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December 23, 2003
Aikon3 by ~juzmental is, without a doubt, the best Trillian Pro 2.xx skin available. It was based on the classic Aikon skin for previous versions of Trillian and has only gotten better. Best of all, it comes in various themes and has an "SDK" for making themes based off of it!
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*** Jan 6th 2005 - UPDATE ***

Thanks to eh?one Aikon3 now supports tabbed chatting! (big huge thanks).. eh?one had patched Aikon3 to have tabbed support and contacted me to see if he could release it, I said to send it on over and I'll make it an official release - so I've added his code and added the mediums he didn't add (cut & paste jobby by me) and decided I'd like to see the close/detach buttons on the tabs - so I've added a couple new image files with the new buttons in it (as part of the skin, no themes will be affected) and whammo - Aikon3 get's a feature that's been around since Trillian 2 pro! hehe..

So anyway, new this update are:

- Tabbed support!
- New online/offline/partially connected/away icons for the My Panel/Identity thing..

*** Jan 3rd 2005 - UPDATE ***

Just updated the file with a newer version that is nicer to Trillian 3. It's not perfect and hardly close to being finished, however I added:

- Icon support for the large/medium/small/tiny icons.
- A really basic MyPanel type thing like the default skin has. My online/offline/partial/away icons are really bad though.. :) It was a quicky to get this out before I go to bed tonight.

Those 2 things should mean the skin works properly in Trillian 3 - however IT DOES NOT HAVE PANEL SUPPORT. THIS MEANS NO VIDEO/WEBCAM SUPPORT yet.

It also DOESN'T support tabbed chatting yet.

And back to our regularly scheduled viewing.....

Aikon3 for Trillian Pro 2.01 (and now 3)

This is the final release version of Aikon3 for Trillian Pro. Trillian Pro version 2.01 beta 5 or higher is required for this to work correctly. YOU MUST HAVE BETA 5 OR HIGHER.

Aikon3 is the successor to Aikon2, originally released for Trillian in March, 2002. Aikon3 has been in development since late October 2003, and has undergone a detailed alpha and beta test phase during this time.

Aikon3 is loosely based on the look of a mobile/cellular phone or PDA, but has developed it's own style and feel that is now only limited by your own creative skills via the new theming feature.

This skin comes standard with 5 themes. 2 legacy themes (based on the 2 released themes for Aikon2) Blue and ClassicLCD. It also includes 3 new themes, Orange, A55, and Silver. Aikon3 can have themes added at any stage.

I would highly suggest you download and install The Configurator from here: [link] - it makes switching themes and editing your chat colours much much easier!

For installation help, go here: [link]
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I have never used anything elses, since trillian2