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My new original character, Szafran! She's my character Meri's bodyguard and assistant. :) She's a tough lady and a kick-ass person to have at one's side in tough situations.
I'm trying to update my commission-examples now, so this is what a waist-up is like in case someone's wondering. *_*

Photoshop CS4.
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PS. smoking's unhealthy, don't do as Szafran does! D: I just need an excuse to come up with ridiculous pipe-designs 'cause they're cool, lol! :lol:
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You're welcome! :D

I have been trying to connect with you about using this image for a book cover.

I also need someone to illustrate a comic book, I am writing.

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Hi, I'll send you some mail! :) 
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I really love this pic. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: 

So cool, the attitude, so beautifull in details. And I like how you framed her.

Instant :+fav: and instant watch. 

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Hey thank you! :) I'm glad you like it. :rose:
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This might sound stupid, but do you have a story for your characters? They look awesome
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Yeah, I've got something resembling a story as well as some personality traits for the characters, but nothing in written form. :)
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Aw, too bad, because if the story is as awesome as the characters you've made, then it should be epic!
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Thanks! :D Maybe one day I'll become a writer! :giggle:
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I'll root fot you if you do! Cheerleader 
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Excellent! Love your works! 
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Thank you very much! :)
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thanks to you friend Huggle! 
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You seem to be really good at drawing amazingly realistic, lively expressions. :heart:
Love this one. Also, all the attention paid to detail and the allover character design.
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Thank you! I really tried to get some details for this one, I have such hard time designing outfits. *__* 
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I wouldn't have thought so. :D
This one really turned out great; you seem to make up for your troubles with hard work that really pays off...
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Fantastic character design, very exotic and interesting .. also love her body language here .. quite expressive.
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Thanks! I tried to make her exotic and bad-ass at the same time, none of that timid harem-girl stuff hehe! :D
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This is beautiful.  What was the inspiration for the clothing?  Is it based off any culture/civilization?
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