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Monster Journal 2: Gorosaurus
Tyrannosaurus Rex is is beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most famous dinosaur ever discovered.  The name itself means Tyrant Lizard King.  However, if Tyrannosaurus is the King of the dinosaurs, then who would be the Emperor?  It would have to be a dinosaur far larger than anything conceivable and it would have to be far more ferocious.  If you know the Godzilla series, then look no further than GOROSAURUS!

art by KaijuSamurai 
King Kong Escapes
Mondo Island was a mysterious island, home to terrifying creatures, including the mighty Kong.  After he had developed an attachment to young woman named Susan Watson, he protected her from Gorosaurus, who had attempted to eat her.  The two monsters fought, with Gorosaurus having a slight edge by using his powerful legs against the giant ape.  His luck didn't last long however as Gorosaurus was then dragged to the ground, be
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King Ghidorah by JW-Gojifan King Ghidorah :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 10 2 Mothra by JW-Gojifan Mothra :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 9 0 Rodan by JW-Gojifan Rodan :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 8 0
Monster Journal 1: Titanosaurus
Ever since I was a kid, I was obsessed with Dinosaurs.  Just the thought of giant animals that were once alive a long time before mankind was amazing so you can imagine my excitement when I heard of Godzilla and watched his movies.  Now, out of all the Dinosaur-like Kaiju from any monster movie, only one managed to become not only one of my personal favorite Kaiju of all time, but also one of the most original monsters of all time.  That honor goes to TITANOSAURUS. 

art by dopepope
Titanosaurus' first, and so far only, film appearance was in the 1975 film, Terror of Mechagodzilla.  In the film, a scientist named Dr. Shiznu Mafune had been conducting experiments on how to control sea life for food in an attempt to save humanity.  During his experiments, he had claimed to the board of directors that he had discovered a Dinosaur living under the sea near the Bonin Islands.  Naming the creature Titanosaurus, he
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Movie Thoughts: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
This is spoiler filled so read at your own risk
Three years ago, Jurassic World returned the series to greatness.  In fact, Jurassic World revitalized my love of dinosaurs and truly made me feel like a kid again.  With that said, you can imagine my excitement when I learned of the sequel. 

We return to Isla Nublar during a tropical storm.  The gate to the Mosasaurus' lagoon has been opened, allowing a mini-sub to extract the DNA of the Indominus Rex.  Unbeknownst to the pilots, the Mosasaurus is still alive and it destroys the sub, cutting off contact with the rest of the team.  It's at this point that Rexy attacks one of the team members although he narrowly escapes, only to be devoured by the Mosasaurus, which then escapes into the open ocean.
Back on the mainland, debates and protests run awry as people struggle on what to do with the surviving dinosaurs as Mt. Sibo, Nublars now active volcano threatens them.&
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Movie Thoughts: Jurassic World
After Jurassic Park III, the series had been put on hold.  For a time, fans were content with what they had.  When I was 18, I heard from a friend of mine that a fourth entry was on the way, although I dismissed it as a rumor.  Turns out my friend was right.  In November of 2014, a trailer was released and my dinosaur obsession came back full force.

In 2015, brothers Zach and Grey Mitchell go to Jurassic World; John Hammonds dream, re-imagined, to spend the week with their aunt, Claire Dearing.  At the park, Claire talks about a new attraction, Jurassic Worlds first ever genetically modified hybrid: the Indominus Rex.  She is told by her boss, Simon Masrani to bring in Owen Grady, a Raptor trainer from the Navy, to inspect the hybrids paddock for vulnerabilities.
As Owen inspects the paddock, the Indominus appears to have escaped its enclosure.  Upon further inspection, the Indominus nearly kills Owen a
:iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 4 2
Movie Thoughts: Jurassic Park III
Jurassic Park showed just how alive dinosaurs could be.  The Lost World showed them in a more frightening light.  After the success of The Lost World, a second sequel was inevitable.  However, this one would be different as Michal Chrichton would not have a novel for this third entry to be based off of.  It also went through several rewrites.  However, we would get to go back to Site B, where the inhabitants are smarter, faster and more terrifying than ever before.

Four years after the events of The Lost World, Isla Sorna is deemed RESTRICTED by the UN and Costa Rican government.  Despite this, people have attempted to go to the island to see dinosaurs.  Two sightseers, Ben Hildebrand and Eric Kirby, go parasailing in order to see anything on the island.  However, their guide had disappeared and before their boat crashes, they escape but land on the island.
We then meet up once again with Dr. Gra
:iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 2 2
Movie Thoughts: The Lost World
In 1993, Director, Steven Spielberg had released the highest grossing film of all time as well as one of the greatest films of all time.  With the MASSIVE success of Jurassic Park, a sequel was inevitable.  As he had never written a sequel before, Michel Chrichton had released the sequel to his original novel, becoming a best seller.  In 1997, the long awaited sequel to Jurassic Park was finally released.  This time, the audience was taken to a lost world.

Four years after the events of Jurassic Park, Ian Malcom has been having it rough.  After recovering from his injuries, he tried to warn the public that dinosaurs were alive again but because of InGen, his reputation was in shambles.  After being summoned by John Hammond, he learns of a second island, Site B; Isla Sorna.  The animals had been bred on this island where they were raised for a few months before being moved into the park.  After th
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Movie Thoughts: Incredibles II (No Spoilers)

