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Female Warrior Fate - Wallpaper

Here's the wallpaper-version of Fate. :)
The line-art was done by *MeganeRid and colors are done by yours truly.


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Hello, fellow Deviantart. I would like to use your female warrior fate as a character for my story. I would also like to invite you into my project in a team for making character designs. The arts you did come from the online game Black Desert Online is the best one that I've been looking for a long time. If you'd like me to credit you then we can perhaps make it into a contract of some kind or explore other options to ensure your work. I am not asking for consuming time of artwork but rather something enough to understand what may the character would look like.
I am very desperate to find someone to design characters for me. If it intrigues you with interest by reading what I have so far, then by all means let me know if you're interested.

If you do so happen to decline, then my last resort will be paying you in commission to do the work but at the moment, I don't need you to work on anything until book one's script is finished off my graphic novel.
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wow, greate job and cool design. +fav 
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Thank you! The credit for the the design goes to MeganeRid, he's so skilled. *U*
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Nice, what program it is painted?
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Thanks! I used Photoshop CS4. :)
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Awesome! Love the detail that you put into this and the expression that you gave here face! Your choice of colors in this was also really good!
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I'm about to watch the anime, and with this outstanding artwork you did I got much more motivated to do so!
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What anime is that? :0
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Fate/Stay Night
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Ohh, I don't think the line-art of this piece is related to the anime? I'm not sure tho! But at least I wasn't aware of it while painting. :0
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Ok, I am in search of a Colour Artist who can Photoshop/ digitally color my new anime works, and comic panels for future company submissions etc, done for free.
They are to only participate if they have time and have nothing else to do.
If anyone is interested, Please contact me here, on Facebook [link]

or via email at
Thanks much.
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Thanks for the message! Unfortunately I'm really busy with commissions and other works right now so I simply do not have time to commit to a project like that. Best of luck in finding participants! :hug:
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(blushes) thanks for consider it anyway :)
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hmmm...seems like asking this request is like trying to get a job in my country. It is hard...
Ok well if you know anyone who is interested, please pass on the msg thank :D
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aww ultra cool
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