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Teen Titans Webcomic (Spotlight)

Teen Titans: Angels In Paradise Part 1 (Cover) by JuwanBuchanan, visual art

Original Webcomic (Spotlight)

Giving is Caring Webcomic (Christmas Short) by JuwanBuchanan, visual art

Webcomic Starfire

AU Toon Starfire Webcomic Redesign (Older Self) by JuwanBuchanan, visual art

Webcomic Raven

AU Toon Raven Webcomic Redesign (Black Leotard) by JuwanBuchanan, visual art



Artist // Student // Literature
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My Bio

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Current Residence: City of Detroit

Comic creator and writer writing stories on whatever he feels like and enjoys that is currently being trained by an professional that's been a part of the mainstream comics industry. Juwan is also in the process of self-publishing his own original stories for Webtoons, and then print his original comic book series on his journey to join the comics industry whatever its indie or mainstream.

Favourite Visual Artist
George Perez, Shunya Yamashita, Ed Benes
Favourite Writers
Marv Wolfman, Dav Pilkey, Stan Lee
Favourite Games
Soul Caliber, Bayonetta, Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC & Nintendo
Just recently brought me a capture card to record some gameplay videos on various video games that I find interesting and I have some gameplay of Bayonetta 3 up on the channel. May upload some GOW: Ragnarok and many more up on the channel if things turn out ok with the capture card. Check out the video if you want. Please leave me a comment to let me know if everything is ok and the video doesn't come off choppy and if things are all smooth. Still working on how to get that sweet 1080p. https://youtu.be/SjJ69BbGPgs
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What's up everyone finally getting back into the flow of creating content again after a short break and I'm starting off with a new YouTube video I just uploaded about how religion and creationism shape the foundation of the DC Universe that some people may find educational. Figured it'll be a good topic to talk about. You can check it out it you want. The link will be here. https://youtu.be/2GUjQgjg6SE
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So I went ahead and created me a Twitter account. The reason I made one is because some people wanted me to get one so they can ask me a question about stuff and Twitter is their best means of communication so I did it for them. I almost didn't want to get one due that Twitter isn't in the best state nowadays and a lot of people consider it to be a cesspool. Plus I had some bad experiences on there years ago when I had my old account so I will be handling this new one differently. I'm primarily only going to be using it to promote comics I create for Webtoons etc. Sometimes you'll see the occasional tweet from me relating to geek culture but that's about it. I might also post stuff on there you won't see anywhere else like sketches, work in process, and some behind the scenes stuff on how I go about creating and writing comics, but for now I'm just going to be posting art there just to build up my Twitter. If you want to follow me on there, here's the link.
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Thanks for all the faves - it is appreciated! Incredible gallery - really cool stuff. Take care!

thank you so much for the faves and you are a REAL Comic Writer? Aweosme!

Anyone can be a comic writer, but if you meant in the context of an industry professional not yet, but I do have friends that work around the american comic book industry, so I'm working my way there, but thanks for your comment. Appreciate it!

Thank you so much for the fav, you are the best. I have worked on some of my drawings so much that need to do more and plans for the future. Keep up the good work dude!

Thank you so fricking much for the watch, it made my night. I love your content too, gives me such a shock of nostalgia. Looking forward to be Devi companions.

thank you for the faves and watch, much appreciated. you’ve got a great gallery and lots of talent, keep it up! ^_^