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Legend of Korra - Where Worlds Unite

Yeah yeah yeah I'm totally on the Korrasami ship!!! I admit to not being the biggest LoK fan, it definitely had its shortcomings in its earlier episodes... But this finale??? Amazing. And the reception of it was so heartwarming, the creators' explanations of it so wonderful to read. Another fanart I've been wanting to tackle for a while to celebrate something awesome in young adult TV history. ;w;


EDIT: Tiny edit to change the title of the piece as suggested by AndRyu-TSD . Thanks!!! :D
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OMG !! Beautiful !!
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Hehehe your icon paired with your comment is perfect. XD :heart: Thank you!!!
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Oh my gosh, the colors are so eye-catching! And the ladies look beautiful, fantastic job bringing them to life! <3 
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Ahhh thank you very much! :heart:
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Beautiful lighting and they look so sweet together. This Art: nothing short of Breathtaking Heart 
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Oh my goodness I am late to respond on this, but thank you so much for your kind words!!! :heart:
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pretty, i hated the finale but this is really nice. 
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Aww sad. :( But to each their own. Thanks!
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So pretty! Love all the soft colors.
Bright and beautiful.
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It definitely came together better in those last 2 seasons.
Objectively, I would say "ATLA" was the better series in a number of ways, but there were aspects of "Korra" that I just liked better. Especially that ending.
I actually would have been quite content if the end of the series had left her single, but for that to happen...

So this is a very lovely pic of what is possibly my favorite couple. Really, their interactions over those last 2 seasons were part of what made them excellent.
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Agreed with all of those points! The ending was the greatest treat of all. I was totally expecting them to stay friends... But to have a romantic relationship develop out of their friendship, facing adversity together, etc.... So sweet. :heart: Thank you so much! :aww:
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Great art, though I don't know about the title. Worlds colliding puts one to mind of two things meeting in a rather violent manner. This would make me think of worlds uniting.
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Thanks! Haha I am not too great at titles. Would you mind me changing it to "unite"? Because I agree, that word is totally more appropriate! Thanks for the suggestion!
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Of course. I'm glad I was able to offer a suggestion.
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warm, intimate, romantic.  wish LOK could have shown pictures like yours during the show.  See the love between the women.  Though, the hints did satisfy me. :heart:
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