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V6 Retro Girrrl

Customised V6/Genesis 2 Female used with texture from "3DA Marisol" for V4 and dressed in "Frivolous Forties" outfit. First time with the "Immortal Elegance" car (a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere) and totally love how well it renders... and not forgetting "Le Faubourg" as the set in which they're placed.

Scene composed and rendered in DAZ Studio. The mist/atmosphere was added post render along with a soft grain.
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Excellent Work!!!
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I love the Belvedere. reminds me of a Christine convertable
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I love a picture that you can take in straight away and then go back and see other little things that you didn't first time. I'd be pleased with that render.
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I like the little touch of her legs reflecting off the bumper and hubcap
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Thanks, I wasn't sure how well it would work - but it actually turned out better than I was hoping it would (perfect amount of distortion etc)... I'd love to claim I'd precisely planned it, but more a combination of trial-and-error and luck than anything else, hehehe.
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I know what you mean - one of those "happy mistakes" as one person put it, that actually works out. Well it sure turned out well. It kind of reminds me of an early morning shoot before the village has awoken.
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Looks great. Love the reflection in the chrome and front fender.
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Yeah, not actually my favourite design of classic car (normally prefer British & European, but I'm a Brit so might explain that), but the model is so well made I'll definitely be using it in future - the chrome etc are all the defaults from the DS mat pose that comes with it... I changed black rubber on tyres (default setting looked too plastic to me) and increased opacity of windscreen/windshield to 39% and upped relection to 75% for a more dramatic presence.
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Looks great :)
Is that a DS render (no plugins)?
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Yes, DS render using UberEnvironment 2 light rig. There is a small amount of post work done... here's the pre-post version with just my tag added [link]
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