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April 27, 2013
How to paint Pearls by `juuhanna
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How to paint Pearls

Hi everybody!
I've been asked to make some tutorials, so I finally got around to making this one! With this technique you can easily paint pearls, beads, marble balls, eyeballs or whatever round shiny thing you want to paint! :D
You can add more layers for patterns, textures, whatever you want! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :heart:


[edit] amgfghgg!! Whatwhatwhat thank you so much for the DD! O______________________________________O

My other tutorials:
Tutorial about shading with greyscale-technique: Tutorial about laying basecolors onto the greyscale: Tutorial about finishing and polishing a painting:
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Ruby-Mallow's avatar
Thank you for this, I used it to help me here:…
(The pearls look better than the rest of the image- HA)
juuhanna's avatar
Thanks! I'm happy you found the tutorial useful! :rose:
Great tutorial, thanks:)
juuhanna's avatar
This tutorial seems great and useful. Thanks so much.
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IreneRoga's avatar
juuhanna's avatar
You're welcome! :)
Opaphir's avatar
oh wow i can finally draw pearls q_q thank you for tutorial!
juuhanna's avatar
You're very welcome! :hug: Glad I was able to help!
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Hahahaha, it looks like it goes wthout saying but I would have never think of drawing the pearls so siply with this brush setting!
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There are so many convenient tricks in Photoshop aren't there! :nod:
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You're welcome! :hug:
DandeiraArt's avatar
Oh wow.. this just made my life so much easier!!! Thanks for this awesome tutorial!!! :heart:
juuhanna's avatar
You're most welcome! :sun:
Innfhinithydesigns's avatar
very useful tutorial many thanks
juuhanna's avatar
mushroom38's avatar
Great tutorial! Thank ya so much! ^^
juuhanna's avatar
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Great tutorial, you make things that would normally be so tedious and time consuming so much easier! I'm gunna look at your other tutorials now too, wish I could draw as well as you :heart:
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I hope that I'll be able to make more useful tutorials in the future as well! :D Thanks! :hug:
YumeNouveau's avatar
Can't wait to see them, you're so talented :heart: I wish I could get into your head about how you come up with such amazing character designs as well, they're so unique and gorgeous!
Melydion's avatar
This is great :clap: It will help me a lot :D thank you!
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