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A Story of a Perfect Ruler
After the trail of a foreign criminal, the honest and just ruler was greeted by a letter that had somehow found its way into the guarded royal bedchamber. Whoever had placed it there had signed it, A Kindness of Nevermore.
The letter read: Who watches the watcher.
The ruler being wise increase security but remained calm, attempting to discover how someone had managed to put the letter her bed chambers unnoticed by guards. Her only guess was it was one of the guards.
Several months passed without any clue to who may have sneaked the letter into her private chambers, so the ruler relaxed the security measures.
However, soon after relaxing, the nation had to face an unexpected rebellion, the dedicated and powerful ruler was greeted by another letter, again signed A Kindness of Nevermore.
The letter read: There is always someone better.
This made no sense to the ruler, for no one was more powerful. The ruler was a veritable deity. Well, that is what the ruler had believed until a recent de
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Kindness is not politeness nor tolerance. Nor is it the goodwill we show to our friends and family. Kindness is rather the gentleness born from a sensitivity to oneself and others. A nice person may mean well when accidentally insulting another or harming oneself, but a kind person is serious about what their actions truly mean in a world that can only be understood by paying attention and not letting expectations dominate ones judgement.
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Happiness and Escape
We want happiness, don't we? Why then do I find myself attracted to stories that are so sad? Is it possible that I see others who are not happy and want them to be happy? It seems to contradict the desire for happiness to make oneself unhappy by becoming immersed in the unhappiness of another.
There is a word for this: love. Love drives us to act, to leave our comfort, to feel for another person. It is not mere empathy, for from love one can suffer because the other cannot suffer. To be moved by a character on the stage, whose fate you can foresee but cannot prevent, our love can be brought out immensely by fiction.
Today, love is no longer believed in. Cynicism has replaced it. Passion has become farce, a pretend game for politicians that calls back to an era we no longer live in. Reality has become a cold fiction, and now we must go back to storybooks for the love we cannot find from our world. From the fiction that is reality to the reality that is fiction.
Out of love I call you to
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Those That Hear Must Too Die
When I was young, I sought comfort
In those who mirrored my beliefs.
I aged, and suddenly it broke.
When I was a teen, I sought challenge
In those who contrasted my beliefs.
I aged, and suddenly it all crashed.
When I was an adult, I sought greater truth
In those who knew nothing of my beliefs.
I aged, and suddenly it fell apart.
When I was an elder, I sought something distant
In those who found some comfort in my beliefs.
I died, and suddenly it began again.
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The Soft Heroic Shell
Who am I?
Everything is on the outside.
The kindness I show for their children
The determination I show for their work
The anger I show for their party
I am a shell.
I am an onion you peel and peel,
And when you feel like you are getting deep,
You find a void rather than an essence.
I am nothing and my shell is my only claim to reality.
Who am I?
Everything is revealed.
The weakness I have in my body
The laziness I have in my work
The pain I have in my heart.
I am soft.
I am lizard without its scales
lying on its back
Just waiting for you to understand
I am emotion and my softness is my way of sharing with you.
Who am I?
Everything is success.
The people I touch are enlightened
The projects I touch are made to gold.
The doors I touch are opened for all
I am heroic.
I am a genius for the masses
going out to save the world
acting the fool but imparting great wisdom to open ears.
My greatness is my love for others.
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I Resist For Love
Why is there everywhere darkness?
You can see, you lack honesty.
Whose hand pulls me, a kind caress?
Your heart feels him, love's clarity.
Why cannot I begin to see?
You can but do not want this sight.
What is this, my hands blinding me?
You put them up in sudden fright.
How the hand differs from the head?
I resisted seeing his bullshit.
How could I pushed away what I read?
I love humanity, that's it.
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Quotes from yours truly on Happiness
It is nice to strive towards goals, but one should not unnecessarily put their happiness far in the future, a place away from his or herself. One ought to leave some happiness within hand reach.
I have a life song to which I can dance. It is not always a good song, but I try to be the DJ of my own life so that I can dance to my own song. Sometimes it is nice to march to the drum of another, but a lot of what I love ends up requiring me to dance it myself.
The beginning of wisdom is the understanding of how to live a good life. Wisdom is the ability to help yourself and others become happy. It is wise to comfort the grieving to help them live a better life.
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This Bird Sings For You
See Atlas bend. A world begins to turn.
All the nations have gone into flurry,
And the peasants soon begin to scurry.
You see no end. Who knows and does not churn?
See Caesar kneel. They all demand too much.
Any task will be far more burdensome
If between failure and being awesome.
See how you feel. Who stands without a crutch?
See the bird fly. I live and ask nothing.
You watch me soar in my microcosm,
And you forget that mad macrocosm.
See how I fly. No burdens, just singing.
For all those sad enough to bend or kneel,
I sing about the freedom you will feel.
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Time For Bed
I am a magician of sorts.
My instrument which I oft play
Is the minds of my audience.
With words, I take them for a ride.
But there is one who's not amused.
Cares for neither rhyme nor riddle,
She has no ears and sets my time.
She, unloving world, takes my sun.
From powers beyond my control,
I must go to sleep. Good night all!
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I Perform You
Sing, I do, through the parted lips of a mask.
Hear, you do, though an ear which truly listens.
