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Linux-tan - Lineart

EDIT: About the Fedora character: I'm aware of Fedora developers' request of not putting any fedora hat in artworks inspired by the operating system... but I began to sketch and draw the character before that request was done.

When I read about Fedora's logo and image redesign I made myself a note to change the character as soon as possible. Sadly, my "as soon as possible" sometimes becomes "woops, I completely forgot to do that", so the design still needs an upgrade. I apologize...

EDIT2: (after, like, eight years? Oh, my!) Now Mandriva too! And I'm unsure about others... still have to check!


Lineart version of this scrap.
The coloring method is a placeholder, for now I don't have the spare time to make a full coloring ;_;

Who is who? Explained here.

Wikipedia article on the OS-tan concept description and copyright statements: here.
Original Linux-tan design: here.

Disclaimer: All logotypes and brands are (c) of their respective owners.

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From upper-left corner, in clockwise: Debian, Mandriva, Redhat, Fedora, Suse, Knoppix, Slackware, Archlinux, Ubuntu and Gentoo.
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Has anyone made one for Kali Linux?
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Good work, but it's Gnu/Linux, not "just linux"
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hahaha i love this! I'm starting to go over to Linux, and I hope it does me some good for the transition from Windows to Linux. Love this piece either way! instant fav! have a great day, and hope you keep up the great work! :D
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Thank you very much! :)
(I'm testing Linux too, at the moment Linux Mint and Kubuntu.)
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you're very welcome :D

i just got Ubuntu 13.04 literally two days ago, and i love the layout so far. the only problem is that i need to get a wireless adapter for my desktop that's Linux compatible (I found one on ThinkPenguin.Com for 64 dollars that I'm hoping to buy once i get enough money saved up). And I can't wait to get Linux Mint 14 on my laptop when i get it back (though i need a new hard drive since my friend, who got me started on Linux this Sunday and ironically friend the hard drive in my laptop). sorry for the long explanation, I have a have a BAD habit of doing that ^^;
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no problem :)

(New version of Mint should be ready soon, end of this month if I got it correctly.)
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Yea! Linux needs it's own os-tans!
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Nice collection but where is the pure Unix-princess?
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Ubuntu is the cutest =)
/*i knew my ubuntu was a girl O_o */
I recognized: Ubuntu, Open SUSE, Gentoo, Fedora, Knopix, and Debian. :D
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pretty good one, I only recognize the SUSE and Ubuntu version and probabile the Mandrake to
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fail, the only ones i recognized were ubuntu and SUSE =))
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Love it, the only one I couldn't pin down was Vector, I wonder how many people actually missed Red Hat. She was the first one I got, then Ubuntu and Debian (the rest I had to look up.)
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:D Yay! Linux stuff *runs Ubuntu*
Sadly its angry at my hardware D:
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lol! nice [2] ;D
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lovely representations of various Linux distros.
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That's some clever stuff you've done. Very cute... very true to each OS's schemes.

I particularly like the Fedora distro's OS-tan.

It's funny, since I was just on their site, and they say very explicitly: If you're going to give us artwork for our systems, it must not contain any hats... especially fedoras.

Or something like that. I like it very much.
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Thank you for the comment :)

I know about that request... I began to sketch the Fedora character before :D

Thanks you for reminding me, I'll edit the description and remember to upgrade about the character design.
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(the second 'Thank' should not have that final 's';)
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(and that emoticon should not be there, either >_>; )
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this rocks :D
i only want to tell you, the link for the specific section on wikipedia is not correct anymore, i think somebody made the linux part shorter? for some reason?

oh and your site is cool as well!
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OMG that's sweet. I can color but my lineart sucks...
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