As a kid, I loved superhero movies but the one that stood out from all the others was The Incredibles.  It was a new take on the superhero genre and went along with the trope of having a family of supers rather than just focus on one.  When the film was released in 2004, I could not get enough of it.  I even bought the games and still play them to this day.  Now, 14 years later, the sequel to one of the most loved PIXAR films has been released, and it did not disappoint.
When we last saw the Incredibles, they were facing off against a supervillain called, The Underminer.  During the fight, a businessman witnesses Supers in action.  Later, he invites, Mr. Incredible, Frozone and Elastagirl to try and sway the public to make Supers legal once more.  But when a villain known as the ScreenSlaver emerges, the race is on to foil the villains plan.
The way the story goes is more or less the same as the first film but
:iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 4 4
RWBY: Enter the DRGN Chapter III (part 1)
    Drake was enjoying a good night’s rest and so far, everything was going particularly well; He had made it to his dream school, already made three friends and was looking forward to tomorrows initiation.  Just as he was starting to enjoy an incredible dream, Drake felt someone nearly crush his stomach.  This caused him to immediately wake up and gasp for air.  What the heck! He thought as he looked to see who stepped on him and noticed a girl skipping to someone.  She was an energetic redhead, wearing a pink mini skirt, pink gloves, pink and white shoes, a white tank top with a heart and a black jacket.  She then sat in front of a guy still sleeping in his sleeping bag.
    As soon as he woke up, she immediately started talking.
    “Wake up lazy butt!” she cheered, “It’s morning! It’s morning! It’s morning! It’s morning!” This guy she was
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Movie Thoughts: Jurassic Park
Twenty-Five years ago today, a man had released a film.  Like him, the film was grand, it was bold, it was smart, it was...meant to be.  The film was and still is considered to this day, a landmark and a pioneer in what it had accomplished.  Like many that came before it, it took chances and pushed the boundaries of what filmmakers could do, resulting in something that we, as children, could only see in books and our dreams.  Life had found a way, and Jurassic Park had become the film to truly introduce me, as well as so many others, to the greatest family of animals to ever walk this earth: The Dinosaurs.

We open on the island of Isla Nublar, where many workers are transporting an animal into its pen, resulting in one of the workers losing his life.  In the Dominican Republic, a lawyer named Donald Gennaro attempts to meet with John Hammond, saying he had been advised to bring in experts to sign off on Ha
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Movie Thoughts: Solo (SPOILERS)
Okay.  The Star Wars fandom is something I am so happy to have broken away from.  Ever since Last Jedi was released, I have heard nothing but complaint after complaint; hearing that Disney ruined Star Wars, Alden Ehrenreich doesn't have the moxie, even hearing that the prequels are masterpieces when compared to the new movies.  Needless to say, I never listen to critics or SW fans.  Okay, rant over.  Now at the start of the year, when I knew nothing about the SOLO movie, I still listed it as one of my most anticipated movies, coming in at number 4.  After seeing the film, I can honestly say that it was a really good movie.

As a Star Wars film, we jump to many different planets.  Our first stop, Corellia, where runaways are forced into a life of crime.  In return, they are given food and shelter.  It is where we first meet Han and his lover Qi'ra who both dream to buy a ship and leave.
:iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 2 4
FIRE EVERYTHING YOU GOT by JW-Gojifan FIRE EVERYTHING YOU GOT :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 9 13 Jaeger Uprising by JW-Gojifan Jaeger Uprising :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 8 0 Remember Our Old Move? by JW-Gojifan Remember Our Old Move? :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 6 6


Monster Journals

Want some informative narratives on famous and non-famous monsters from movies and shows? Then look no further with JaketheDino's Monster Journals. These are accurate and informative journals detailing events with your favorite monsters. No copyright infringement is intended as none of the images used, belong to me. They're are strictly for informative purposes. Enjoy


Tyrannosaurus Rex is is beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most famous dinosaur ever discovered.  The name itself means Tyrant Lizard King.  However, if Tyrannosaurus is the King of the dinosaurs, then who would be the Emperor?  It would have to be a dinosaur far larger than anything conceivable and it would have to be far more ferocious.  If you know the Godzilla series, then look no further than GOROSAURUS!
Godzilla Rulers Of Earth  22 Cover By Kaijusamurai by JW-Gojifan
art by KaijuSamurai 

King Kong Escapes

Mondo Island was a mysterious island, home to terrifying creatures, including the mighty Kong.  After he had developed an attachment to young woman named Susan Watson, he protected her from Gorosaurus, who had attempted to eat her.  The two monsters fought, with Gorosaurus having a slight edge by using his powerful legs against the giant ape.  His luck didn't last long however as Gorosaurus was then dragged to the ground, beaten and had his jaw broken.
Gorosaurus Pinup By Kaijusamurai by JW-Gojifan

art by KaijuSamurai 

Destroy All Monsters (1968)

Gorosaurus was one of the many monsters contained on a small island knows as Monster Land.  There, the monsters lived in peace and were constantly observed.  When an alien race known as the Kilaaks invaded, they took control of all the monsters and unleashed them on major cities around the world.  Gorosaurus was sent to attack Paris and the military could do nothing against him. 
After the control was broken, the monsters all started to gather towards Mt. Fuji.  There, the Kilaaks sent King Ghidorah to kill them all and for some time, Ghidorah managed to hold them off, especially Gorosaurus who made several attempts to charge Ghidorah but was held back by the monsters gravity bolts.  Eventually, the monsters started to close in but Gorosaurus managed to turn the tide of battle, moving to attack Ghidorah from behind while the rest of the monsters attacked from the front.  Gorosaurus managed to kick Ghidorah to the ground using his powerful legs, potentially breaking Ghidorah's back.  Once down, Ghidorah was beaten to death.  Gorosaurus was later returned to Monster Land where he would live out the rest of his life in peace.
Destroy All Monsters By Kaijusamurai-dapb624 by JW-Gojifan
art by KaijuSamurai 

As a dinosaur descended from the Allosaur family, Gorosaurus possesses a high level of ferocity and strength, using his incredible jaw power to tear through any monster dumb enough to challenge him.  It is even said that Gorosaurus' physical strength is even greater than that of Godzilla's.  However, jaw strength is not Gorosaurus' best weapon.  Using his incredibly long tail, he can use his spring loaded legs to deliver devastating kicks.  Gorosaurus does however have one ability that was not meant for him.  In Destroy All Monsters, when Gorosaurus attacks Paris, he is seen burrowing underground; a trait that belongs to Baragon but since the Baragon suit was being repaired, Gorosaurus replaced him.
Godzilla Art Collaboration   Gorosaurus By Vitor S by JW-Gojifan
art by Vitor-Silva 

Gorosaurus returned in Rulers of Earth.  There, he was described by the Shobijin as a natural monster meant to keep the nature of the land in balance.  During the Trilopod arc, Gorosaurus fought a pack that had invaded his territory.  However, he was outnumbered, had his abilities assimilated by the unnatural beasts, knocked unconscious and taken to the hive.
Gorosaurus Vs Trilopods by JW-Gojifan
art by KaijuSamurai 

All seemed lost until King Caesar was imprisoned and went on a rampage, freeing the captured monsters and had finally broken out of the hive, answering Godzilla's call for help.  It's unclear if Gorosaurus managed to get any kills but he didn't back out of the fight, even when the Queen Magita was released.  Once the battle had concluded, Gorosaurus followed Godzilla out to sea; balance had been restored.

Due to Gorosaurus' feats, he reminds me of Rexy in a way; they are viewed as a form of royalty, they are terrifying forces of nature and they fight with everything they have.  In Gorosaurus' case, if the teeth don't get you, the kicks will.  It was because of this dinosaur that the great King Ghidorah met his end.  Just know that if you dare to fight Gorosaurus, you will be shredded.
Gorosaurus Color By Dr Studios-d64uaz4 by JW-Gojifan
art by DR-Studios
Monster Journal 2: Gorosaurus
One of my favorite monsters.  This is one I consider to be the Emperor of Dinosaurs.  Imagine Rexy by Gorosaurus' side
Not sure if you all were aware but it looks like Screen Rant has released some information regarding Godzilla 2. And boy does it sound good!…
In 2013, the world had changed.  Giant monsters, seen only in our worst nightmares had risen from the depths of the ocean with one goal: the extinction of humanity.  We were expected to hide, to give up, to fail.  What our enemy did not realize, was our ability to rise to the occasion.  The first set of Kaiju attacks were thwarted by the use of nuclear weaponry but that method did more harm than good due to the fallout and the toxicity of Kaiju blood.  A new weapon was needed.  To fight monsters, we created monsters of our very own: JAEGERS.
Pacific Rim Jaegers by JW-Gojifan

What is a Jaeger?  The word is of German origin meaning, "Hunter".  They are massive mobile weapons meant to hunt down and kill any Kaiju that rises up to attack humanity.  Most Jaeger's have two pilots while a few have three.  This is because the machinery used to control the Jaeger is controlled by the mind but they are simply too big for one pilot to handle.  When two pilots enter a Jaeger, a procedure is used, called the Drift.  This is where the two pilots minds are connected, allowing man and machine to become one.  The deeper the bond between the two pilots, the better control they have of a Jaeger.  As the Kaiju War raged, the Jaegers became more and more advanced.

Tacit Ronin

Image result for Tacit Ronin wallpaper
Tacit Ronin is a Mark I Jaeger, first launched on December 6, 2015.  It was the first Japanese Jaeger and was also the fourth Jaeger to ever be constructed.  It was originally piloted by husband and wife, Duc and Kaori Jessup.

On June 21, 2016, the Kaiju, Itak, had made it into Tokyo Bay where Tacit Ronin was to hold the Kaiju.  However, Itak had caught the Jaeger off guard, damaging its nuclear reactor and rendering its pilots unconscious but Itak hesitated, allowing the pilots to recover.  Tacit Ronin was then forced into the water to be destroyed but Coyote Tango had arrived to join the fight.  Now distracted, Itak's chest was split open by Tacit Ronin, ensuring victory.
Due to the battle with Itak, Tacit Ronin was to remain inactive in order to be repaired but would be deployed again on July 5, 2016 when the Kaiju, Ragnarok, attacked.  The Jaeger, Victory Alpha was sent in its place but had been destroyed by the Category II Kaiju, forcing Tacit Ronin into battle.  The fight against Ragnarok was brief as the Jaeger had slashed the Kaiju's upper body, then proceeded to impale it in the back, driving its blades through Ragnarok's chest.  Its pilots however, died due to a neural overload but Tacit Ronin remained intact after the battle.
Following the death of the Jessup's, Tacit Ronin had been assigned new pilots and remained active until late in the Kaiju War, when it was ultimately torn in half by an unnamed Kaiju.  Its remains were then taken to Oblivion Bay.

Tacit Ronin is a lightly armored Jaeger.  This allows it to be faster and more agile while also hitting hard.  It is designed for close combat and comes equipped with retractable Fang Blades, located on its wrists.  Due to its agility, Tacit Ronin has a signature move called, "Cobra Strike", due to its fang fisted fighting style.

Romeo Blue
Romeo Blue is a Mark I Jaeger, first launched on December 15, 2015.  It was the second Jaeger made in the United States after Brawler Yukon. During its time in the war, it had gained at least two confirmed kills.

During the early years of the Kaiju War, Romeo Blue would be deployed when the Kaiju, Hardship had surfaced.  Both would grapple with each other, with Hardship nearly tearing off the conn pod.  Romeo Blue would later gain the advantage by using the chunk of a bridge as a melee weapon, ultimately killing the Kaiju.  A parade would then be held in light of the victory as the celebration was broadcasted worldwide. 
On February 29, 2020, Romeo Blue would be deployed to stop the Kaiju, Knifehead, from crossing the ten mile point at Anchorage, Alaska.  However, the Kaiju would manage to slip through the defenses, allowing Gipsy Danger to intercept the Kaiju at the seven mile point. Romeo Blue's last deployment would be in Seattle some time later, when an unnamed Kaiju had attacked.  The Kaiju would then tear off one of Romeo Blue's arms and use it to tear into the conn pod, killing the pilots, Trevin and Bruce Gage.

As with all Mark I Jaeger's, Romeo Blue is powered by a nuclear reactor.  It is also one of the slowest Jaegers due to its heavy armor and great strength, only achieving about one fifth the speed of Striker Eureka.  Its weapons are primarily used for long range attacks but if it does need to close in, its long arms become very useful as it has a signature move, "Tracheal Break".  In order to protect its conn pod, Romeo Blue possesses a single, large fin in its chest

Horizon Brave

HORIZON BRAVE. NECA Action Figure by Pacific Shatterdome. IG: pacific_shatterdome.
Horizon Brave is a Mark I Jaeger, first launched on December 22, 2015 and was one of the very first Jaegers to be made.  It had managed to gain at least two kills during its time in the Kaiju War.

In 2019, Horizon Brave, along with Gipsy Danger and Lucky Seven had been deployed to Manila to stop a Category IV Kaiju from attacking.  It had managed to hold its own for a while but Horizon Brave had suffered major damage due to the Kaiju's barbed tail, forcing it out of the fight while Lucky Seven and Gipsy Danger killed the Kaiju.  Some time later, while out on deployment, Horizon Brave was destroyed in Lima, Peru.  It is unknown of what happened to its pilots, Xichi Po and Lo Hin Shen.

Horizon Brave lacks the strength of other Jaegers but it is well armored with very good speed.  Its primary weapons are its shoulder mounted cryo-cannons, that it uses to freeze Kaiju and then shatter the ice.  Because of its cryogenic weapons, Horizon Brave has two signature moves: "Flash Freeze" and "Sub Zero Suckerpunch".

Coyote Tango

coyote tango in pacific rim-HD by JW-Gojifan
Coyote Tango is a Mark I Jaeger, first launched on December 30, 2015.  It was the second Japanese Jaeger to be constructed after Tacit Ronin.  During its time in the PPDC, it had multiple pilots and had gained two confirmed kills. 

On May 15, 2016, the Kaiju, Onibaba, had attacked Tokyo and was chasing a young girl named, Mako Mori through the streets.  The Kaiju would have killed her had Tango not have been deployed.  During the fight, one of the pilots, Tasmin Sevier had blacked out, forcing the co-pilot, Stacker Pentecost to finish the fight solo.  After the battle, both pilots were retired due to radiation sickness.
Coyote Tango would be deployed again to assist Tacit Ronin on June 21, 2016 when the Kaiju, Itak, had surfaced.  It was to hold the Kaiju until Ronin's pilots could recover.  During its battle with Itak, Coyote Tango had been heavily damaged and was unable to assist Tacit Ronin when the Kaiju, Ragnarok, attacked on July 5, 2016.
Later on, Coyote Tango would be assigned new pilots: the Tunari brothers.  On October 9, 2021, Coyote Tango would be deployed in Hawaii to assist Striker Eureka in fighting the Kaiju, Ceramander.
On November 6, 2022, Coyote Tango would ultimately be destroyed.

Coyote Tango is built like a naval vessal and attack helicopter in both color and appearance.  Like Tacit Ronin, it possesses light armor, allowing for greater movement speed and power.  It also comes equipped with two shoulder mounted, long range mortar cannons, allowing Coyote Tango to damage opponents from afar.  At 85.3 meters tall (280'), Coyote Tango is tied with Cherno Alpha as the tallest Mark I.

Cherno Alpha

cherno alpha in pacific rim-HD by JW-Gojifan
Cherno Alpha is a Mark I Jaeger, first launched in 2015.  Piloted by husband and wife Sasha and Aleksis Kaidonovsky, it is one of the toughest and most brutal Jaegers ever built.  It was also the last of the Mark I series until 2025.  During its time in the PPDC, Cherno Alpha guarded the Russian coast for six years, gaining six kills.

In 2025, Cherno Alpha was one of four remaining Jaegers still active towards the end of the Kaiju War and was taken to the last active Shatterdome in Hong Kong.  There, it would guard the coast for eight months while the Coastal Wall was completed.  However, a double event would soon occur and Cherno, Crimson Typhoon and Striker Eureka would be deployed.  While covering the Miracle Mile, the Kaiju, Otachi, had made itself known and after briefly clashing with Crimson Typhoon, Otachi was thrown in Cherno's direction, allowing it to follow up on the attack but was quickly swatted aside by the Kaiju's tail.  With Crimson Typhoon destroyed, Cherno taunted the Kaiju before attacking but was met with a highly corrosive acid.  Otachi then bit down on Cherno's right hand, tearing it off, allowing Leatherback to leap onto the Jaeger from behind and tear it apart.  It's pilots were killed before they could drown.  Cherno Alpha was the only Jaeger that required two Kaiju to take it down, indicating how tough it really was.

Cherno Alpha is a brutal war machine, bring one of the oldest, heaviest and best armored Jaegers.  However its armor would make it one of the slowest.  It is built for melee combat which is why its fists are its deadliest weapon.  Before fighting, Cherno will taunt a Kaiju by repeatedly smashing its fists together.  Because its fists are powered by Tesla Cells, smashing the fists together will increase the charge.  Cherno's hands also come equipped with a device called the Roll of Nickels, increasing its already high punching power.  Its fists are also spring loaded.  What also makes Cherno Alpha unique is that its conn pod is located in the heart of the Jaeger, decreasing the risk of it being attacked.  However, it lacks escape pods but it goes with Russian customs as Russian Rangers fight or die trying.

Gipsy Danger

Gipsy Danger by JW-Gojifan
Gipsy Danger is a Mark III Jaeger, first launched on July 10, 2017.  Like Cherno Alpha, Gipsy was one of the oldest Jaegers in the service but it was still a brutal fighter, gaining four kills in four years.  Originally piloted by Yancy and Raleigh Beckett, Gipsy was one of the best Jaegers the PPDC had to offer. 

