Using HDR Files In DAZ Studio 3delight Renders

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It seems I can see HDR files because I have the Luxus plug-in installed.

To use HDR files when you cannot see them, copy the name of the hdr picture and paste the name into DAZ browser. 
Thank you fasttam for clearing that up!

I was asked about using HDR files in DAZ Studio default renderer instead of Reality/Luxrender, so this is a wee video about it...

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I am so going to have to try this.
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hm..I tried but if I don´t convert to tiff, i can´t see the HDR file... How do you see it? :confused:
Sorry my english.
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Correct, do not convert to TIF - load HDR onto UberEnvironment2, but load the JPG onto the EnvironmentSphere...
UberEnvironment provides the light, the EnvironmentSphere provides the visual background.

Correto, não converta a TIF - carga HDR para UberEnvironment2, mas carregar o JPG na Esfera Ambiente ...
UberEnvironment fornece a luz, a Esfera Ambiente fornece a base visual.
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Thank you very much for the reply, Andrew! :)
When I click to use the HDR file, it does not appear in the little window to browse. In the video when you clicked in the UberEnvironment2 to load the image, the little window opens and you see all the files to add (including the hdr).
But here I only see the pictures. The hdr file is in the folder, but does not appear.
I'll try again tomorrow.

Thank you again!! :hug:
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If you're using the latest version of DAZ Studio, it should not be a problem so long as the file types have not been filtered to only see one or two file types (the drop-down list above the "save" and "cancel" buttons should be set to "Image Files" so you can see all supported file types in the folder).

If you're already doing the above but still not seeing the HDR, unfortunately I don't know what the problem could be.
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I have the latest version of Daz studio, but i can;t see the HDR files.
The solution is to copy the name of the hdr picture (Road_to_MonumentValley_Env.hdr) and paste the name in DAZ browser.
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I've checked to see what's letting me see hdr files - apparently it's because I have the Luxus plug-in installed.
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No UE2 can now see native HDR (without Luxus installed) in Version due to the updated 3Delight but after reading this… I would say stick with Tiff's and high quality HDRI
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Aha, I thought I'd read about that - so it's just that some folk aren't using up to date versions of DS... me, bovvered? Mwhahahahaaaaa  :D  :D  :D 
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Thanks for the answer
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Thank you very much!
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thanks for this
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