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Okay, I've gotten into making some new charms last week and after thinking about it, I've decided to start selling my charms!

[...Might as well go all out since I've got a Premium Membership for today, right? That and my banner is so nice~! I'd love to have a Premium for a while longer... *tries NOT to beg* Kyaaa, thank you, SKAETBORD! :blowkiss:]

Please refer to this entry HERE in my DA journal for links to examples, prices and anything else! If you have a question, just leave me a question!

My specialty is to draw Pokemon and Pokemon characters [OC trainers and Fakemon are fine too - please have a reference picture handy when you request!], but I'm VERY OPEN to drawing other characters from other series too, and not just anime either! Ask if you'd like a sketch preview PMed to you before I begin making your charm!

One slot per person please, but you can ask for multiples [be warned that it will slow my progress down, unless it's one I've sketched out already]! I'll only have TEN SLOTS to start, so get them while they're hot! I may add more slots [or put some in an "extras" list], but there's no guarantees at the current moment.

  1. - SKAETBORD [4 OCs + special gift! // Progress: PAID! WIP!]
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -

By the way, these make perfect Valentine's gifts for friends, fans and family! For payment, I prefer Paypal over Points... but that doesn't mean I won't accept them [it should be a last resort form of payment; for example: if for some reason you can't use Paypal, that's when points are fine]!


Also, I have some new examples that are ready to show off [including: Skyla, Elesa and some cute Pokemon... like Eevee!], so please look out for them! [EDIT: And they are HERE... and HERE!]
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If I had Paypal I'd be the first in line ORZ

Regardless, I wish you good luck.
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I know, I know... maybe go beg for one?

Thanks for the luck! Sorry I haven't been on AIM lately. It's... it's been a lot of stuff going on.
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(gets on knees) PLEASE ACCEPT MY INVISIBLE MONEY!!! *shot*

And it's totally fine! I haven't been on much either, cause of goddamn midterms. And if it's anything you need to talk about, I'm always all ears. ^_^
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I'll think about it, bb~<3

At least I'm not the only one! Just wait until my newest charms show up - you'll think they're CUTE~!
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Better yet, take the currency my webcomic uses- JEWELS! (throws pointy crystals)
(Because I am SUCH a girl)

Oh yes, I'm sure they will be <3 But mann, we should catch up haha.
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Too bad you can't get DA Points... I'd take those somehow darn it~ [there's nothing wrong with being a girl! NEVER~]

We do. We really do. :nod:
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I used to have a lot of dA points... maybe I can ask my mom if she can use some other means of getting me points.

And yeah ahahaha. You should get on AIM so we can discuss things, rant, scream, throw things, and then RP.
...Or just... discuss things.
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...You did? Wow. You should DO IT DO IT DO IT--- I mean. Yeah.

YES. Much of THIS.
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