On February 29, 2020, Gipsy was deployed to intercept the Kaiju, Knifehead on the coast of Alaska resulting in Yancy being killed.  This forced Raleigh to finish the fight alone and get the Jaeger back to shore.  Due to Gipsy being heavily damaged, it was taken to Oblivion Bay in Oakland, California where it would stay until it was restored by Mako Mori in 2023.
In 2025, Gipsy Danger and its surviving pilot, Raleigh Beckett, were taken to Hong Kong where Raleigh would be given a new co-pilot.  After the Kaiju, Otachi and Leatherback had invaded Hong Kong, only the Jaeger, Striker Eureka remained and would have been destroyed had Gipsy not been deployed with Mako as the new co-pilot.  After a brutal fight, Gipsy had managed to kill Leatherback using its plasma cannons to blast off Leatherback's left arm as well as destroy its insides as Raleigh Beckett had learned that some Kaiju could play dead.  As for Otachi, Gipsy had used its coolant to destroy the Kaiju's tail and then proceeded to rip out its acid sac.  Gipsy was then taken skyward.  As Otachi began to breach the upper atmosphere, Gipsy had deployed her new chain sword weapons and sliced Otachi in half while Gipsy landed safely back in the city.
Gipsy Danger would then take part in Operation Pitfall where it would aid Striker Eureka in destroying the Breach.  However, the Kaiju, Scunner and Raiju attacked in unison with Raiju ripping off Gipsy's right arm while Scunner crippled the right leg.  Gipsy retaliated by burning Scunner's face in a hydrothermal vent and bisecting Raiju.  Despite being crippled, Gipsy attempted to aid Striker but its payload was detonated in order to have Gipsy destroy the Breach.  As it carried the remains of Raiju, Gipsy was confronted by a critically injured Slattern.  Gipsy then attacked the Kaiju, killing it and riding it into the Breach where Mako would be ejected while Raleigh would start the self destruct countdown.  As Beckett ejected, Gipsy's nuclear reactor had reached critical levels, resulting in its destruction while destroying the Breach, ending the Kaiju War.

In order to combat the Kaiju, Gipsy has two plasma cannons built into its hands.  The damage output would depend on how long a shot was charged.  It has two rockets in its back that allow it to gain limited air time in order to rapidly close the distance on an opponent.  Because it is a Mark III, Gipsy Danger is powered by a nuclear reactor as shown by the nuclear vortex engine in its chest which can burn through any Kaiju's hide when close enough as well use its coolant as an extra weapon.  Being nuclear powered, Gipsy Danger is also analog, making it completely immune to the effects of EMP.  When engaging a Kaiju at close range, Gipsy has rockets built into its arms, called elbow rockets, maximizing the damage output.  After being restored, Gipsy had gained two chain swords that could be used as either solid blades or whips.

Crimson Typhoon

crimson typhoon in pacific rim-HD by JW-Gojifan
Crimson Typhoon is a Mark IV Jaeger, first launched on August 22, 2018.  It is a three man rig, piloted by the Wei Tang brothers; triplets.  This means that two pilots would control the body while the third would operate the weapons.  Because of its high precision fighting style, Typhoon had successfully defended Hong Kong seven times.

In 2025, Crimson Typhoon was one of four remaining Jaegers.  During the double event, it was sent with Cherno Alpha to hold the Miracle Mile off Hong Kong.  It was also the first Jaeger of the group to face Otachi, using its Thundercloud Formation.  This resulted in one of its hands being crushed, losing its advantage and forcing the Jaeger to have the Kaiju face ChernoTyphoon attempted to attack again but its pilots had disregarded the tail which Otachi then used to crush the conn pod and rip off of the body.

Crimson Typhoon is a Jaeger built for fast, precise strikes.  Its fighting style is reminiscent to that of a martial artist.  It also has three rear jets on its back, allowing Typhoon to increase the speed of its strikes as well as gain limited air time.  Typhoons signature fighting style is the "Thundercloud Formation" in which it activates the saw function on its arms and rips open any Kaiju.  Crimson Typhoon also has the built in ability to turn its lower body 180 degrees.

Striker Eureka

striker eureka in pacific rim-HD by JW-Gojifan
Striker Eureka is a Mark V Jaeger, first launched on November 2, 2019.  It was also the last Jaeger to be built, making it the first and last of its kind.  Piloted by father and son, Herc and Chuck Hansen, it was the strongest and fastest Jaeger the PPDC had at the time.  During its time in the Kaiju war, Striker Eureka had managed to gain the most Kaiju kills before 2025, being nine. 

Striker Eureka had been deployed to many locations, either fighting solo or part of a team.  Its first mission was in Hawaii, where it fought alongside Coyote Tango against the Kaiju, Ceramander.  In 2025 however, the Jaeger Program had been deactivated in favor of the Coastal Wall Program, and Striker Eureka, along with all surviving Jaegers, was decommissioned.  A day later, the Kaiju, Mutavore broke through the wall in Sydney, Australia.  Striker confronted the Kaiju, quickly killing it.
It was taken to the last Shatterdome in Hong Kong where Marshall Stacker Pentecost had planned to use Striker for one last assault on the Breach.  It had a 2,400 pound thermonuclear bomb attached to its back in the hopes that it would destroy the portal.  During a double event, Striker, along with Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha were deployed to stop the Kaiju, Otachi and Leatherback.  However, Otachi had destroyed Crimson Typhoon and critically damaged Cherno Alpha before engaging Striker as it attempted to save the pilots but before Striker could kill Otachi, it was disabled by Leatherback's EMP blast.  As Otachi made its way into Hong Kong, Leatherback stayed behind and circled Striker, resulting in Herc's arm being broken.  Both Hansen's then fired flares into Leatherbacks eyes, enraging the Kaiju.  Striker would have been destroyed had it not been for Gipsy Danger being deployed.
After being repaired and now co-piloted by Stacker Pentecost, both Striker and Gipsy commenced Operation Pitfall.  Despite circling the Jaegers as they approached the Breach, Raiju and Scunner stopped as the Kaiju, Slattern appeared.  While Gipsy fought off Scunner and Raiju, Striker fought the much larger Sattern, resulting in it unable to deliver its payload.  Despite being dwarfed by the Category V Kaiju, Striker was still a match as it nearly tore off Slattern's arms, forcing it to call the surviving Scunner to its aid.  Not seeing any way out, Stacker and Chuck detonated the payload, clearing a path for Gipsy, killing Scunner and critically injuring Slattern.

Striker Eureka was easily the fastest and strongest Jaeger during the Kaiju War.  Its fighting style is similar to that of a dirty boxer, making it very brutal when up close.  Its punches are made stronger due to a brass steel alloy that is temperature resistant, resembling brass knuckles.  Striker also comes equipped with Sting Blades that it can use to slice open any Kaiju.  The blades can also reach temperatures of over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, cauterizing any wound inflicted.  Finally, Striker has six anti Kaiju missile launchers in its chest, capable of killing Kaiju with direct hits.

