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Linux-tan fanart: Ubuntu

I began from Ubuntu for no particular reasons, apart from the fact I like yellow and orange :)
This is wallpaper-sized, for another resolution please note me.



Wikipedia article on the OS-tan concept description and copyright statements: here.

Original Linux-tan design: here (there is a Ubuntu one already... as usual I'm late -_- ).

Disclaimer: Ubuntu (tm) Canonical LtD
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That's really cool! :)
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This *still* rates amongst my top-five-all-time favorite computer desktops. Seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

By the by, would you happen to have this 1920 x 1200 resolution?
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This is awesome. I'm using this as my netbook wallpaper.
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Any way you could make this in 1366x768 ? While its a nice desktop, its too narrow for modern widescreen displays.
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Haha! I love it! I really like Ubuntu also.
meu caro, essas personagem são lindas, magnificas, verdadeiras "obras primas", nós como usuários de linux ficamos muito
felizes com uma homenagem tão graciosas com essas "garotas" embelezando nossas telas e em especial a Ubuntu é muito linda, ficariamos gratos se tivessomos ainda mais imagens dessas musas para nos inspirar.
abraço grande.
Fernando AB
realmente é uma imagem magnifica, todas elas são linda, muito lindas mesmo, nós todos que admiramos seu trabalho e
também o Linux ficaríamos muito mais felizes com essa personagem também em mais paisagens ou situações, ou até mesmo criar uma coleção de "HQ / MANGÁ", ficaria muito legal.
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Very good job, personally this is the best OS-tan of all, at least for me it is.
I assure you I'll have wallpaper.

¡¡¡Very Good!!!
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Gorgeous. The one that I have as my wallpaper. Will be grabbing the gentoo one for my gentoo, once I get that set up properly =)
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Well I saw the "cannon" one and would rather refer to yours as the better one to look at.
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Very beautiful.
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We're always looking for talented Ubuntu Artist.

Please visit: Ubuntu ArtTeam

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Gotta love Linux. ^^

Very nicely done.
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I like this one better
It may be a little late, but the Ubuntu devs should adopt your OS-tan pic as offical wallpapers! :P
MB-ZHP's avatar
Excellent! I'm using this as my Win7 wallpaper (oh, the irony).

Are there plans to release any higher-res versions? ...or could I cajole you for a KDE-colorized, Kubuntu version?

Keep up the excellent work!
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LOOVEEE IIIT. just got ubuntu got rid of vista >_< love it
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You have a great style - cartoony, but with a professional feel. I love the whole composition and the color.
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awesome! i think this is the best among your linux-tan wallpapers! :O
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I love your work.

If I can't find how to note you, can you make a 16:9 (1024x600) wallpaper of that for me? Thank you in advance.
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Can I use this as the base for a Kubuntu-tan?
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Surely. Look at the license: CC-BY-NC-(SA).
Creative commons attr. noncomm. (share alike)
You take the picture, modify it, give the original creator a credit (e.g. based upon juzo-kun's ubuntu-OS-tan) and share it with the world noncommercially (don't sell it).
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Actually Wiki's definitions aren't official, I haven't seen any of their pictures anywhere else.

I consider your Ubuntu to be the best one I've seen.

And actually I wanted to draw a fanart of it sometime, but the security *ie lack of leg covering* isn't accurate.
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