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Baaaaiken. From Guilty Gears. I've never actually played the game but the line-art was pretty. :heart:
Lineart by *kate-niemczyk and colors by me, Painter IX and PSCS2.
Original size 5842x6000 pix at 600dpi.
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NijiSakura's avatar
the coloring is amazing!!
Spirrus's avatar
I love your style, especially all the grey shadows in the pic. Also, she is hot GODDAMN
Elosande's avatar
Ooh, can always respect a good Baiken image.
perverted-kitty's avatar
very nice colouring!

she has quite the rack O.O
juuhanna's avatar
No kidding, she's lucky to be an imaginary lady or she'd have quite the back-pain due to her boobs.
perverted-kitty's avatar
DX just thinking about it!
Rey832's avatar
I like the way u draw .kool pic!
juuhanna's avatar
*Daimida drew this, actually. :)
Vonny88's avatar
Cool pic! I really like the way you did the reflective light on the sleeve! :D
iggygirl's avatar
She looks awesome I love her hair and outfit. You did a great job on her anatomy as well.
kate-n-art's avatar
wow, really lovely coloring. I love the grey shadows :clap: the only thing that bothers me is the nose, kinda big one, but that's just a detail :) really cool job :+fav:
juuhanna's avatar
Nose fix'ed! :D
Memo90's avatar
Waaai, Baiken! *w*

son upea, tykkään sen hiuksista erityisesti tässä kuvassa x3

Väritystyö on sulta aina yhtä upeaa. :'3 Ja toi lineartkin näyttää upealta... *v* *ei osaa sanoa muuta*
juuhanna's avatar
Aw, kiitoksia! Meinasin sählätä noiden hiusten kanssa vielä mut sitten päätin että antaa olla, muuten niistä todennäköisesti tulee semmoiset muoviset kiiltävät. :lol:
Memo90's avatar
Ole hyvä. n_n must ne on hyvät noin. :3
fdrawersprincipiante's avatar
its really big its original size =O
juuhanna's avatar
Yeah, I like to color big but computer doesn't agree, unfortunately. ;_; Takes me ages to open up big files... I should spring-clean the harddrive. :lol:
fdrawersprincipiante's avatar
=P well with my computer big images see it very slow too xD
enough slow to take some minutes to see it...
ANDREI08's avatar
Mmmm, BREASTS!!! I like a lot! :lol:
But seriously you did a good job with coloring it. Might I ask, what does Painter provide that photoshop doesn't? (cause I don't use it)
juuhanna's avatar
Painter is more... painterly. :O I mean, the colors blend in a different way, and I also enjoy slightly rougher surfaces.
Not like it's gonna show in a tiny version like this, but in the original file the oilpastel's character shows.
I'm sure I could make a custom brush in PS that would be something like the one I use the most in Painter, but I doubt it could be exactly the same. =/
zios33's avatar
good, but no chain arm?
juuhanna's avatar
Apparently no? As I said, I know nothing of this char. :0
cortezmaronie's avatar
Awesome coloring =D
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