Post War

After the Kaiju War, the PPDC had built itself back up and the Jaeger Program was reactivated.  This resulted in newer, more advanced Jaegers being created and the world was ever watchful, preparing for the day when the Kaiju would inevitably return.

Bracer Phoenix

Bracer Phoenix by JW-Gojifan
Bracer Phoenix is a Mark V Jaeger, first launched on November 1, 2025.  Like with Crimson Typhoon, Bracer Phoenix is a three man rig, with two pilots operating the body while the third would operate the weapons.  It was presumably based in China, where it would earn the nickname, "The Shanghai Sheild".

Bracer Phoenix would not be used until after the Drone attack, in which it was only one of four Jaegers that were not incapacitated.  Before facing the Kaiju, Hakuja, Raijin and Shrikethorn, it was outfitted with Titan Redeemer's mace.  After the Jaeger's had arrived in Tokyo, Bracer Phoenix would aid Gipsy Avenger in fighting Raijin but after the latter had been swatted away, Bracer Phoenix fired a barrage of missiles.  Unfortunately, the missiles did little damage and Bracer Phoenix was backhanded through several buildings, crashing into Guardian Bravo.  The Jaeger would rejoin the fight to aid Saber Athena, who had been disarmed by Shrikethorn and was now cornered by Hakuja.  It activated its centrifugal vortex cannons and fired on Shrikethorn, allowing Guardian Bravo to attack Hakuja, who attempted to ambush Phoenix from behind but the Jaeger was ready and rotated its cannons to its back and continued to fire.
After the trio had combined into the Mega Kaiju, the Jaegers fired everything they had but were knocked back.  Guardian Bravo and Saber Athena had already been destroyed by the Mega Kaiju, leaving only Bracer Phoenix and Gipsy Avenger.  Thinking fast, Bracer Phoenix attacked using its Morning Star and landed a direct hit on the Mega Kaiju's face, breaking one of its tusks.  It followed up by biting down of Phoenix's chest and then proceeded to rip the Jaeger's limbs off.  Its pilots, Amara Namani, Ou-Yang Jinhai and Viktoriya Malikova however, had managed to jettison in time.

Bracer Phoenix is one of the oldest Jaegers of the new generation, but is still able to keep up with the VI's.  It is heavily armored yet still agile enough to avoid most attacks.  Bracer Phoenix's most prominent weapons are its central Vortex Cannons; twin mounted machine guns that can inflict major damage but are hazardous to the surrounding environment.  Its gunner pod and weapons are designed to rotate 180 degrees without the Jaeger having to turn around, lowering the risk of being attacked from behind.  Bracer Phoenix also comes equipped with Anti-Kaiju missiles that fire out of its legs and shoulders.  After the destruction of Titan Redeemer, Bracer Phoenix's right arm had been replaced with its M-19 Morning Star, further increasing its physical power.

Guardian Bravo

Guardian Bravo by JW-Gojifan
Guardian Bravo is a Mark VI Jaeger, first launched on December 15, 2033.  It is one of the smaller Jaegers of the new fleet but it is still a deadly combatant.

Guardian Bravo was one of four Jaegers that intercepted the Kaiju, Raijin, Shrikethorn and Hakuja in Tokyo.  As it closed the distance on Shrikethorn, it was knocked to the ground by Bracer Phoenix after the latter had been swatted through multiple buildings.  It then recovered to assist Saber Athena, activating its Elec-16 whips, electrocuting Hakuja before slamming it through a building.  As Hakuja tunneled away, its pilots, Ilya and Shuresh Khuran, mocked the Kaiju and then proceeded to taunt it.
After the trio fused into the Mega Kaiju, the Jaegers fired everything they had but had been knocked back due to the Mega Kaiju generating a massive shockwave.  Guardian Bravo was the only Jaeger to land on its feet and despite being told to stay back, Ilya insisted that he and Shuresh had the situation under control.  Guardian charged forward and aimed its whip at the Mega Kaiju's face but it caught the whip and slammed Guardian Bravo through multiple buildings before throwing it aside.  The force of the impact killed Shuresh, leaving Ilya without a co-pilot, leaving Guardian Bravo inactive.

Guardian Bravo is made for long range combat.  The burst foil on its back enable it to aid the speed of its movements over short distances.  It possesses arm mounted machine guns that enable it to damage enemies as it closes in.  However, Guardian's best weapons are its Elec-16 whips.  These whips are made from an unbreakable material and are the successors to Gipsy Avenger's chain swords.  They are capable of doing considerable damage to an opponent, delivering painful shocks.

Saber Athena

Saber Athena by JW-Gojifan
Saber Athena is a Mark VI Jaeger, first launched on December 20, 2033.  It is the sleekest, fastest, and most elegant Jaeger ever made.  It also has a design invoking femininity as it is thinner than the other Jaegers.

As one of four surviving Jaegers sent to fight in Tokyo, Saber Athena was the first Jaeger to engage the Kaiju, slashing Hakuja's shoulders and kicking it away.  As it continued fighting, Shrikethorn had fired several barbs from its tails, landing direct hits and disarming Saber Athena, allowing Hakuja to corner it, forcing its pilots, Renata and Ryiochi to call for help.  Bracer Phoenix helped by firing on Shrikethorn and Guardian Bravo freed Saber.  With Bracer Phoenix fighting Hakuja, Saber Athena engaged Shrikethorn.
When the Mega Kaiju had formed, Saber Athena combined its twinblades but had been knocked back with all the other Jaegers.  After Guardian Bravo had been disabled and Gipsy Avenger had been swatted away, Saber Athena had managed to run up the Kaiju's back and destroy one of its secondary brains.  Before it could attack again, the Mega Kaiju destroyed Saber Athena's legs and stabbed it through the back before tossing it aside.

Saber Athena is said to be an experimental Mark VII Jaeger with an ultra light frame.  Because of its sleek design, Saber Athena is one of if not the most agile of the Jaeger's, capable of executing high jumps as well as acrobatic leaps.  Its primary weapons are a pair of Ionic Twinblades, sword like weapons that it can use to combine in order to form a much larger weapon.  It also contains particle chargers located in its hands.

