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TUTORIAL 1: Building the Form

A lot of people ask me how I paint my paintings and collaborations, so I decided to finally make tutorials explaining the steps I take to get to the results you can see in my gallery. :)

Here's part 1, which shows how to get the shapes down easily.
In Part 2 I will explain how to lay down the colors, and in Part 3 I will further explain how to polish and detail the picture.

This technique is actually a variation of really old traditional oilpainting-technique called grisaille, aka greyscale. It's a very useful technique which helps separate the painting-process into more easily controllable steps.

I know I personally can get carried away by all the lovely colors of the world and my painting turns out to be a complete mess unless I think about the shapes first, as a separate step! Then comes the colors, then comes the detailing and polishing.

I'm sorry about certain inconsistency with the screencaps and whatnot, I painted the painting in another city with a mac and then came home and changed to my PC, I used two different versions of photoshop, etc. So getting this together was a bit messy. Hopefully you peeps can still understand something of it! @_@

LINEART by *MeganeRid!

TUTORIAL part 2: Adding Colors
TUTORIAL part 3: Overpainting and Finishing

TUMBLR -> [link]

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Your tutorials are really helpful, thanks a lot for sharing this. I have a question though (maybe someone asked already and I didn't read it, then I'm sorry): Which brush(es) do you use? I can't seem to find it in the tutorial.

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Hmm, I might not have listed it on the tutorial, I have a faint memory that I did mention it somewhere in the comments tho. It's been a long time since I made these, and I think I used the basic round brush around that time!

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Ah, ok. Thank you :)

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Not the program I use, but your tutorial is good enough I can translate it into what I use.
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Great, I'm happy to hear that! :sun:
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finally found a tutorial in english. this is awesome, thanks!!!!
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Glad to be of help! :)
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very helpful!! thank you very much! I've been looking for digital grisalle tutorial :love: I saw a lot on Pixiv but it's in Japanese 
um, I want to ask a question...Does every color (light grey to dark grey) in same layer or different layer?
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I'm glad it's helpful! For this painting I had a solid base layer of neutral mid-grey to start with, and then made new layers for light areas and dark areas. :) 
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ok! thanks for the answer :D
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What brushes do you use? Photoshop brushes are awful imo :c
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Hmm, I think I used the standard brush at the time I painted this piece... I might be wrong tho, it was so long ago.
These days I use custom photoshop brushes, there's a bunch to choose from! I especially like Loish's, Cubebrush's and Verehin's brushes right now. :)
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Excuse me,  I do you think that's a lesson that I helped to translate. I can even download ????Of course, does not matter if you refuse.
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tHANX ! hELPFUL.  *<:)
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Awesome, thanks! :)
love it
can download this ?
Thank you so much
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Wow.. THANK YOU :heart:
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nice tutorial btw what are your brush settings?
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Uhh, I'm not sure to be honest. I used to have the opacity at around 80% and use a soft edged brush when doing greyscale, back when I did this tutorial (I think). :0 But it's been some two years since I painted this, so the memory is vague...
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