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My Bio
Born and raised in Scotland. Moved to London in 1995 when I was still a session musician, and have remained there since.

I used to do a bit of art in my school days, was pretty good with pastels. Started dabbling with digital art around 2006, and have (hopefully) been improving since then.

Looking to revive my musical side while keeping up with the digital art side.

Favourite Games
CA's Total War series... Skyrim... DiRT Rally
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Substance Painter, ZBrush Core, DAZ Studio, Luxrender, KeyShot, Unity 5, Unreal 4, DaVinci Resolve, Affinity Designer, Blender (if I bother to learn it properly)
Other Interests
Game Development, Gaming, Art, Music (both on PC and playing drums)
I suppose my approach to the ethics debate of AI art is that the genie is now out of the bottle, so what are you gonna do? Use the technology to assist your art creation, or feel good that you stuck to your concept of artistic purity while the chances for business opportunity sail away on the AI user's boat? Of course, if you do art for therapy or pleasure and making money from it is not your objective, than you have the ultimate freedom of doing whatever feels right for you. If you think it's all about fairness then I want a word with your parents for not preparing you for how the real world works. DAZ Forum mods locked the thread... https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/441452/ai-is-going-to-be-our-biggest-game-changer#latest I don't think it was my comments as such that got it locked, as someone else mentioned that they look forward to when AI will generate 3D models on command, and I reckon that would be the thing to hit a nerve at DAZ rather than me saying the genie is
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I started a thread over on the DAZ Forums about the modular nature of the MIL Dropship and how the modular design could lend itself to the possibility of also including a heavy-class dropship... https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/469211/mil-dropship-and-others/p1 ...but of course, my gut feeling is that it simply will not deliver the cargo capability that I'm looking for, so this evolved into kit-bashing a heavy drop ship of my own. The problem revolves around my desire to have a cargo hold large enough to accept vehicles such as the Sci-Fi Rover https://www.daz3d.com/sci-fi-rover-titan and the HMCP https://www.daz3d.com/heavy-mobile-command-post and in all fairness to the artists selling in the DAZ Store, they think of helicopter/air taxi as the "correct" size for a drop ship, so the whole kit-bashing decision moced from idea to action. I already had a cockpit/command deck in mind, so step one was to find something that would work as a suitable cargo hold and then build the
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Change happens whether we like it or not, and that also applies to DAZ products... ...but the difference between real life and digital fantasy is that we can pick and choose what we like in digital fantasyland, and so just because new options become available, that doesn't mean we must go down that route if we do not want to. With the release of Genesis 8.1 Female along with Victoria 8.1, we see a new kind of Vicky - more everyday and less supermodel... perhaps not to everyone's taste straight out of the box (smaller boobs, thicker waist), but she is now waaay more versatile for combining with custom morphs to make unique characters - and personally, I love that this is the case. I'm an old-school heterosexual guy who likes his men masculine and his women feminine, and so while I may never use them myself, DAZ has introduced the ability to apply either male or female genitals to 8.1 as a standard option. Victoria 8.1 also comes with optional tattoos that can turn her into a
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Thank you for watching my gallery!

KeepAnEye S

Please feel free to comment critically also on my renders, since i see this as an opportunity to improve (not that I mind praise...).

Thanks for watching me. You can see my exclusive galleries at https://www.patreon.com/TOTOCANDY1

Thanks for the watch!

Thank you for the watch :hug: