your reasons or motives but that is something that I would recommend, and if not, your way of thinking is also respected.

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I think we both agree about religions which they all by liars and charlatans.

I have to mention some points. I didn't deny Jesus, but his role. is he a heavenly man who brings the message of god? or he was just normal human and he was just a reformer to Jewish tribe? like so many others among the nations of the world.

in case of of great flood, there are more then that even small part of testaments "Solomon love lyrics" is copy King of Sumer love songs which he wrote for goddess of love Ishtar. so we have a book here contained all old legends. in case of great flood you can find it in Epic of Gilgamesh which written 5000 years ago and that was by war between gods Anu and Ea and several other gods (the book is accessible you can find PDF version) there are many example like this. I can recommend you a book by famous archaeologist "Muazzez ilmiye cig" she compered ancient tablets with holy books and publish a book "Sumeroloji" the book is crucial.

believers only believe in god because of existent religion. church and influence of family. only religious believers are argue about god. the Antireligion and Spiritual have nothing to argue about, ask them god do exist? and they answer: maybe, maybe not but we hope it is.

so unless you're not among of Antireligion Believers, believe in god means believe in religion and that religion require some rituals. at best it would become self-interest gang and at worst it become some anti-human cult or simply a terrorist cult like Islam which main part of it required the blood and killing of others.

you asking me about my reasons or motives? my reasons is beyond others endurance for no one have tolerance of hearing several hours of talking about death and and brutal torture of people all by name of god. and betrayal of so called civilized world to less developed cultures. I'm not attacking someone, I'm defending others from faith that yet may bring another Dark Age. the dagger of fait cut deep into flesh of nations as another tool for control of humans this tool named god.

Well, there is no denying even so, Jesus is the most influential person in the history of humanity, curiously I tell you, Solomon was carried away by the idolatry of his concubines or wives, in the same bible it is, but how much If God exists, I do not speak of religion, I speak more for the life that I lead or for the supernatural things that surround next to God, it is beautiful, I hope someday you will try it, even if it is out of curiosity, but as I say, my faith does not know It is based on the imposition of some church because when I started looking for it I was incredulous in many areas of my life or like any secular religious, those flat is as you say it, but not my case, because I know God and I have seen him work in different areas of my life and he has used me a lot for his work, he has freed me from many and thus, as I always say, do not wait for someone to talk to you about God, better go and look for him, but obviously do not look for him where not you are going to look for it, because by experience, God closes himself to those who believe n understood or wise and decides to reveal himself to those who seek him from the heart or in a humble way, but hey, I'm not the only one who happens this, maybe you meet someone like me and probably tell you their testimonies, while with what another, Jesus himself says "They shall put you out of the synagogues; yea, the time cometh that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. "John 16: 2, let's remember that God is someone not a mere concept but well I don't know how you see it, the purpose of preaching is always salvation, Because although God exists, it would be closing the possibility that that person knows God and is saved and only serve as a stumbling block, but suppose the other, personally I think Christianity would have ended since it started haha, but leaving me joking , if that possibility of life existed, since the immorality of ancient peoples would be seen to this day, unfortunately today everyone does what they please, regardless of whether it hurts others, in conclusion, let's not get carried away by it. bad testimony that others bring, you have to live what others to know and understand, I have walked in many shoes.

And you always have to give a good testimony to others by being an example to follow.

pdt, Christianity is the continuation of Judaism not so much plagiarism, because this is Abrahamic, think of the case of Islam that changes the stories and facts of the characters.

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The shading and color has a very Rembrandt and Titian feel to it. The perspective is very narrow but still implies a vanishing point as would definitely be the norm for the predominantly religious art of the renaissance period of which this is most likely a satire. The grimace of the crucifixion victim is one that elicits more of a pious disgust rather than “excruciating” pain, which is VERY well complimented by the tones of “grey and decay” rather the dark reds and blues that give the originals their triumphant martyr feel. I feel the mixing of generations was executed as best it could considering this concept has been beaten to death in contemporary Christian art, (another possible victim of satire for this piece).

As expected, the Christ figure at the foot of the cross is a caucasian of seemingly european descent rather than a middle-eastern jew. Although this would be appropriate if the one at the foot of the cross was emblematic of a false christ, it seems less likely the case when the man on the cross is the very embodiment of western christian culturalism. Any art enthusiast would assume that these two figures are intentionally juxtaposed, especially in light of the hyper-conservative 1950’s church raiment of the crowd.

What this piece speaks to me is the sickening state that modern western christian culture is in; where sermons intend to do no more than to satiate and encourage the self-obsessed consumerist worldview we’ve had spoon fed to us from our earliest years of cognizance. This culture is a religious one in every sense of the term: the very ideology that assumes that the sporadic participation in vain traditions merits a sense of piety which one can use to both patronize others and blind his or herself to personal imperfections and struggles.

In the other Christ, I see the Biblical Christ, (yes, in spite of the racial mixup). This is the very one whose primary message wasn’t one of self-indulgence and a mere “live and let live” mentality, but His message was to offer His life as a ransom for many. The Gospel is often lost in today’s christian culture. The concept of sin is avoided in most churches and thus the free gift of forgiveness which was paid in full on the cross of Calvary is meaningless. These sorts of churches are like a hospital which is afraid to deal with cancer because of the inevitable negative feelings the patient may have.

Worship the true Christ, that’s what I can take from this. I’m certain many and possibly most will disagree with me, but that’s the beauty of art... it’s subjective.
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Brilliant, sacrilegious, thought-provoking and in a strange way necessary. I have noticed who is mourning the "Jesus" on the cross, I have paid attention to the true Christ looking right at us. Far too often in the past and far too often today, there are people who have used not just Christ but religion in general to justify their behavior, their actions, and to fuel their ego and self-righteousness. Do you believe in Jesus? If so, which one? The one we have created to fit one's own selfish vision and cast down those unlike us? Or the true Christ as he is and what he stands for, helping those in need, doing what is good and right, and spreading peace and love. And whether you're Christian, Buddhist, or of any religion, take a good look at your faith and ask yourself if you are truly a man/woman of that faith.

I am a Catholic, I am religious, I believe in God and Christ, and I am not appalled by this. In fact, I think this is one of the greatest modern works of religious art I have seen that makes a daring but inspiring statement.
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I'm Catholic also, and I really appreciate your interpretation of this. At first glance I was scared this was sacrilegious, but then I saw the real Christ looking at us, and I knew there was a deeper meaning. Some people may be offended, but it's things like this that grab attention, and it's things like this that ring with Truth people need to heed to. Christ Himself did not come to comfort, he came to cause separation. Matt 10:34 - "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

I agree that it's VERY thought provoking, and a great example of how people use religion as an excuse for their actions, not paying attention to the fact that if they truly followed it, there would be no need for excuses for they would be acting with true love and strength as Christ did.
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From a fellow catholic, well stated.
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That was so well said, i love when peoples minds think like that and see the big pictures, kudos.^_^
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Thank you :)

I try to be open-minded about different subjects. I may or may not like them in the end but at least I checked them out.
Except what you said was naive and ignorant.

You haven't the slightest clue what your own religion states. You haven't the slightest clue what's going on in the world today.

You are a lame brain. Go figure, you are religious.
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I'm an atheist, but I still think this is a phenomenal message about the Christianity that exists today--and probably has always existed. People give a sort of vague acknowledgement to the gentle preacher of myth, who taught a way of love, kindness, and forgiveness; who healed the sick and raised the dead; who fed the hungry and cared about the poor; who eschewed riches in favor of a life of humility and poverty. But the Jesus that most of them really worship is a bloated, gluttonous, cold and uncaring creature representing only the best interests of the clergy who run the organization of the Church. Mindless worship of an idol on a this really what God, or the son of God, would want from humanity?

The quality of the art is as excellent as the message (which I'm sure is different for everyone). The style has a sort of Renaissance feel to it, like it's an old oil painting on canvas, but with modern elements. I like it a lot.
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My, how magnanimous of you! Meow :3 
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Really nicely done, and what fantastic commentary on the engine that is Western Religion.
To me, this really speaks to the way that the ideals and teachings of Jesus Christ have been lost as Jesus becomes more of a mechanism for the religious right wing to continue to drive the consumist machine. Instead of teaching love, compassion, and understanding, the bible now seems to stand for proof of whom we should be hating, why other people don't deserve the things that we want, and misogyny. I think the intention behind the teachings Jesus have been lost in the midst of materialism. I often feel like the bible is used as reinforcement and justification of America's gluttonous way of life.

And if that is your message here, then my friend you have nailed it. (No pun intended....) People worshiping a fat, fake Jesus that is a manifestation of materialism while the real Christ looks at the viewer with a penetrating and knowing look.

I love your muted neutral tones. I like the way that the real Jesus is subtly backlit. I feel like that and his simple robes lend him an otherworldly quality that passes unnoticed by the masses worshiping the false idol that stands for the corruption of the faith.

Now I could be way, waaaay off in my interpretation of this piece, and if I am, I would love to hear your own thoughts on your work.

In any event, while I am not religious, I found that this piece of yours resonated quite deeply with me. I am looking forward to your future work.

Cheers and have a great day!

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I agree with your interpretation, it sounded much like my own with a little more insight than I had but far more eloquently spoken.

Are you at all interested in talking politics?

If so I would like to hear some of your insights. :plotting:
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Thank you for the compliment, I am terribly flattered.
Typically I do my best to avoid talking about both religion and politics. They are both inflammatory topics that most people are not able to discuss objectively, and I get tired of banging my head against a brick wall.
I have also taken care to remove myself from, I guess you could say. I keep up on world events, but I try to stay away from news regarding America's two party system. It just makes me angry. And I hate election years.
Does that answer your question?
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