I am faceless. My mask is something I carry for you.
You have the face I want. I see it and pretend it is mine.
I am deaf. My songs are brought to life for you.
You have the ear I want. I see it and pretend it is mine.
Let me sing you into loving.
I know how the face I do not have operates.
Let me sing you into crying.
I know how the ear I do not have operates.
Nothing inside stirs my face, so please come hear my song.
I will sing to you so I may see what you hear.
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What You Hear and What You See
This will be long, but I promise that the ending will be worth your while.
Many from our class and I went to the ten minute play Seven Jewish Children: a Play for Gaza. Though there was some diversity in the attendance, the majority of the theatre-goers were of a Jewish background. After the play was over, the audience had a discussion about their feelings about the play and the nature of context. In my typical manner, I spoke up first to explain the nature of meaning as a product of what is taken out from a text.
With context in mind, a few people spoke of how they loved the depoliticalized/universalized version of the play while feeling the political context was anti-Semitic. It is important to note that a historian who voiced a negative view about universality got an applause. He believed that universality rather than being decontextualizing is putting the play into a Christian moral context. This leads to the claim of the impossibility for a production to both have a decontextualiz
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A Saturday Night Performance
It is Saturday again, and I am a-thinkin about creators, performers, and happiness.
I do not believe in a creator but many creators. Those who write, who make do-dads, and who provide that which makes us happy. Though some creations come from nothing but the creator's self, I prefer creating from what already exists that way I am thankful to those who provided the resources for my little creations. The best way to be thankful is to be happy. Those who thank the creators have returned the favor. For myself at least, to be thanked wholeheartedly motivates me to create.
Performers inspire emotions in an audience. If the performance is good than the audience should leave feeling that they have spent their time wisely. A good performance is based on a kind of wisdom, which I cannot explain without seeming sappy. Performers are like creators in the sense that they connect to those who benefit from their work.
I make my life performance where I connect to those around me. Nothing is worse to
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Answering 'Why live?'
Some believe that the meaning of life or "Why live?" comes only from the will to live and to reproduce. It is true that those things play a roll but only at a lower level.
I believe meaning comes from exchange. A being moves in order to become. Becoming something is life for me.
Both self-originating motions and received motions produce the living experience. The self-originating I call dedication, which can be for a project and people. A being dedicates itself to a motion which changes its experience. For every push into the world there is an equal and opposite push backwards. This is the exchange of meaning.
The received motions produce loyalty which is inner emotional understanding of non-self-originating motions. One may have a loyalty towards an idol or a parent. Books can provide a sense of loyalty. One can even be loyal to an understanding of words and grammar.
Motions become emotions. All experiences change. The changes are the motions, which are colored by emotions. My meaning
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What is a Becoming?
A being exists for a moment. A Becoming lasts forever. A being is a state. One is never in the same state. Something always changes. This change is produced by motion. Every Becoming has motion and exchange.
A being is a thing. A Becoming lives. A person is neither the matter nor the state. A person is not erased by change but is the change, for without change, there is no life.
Motion can be outward and inward and inner. Outward is the motion a becoming puts out into the experience. A becoming delights in the power it has in affecting the experience (aka the perceived the world). I also called this outward motion dedication. A becoming dedicates itself to an outside becoming (beings are but dust in the wind). An outside Becoming can become a book or another person.
Inward is the motion brought to the Becoming from another Becoming. Light can affect a Becoming's eyes. This affects in an endless chain of chaotic becoming. I call the inward force loyalty because of the expectations and p
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The Etiquette of Happiness
Too often we forget gentle breeze and the light between shadows is missed. Why have we forgotten that love of nature? Why have we lost the gentle happiness of peace? Definitely you know, you have done something haven't you?
You have watched the television recently. Do you notice something? They are telling you to buy something or that something is wrong! The sunlight is free and economies need to sell expensive things. Go inside all day and watch television. Go to the dark movie theatre, for this is what society has built.
We have forgotten how to make ourselves happy because we have become complacent to modern consumerism to make our happiness dependent on something. Is it God? Is it results? Is it watching our favorite television?
Well, you probably heard similar complaints before from other critics of the wretched state of our shopping madness. It is not stuff that is the problem, but the abandonment of wisdom. The wisdom of the gentle hand of happiness is my philosophy.
To smile wh
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My Philosophy [2010]
Life is a story with no main character, no clear beginnings and no clear endings.
If I explain who I am I could discuss my parents and their parents and so on because that is very important to the question: who I am. What makes Socrates so important is his impact on history from his death onward.
There are things you are never prepared to hear in your life like: "You have cancer." You will be thrown into a world you no longer understand. I have only felt that anxiety when I had the mindset that the world decides my fate. Acceptance transforms us from victims of change to citizens of change. Our stories are what we make in life and will become meaningful once we know ourselves.
Truth with a capital T belongs to humans. It is the truth we make through imagination and living our daily lives. When a Truth becomes real to oneself, it is a story. A Truth may be falling in love or standing up after falling down. But remember there is no ending, so the happiness and sadness must be taken as it
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As you might have noticed, most of my stuff is more than a year old. Well, I just written my newest poem, which has gotten some rave reviews.

Go over and read it my peons. The power of Juvenal compels you.


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