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Linux-tan - Lineart



EDIT: About the Fedora character: I'm aware of Fedora developers' request of not putting any fedora hat in artworks inspired by the operating system... but I began to sketch and draw the character before that request was done.

When I read about Fedora's logo and image redesign I made myself a note to change the character as soon as possible. Sadly, my "as soon as possible" sometimes becomes "woops, I completely forgot to do that", so the design still needs an upgrade. I apologize...

EDIT2: (after, like, eight years? Oh, my!) Now Mandriva too! And I'm unsure about others... still have to check!


Lineart version of this scrap.
The coloring method is a placeholder, for now I don't have the spare time to make a full coloring ;_;

Who is who? Explained here.

Wikipedia article on the OS-tan concept description and copyright statements: here.
Original Linux-tan design: here.

Disclaimer: All logotypes and brands are (c) of their respective owners.

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From upper-left corner, in clockwise: Debian, Mandriva, Redhat, Fedora, Suse, Knoppix, Slackware, Archlinux, Ubuntu and Gentoo.