Gipsy Avenger

Gipsy Avenger by JW-Gojifan
Gipsy Avenger is a Mark VI Jaeger, first launched on January 24, 2034.  It is the flagship of the new fleet as it takes on the likeness of its predecessor as a symbol of hope.  Its pilots are Nate Lambert and Jake Pentecost, son of legendary hero, Stacker Pentecost. 

This Jaeger had the most prominent role in Pacific Rim Uprising.  It was first deployed in Sydney to, "Stand there and look pretty," for the public during the PPDC's meeting on whether or not Drone Jaegers should be used.  However, when a rogue Jaeger emerged from Sydney Bay and began attacking the populace, Gipsy was forced to fight but was easily overpowered.  The rogue Jaeger then shot down the chopper carrying Secretary General, Mako Mori and Gipsy attempted to save her but failed.  Before she died, Mako had sent a cryptic message to the potential whereabouts of the unidentified Jaeger, codenamed, Obsidian Fury.
Gipsy was then sent to the coordinates in Mako's message, revealing an abandoned Jaeger production facility where she encountered Obsidian Fury again.  Their fight was brief but brutal as Gipsy ripped Obsidian Fury's power core out of its body and removed the face of the conn pod, revealing a Kaiju brain.
After Raijin, Hakuja and Shrikethorn arrived in Tokyo, Gipsy led the attack in facing Raijin but was knocked back due to the Kaiju's ability to absorb and redirect kinetic energy.  Gipsy then began downing buildings on Raijin as it advanced but had little effect.  The attack however, did manage to keep Raijin down for a while.
Once the trio had combined into the Mega Kaiju, the Jaeger's began firing everything they had, only for the Mega Kaiju to knock them back.  It was the last Jaeger standing after Guardian Bravo, Saber Athena and Bracer Phoenix had been destroyed.  Gipsy fought back using Obsidian Fury's chainsaws and plasma cannons but Nate had been injured when the Mega Kaiju pierced the conn pod with its tails.  With Nate unable to fight, Amara Namani took over and with Liwen Shao piloting the much smaller Scrapper, she had attached a thruster pack to Gipsy's hand, allowing the Jaeger to fly into the upper atmosphere.  Upon reentry, Gipsy had collided with the Mega Kaiju, killing it before it could enter Mt. Fuji. 

Like Gipsy Danger, Gipsy Avenger comes equipped with similar weapons such as twin chain swords, later replaced with Obsidian Fury's plasma chainsaws.  It also possesses a plasma cannon seen in its left hand and elbow rockets.  However, Gipsy has a weapon unique to it: the Gravity Sling.  This weapon allows Gipsy Avenger to create a gravitational field around any object, allowing it to use virtually anything as a weapon against an opponent.

Obsidian Fury

Obsidian Fury by JW-Gojifan
Obsidian Fury is the code name given to this Jaeger as its true name is unknown.  Despite its official Mark number being unknown, it can be assumed that it is similar to the Mark VI's.  Unlike the other Jaegers, Obsidian Fury is an enemy to humanity.

Obsidian Fury first appeared rising out of Sydney Harbor and began attacking the populace.  This forced Gipsy Avenger to fight it but the Jaeger was easily overpowered by Obsidian Fury's brutality.  During the battle, Obsidian Fury had managed to shoot down the chopper carrying Mako Mori, with the crash killing her.  It then disappeared beneath Sydney Harbor before it could be captured.
Before she died, Mako had sent an incomplete message that was eventually decoded by the PPDC.  It marked the location of an abandoned Jaeger production facility in Siberia and Gipsy Avenger was sent in to investigate.  Just as soon as Pentecost and Lambert could identify what was happening, Obsidian Fury appeared again, destroying the facility in an attempt to cover its tracks.  Both Jaegers fought again, this time, with Gipsy emerging as the victor, slashing it across the chest, slowing it down, stabbing it in the leg and neck before ripping out its power core.  Its pilots were told to exit the conn pod but upon removing the face, there was only a Kaiju brain.  It was taken back to the PPDC to be analyzed but Amara Namani had discovered that the wiring that had kept the Kaiju's brain intact had belonged to Shao Industries. 

Obsidian Fury is said to be the most powerful Jaeger.  Instead of being created by the PPDC, it was in fact, made in secret by Dr. Newton Geiszler, under the influence of the Precursors, using the technology owned by Shao Industries.  This is a Jaeger that is built for battle.  Its shielding is made from Obsidian chrome, has clawed fingers, can fire missiles from its shoulders and arm mounted guns.  It also comes equipped with signal jammers located on its spine, which it can use to disrupt communications.  Finally, Obsidian Fury's deadliest weapons are its Particle Charger located in its chest and twin Plasma Chainsaws that rival Gipsy Avenger's Chain Swords.

The Jaegers are the best weapons humanity has if the Kaiju are to be completely eradicated.  Ever since the last battle, humanity has been preparing to take the fight to the Precursors and end the war once and for all, not just for the sake of our world, but other worlds as well.  It's just like Beckett said, "There are things you can't fight; acts of God.  You see a hurricane coming, you have to get out of the way.  But when you're in a Jaeger, suddenly you can fight the hurricane, and win."
Deadpool 2 poster 003 by JW-Gojifan

Whoo boy.  So yeah, I just got back from seeing Deadpool 2.  Now when I saw the first Deadpool, I liked it but i didn't have enough Deadpool in it.  With this one, that completely changes.  Also, we get Cable, played brilliantly by Than- eh, Josh Brolin and he seemed perfect for the role.  Just the sheer epicness of him bursting into the Icebox to kill Firefist was enough to show that he meant business.
Now there was one thing I was skeptic about when the movie was being made and that was the look of Domino.  Granted I don't know much about her character but the set photos weren't really selling it for me.  I was hoping to be proven wrong in the movie and sure enough, I was.  Domino was one of my favorite characters in the movie and you see the full extent of her power.   I kinda want luck as a superpower now.  Sometimes, I get by enough on luck already, just wish I could make it look cinematic.

The action scenes are great, the interactions between Cable, Wade and Domino are just a blast and we see DP in a new, almost guardian/ anti-hero like sense.  Also, the kid, Firefist, he seems to be the worst kind of kid to make mad.  That being said, you see why he wants to do the things he does but he goes about it the wrong way.

If I had one complaint, it would be that there are not enough fourth wall jokes.  That, and there are things in that movie I cannot unsee.  I mean it, if you have not seen this movie, there will be a moment where it will burn itself into your eyes and you will be scarred for life.

That being said, there is not much to say about DP2 without spoiling too much.  Also, the credit scenes will make you laugh and cheer.

Bullies can be a real problem if you don't learn to stand up for yourself.  If they see you as an easy target, they will not leave you alone although bullies do tend to pick on someone smaller than themselves.  Seems that even Kaiju can sometimes deal with bullying and the one monster that is universally known as The Bully is none other than: GABARA.
Gabara by JW-Gojifan

Oh where do I begin with this one?  Gabara was a monster that only appeared once and left such a big impression, he would only make minor appearances.  Gabara is not even a real monster; he exists in the mind of a child who had to deal with a bully nicknamed Gabara.
A young boy named Ichiro had to deal with a lot; his parents were never home and he was constantly picked on.  The only time he felt safe was by being with an old toymaker who looked after him.  In his spare time, Ichiro would dream that he was on Monster Island and had befriended Minya, Godzilla's son.  While there, they would watch Godzilla battle other monsters but the scariest monster to Minya by far, was Gabara.
Gabara would spend his free time picking on Minya.  Godzilla however, would not intervene to help his son as it was his way of teaching the young monster to fight his own battles and be brave.  Each time Minya tried to fight Gabara on his own, the young monster would be pushed around time and time again.  Gabara found it especially fun when he would electrocute the young monster.
Gabara electrocuting the young Godzilla not good

With Ichiro's help, Minya had found a way to beat Gabara.  Rather than fight him head on, Minya flung Gabara while he stepped on a massive rock and the bully landed on his back.  Godzilla, proud that his son had faced his fear, patted him on the shoulder.  Gabara, feeling humiliated, bit Godzilla on the leg and fought the Monster King instead.  However, as a bully, Gabara was quickly beaten and walked off into the jungle, humiliated once again.
Flinging Gabara into the abyss

Gabara would make a surprising return in the fan film, Godzilla x The Kaiju Killer.  In the film, a man named XY-3 tries to evade Mugal, a Simian trying to kill him.  Along the way, he lands on Planet Daikaiju, formerly Planet Earth, where he is pursued by the creature, Stalkus.  XY-3, however, does manage to free Godzilla and he engages Stalkus, now transformed into the Kaiju Killer.  After a brief skirmish with Mugal, XY-3 is attacked by Gabara, who had been unleashed earlier by Stalkus.  After several failed attempts to kill it, XY-3 realizes that Gabara is nothing more than a specter that feeds on fear.  After ridding himself of his fears, Gabara is rendered weak and XY-3 kills him with a well placed shot.

Despite not appearing in the Godzilla Anime Universe, Gabara did appear in the prequel novel, Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse.  He appeared in the Amazon rainforest on February of 2012 but was only 10 meters tall as opposed to being 50 meters tall in the Showa series.  Gabara would go on to torture and kill the native wildlife, mainly crocodiles.  It was reportedly injured during an explosion, where it fell into a river and was devoured by crocs and piranhas.

As a bit of humor, YouTuber Gojifan1993 featured Gabara in a mini series titled, Gabara's Bad Day.  This series would portray a paranoid Gabara figure constantly running from a giant KiryuGoji head that would always get him at the end of the episode.

Despite his goofy design, Gabara is based on the Oni, a mythical creature native to Japan.  His most noteworthy ability is electricity that he can generate from the horns on his head.  Gabara mainly uses this to pick on others weaker than him, giving him a sense of superiority.  It is also said that Gabara's warts secrete a deadly toxin.

This is a monster with a lot of potential.  Despite being portrayed as a bully, Gabara could be something more.  In fact, many G-fans have made this bully actually look so much better than his official design and, in my opinion, Gabara has gotten a much needed makeover with incredible designs by different artists.  Let's hope that when he eventually turns up, he will look a little more threatening.
Minya vs Gabara by NoBackstreetboys
Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - Poster by CAMW1N


Okay.  I think it is safe to say that Thanos has just made every other MCU villain look like a high school bully in comparison.  At the very start of the movie, he beats the Hulk down so much that the mean green fighting machine is terrified of the Mad Titan.  He kills Loki and Heimdall, while his servants claim that death is Thanos' way of showing mercy.  Those two weren't the only ones killed by Thanos' hands, not by a long shot. However, there was one moment that I did not expect and that was when Thanos and Gomora went to find the Soul Stone on Vormir.  They met someone who I thought died back in Phase One and that was the Red Skull, no longer the leader of a Nazi splinter goup but a man cursed to know everyone in the universe. In order for Thanos to claim the Soul stone, he had to sacrifice a soul that he loved so he ended up sacrificing Gomora, making her race extinct.  That act seemed to kill Thanos but he achieved his prize. 

Now we all knew that something had to happen to Vision as he possessed the Mind Stone.  In fact, most of the movie was centered around removing the Mind Stone from Vision, which is why he was taken to Wakanda.  I'm sure to all of you who have either read the comics or seen the movies and shows, you would know that Vision is one of the most powerful Avengers but to see him in such a weakened state made you really feel how helpless everyone felt in this movie.  Vision knew he was going to die but to see Wanda die while killing the man she loved was heart wrenching.  However, Visions sacrifice didn't matter as Thanos just turned back time after taking the Time Stone from Strange and ripped the stone from Visions head. 

However, nothing could have prepared me for that ending.  Know what it felt like?  It felt like an infiniton punch in the balls to see Bucky, Black Panther, Scarlett Witch, Starlord, Drax, Mantis, Groot, Falcon, Dr. Strange and Spider-Man all turn to dust.  The nail that sealed the coffin was how Pete died.  The poor kid was hugging Tony, crying his eyes out, saying he didn't want to go, and then nothing.  As for the post credits scene, not even Agent Hill and Nick Fury were spared.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the movie but I was devastated at what happened. If you don't care for these spoilers, by all means, see the film.



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