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...I apologize, you guys. That joke was terrible. *slap*

Anywho, just a question I'd like to ask you all:

If I made more charms like THESE to sell, would anyone here be interested in buying them? I've been plotting and planning to sell handmade charms, and I could use some feedback!

Here's my plan with details and examples included:


My prices would be with shipping included [a little extra for International orders]; Each charm comes with either a keychain ring, a lanyard hook or a cell phone strap - your choice; the price doesn't change if you don't choose the cell phone strap, but with the strap, you can choose your own color if you wish: lime green, turquoise/cyan, red, black, pink, and purple - if none are chosen, I'll pick the best color for your charm.

Each charm is made with Shrinky Dinks plastic and are quite durable and thick! Each is colored with colored pencil and lined in pencil prior to shrinking. If you'd like a picture of your items before they are shrunk, just ask - it's no extra charge, as they are usually made to order. Here's a quick size comparison: Small (before) & (after) - Medium & Large (before) & (after - coming soon!)

Payment would be via Paypal only.


Small round charms: 4$
[Ex - BEFORE and AFTER; they can be customized with names like THESE for no extra charge]

Medium square charms: 5$
[Ex - BEFORE and AFTER - coming soon! Same customizations as above are allowed!]


Larger charms: [there's a lot of these]
- Full-sized Pokemon: 6$
[Ex of size BEFORE shrink and AFTER]
- Chibi-design trainers/humans: 10$ [couples/trios together will be 15 and 20, respectively]
[Ex of size BEFORE shrink and AFTER - coming soon!]
- Large trainers/humans: 12$ [couples/trios together will be 18 and 24, respectively]
[Ex of size BEFORE shrink and AFTER - coming soon!]


Price depends on the total number in each set, which varies from ONE[most evos and formes] to EIGHT [only the Eevee-evo set]. These will only be sold as a set; if you want a single part of the set, then it would be the regular price of 6$.

Sets include: Evo-lines [starters, most], form(e) sets [like the Deerlings, Landmin/Skymin, Rotom, Deoxys, etc.], trios and normals/shinys; the Eevee-evos will be sold as an exclusive set with a different design than its usual [40$ shipped].

[Total based on number of charms in set; prices include shipping]
2 [evos and formes] - 10$
3 [starters, evos and formes] - 15$
4 [Castform formes] - 20$
5 [Rotoms] - 25$
8 [Eevees only] - 40$

I can do separate human sets too [like Game Trainers [ex. Lucas/Dawn, Hilbert/Hilda/N/Cheren/Bianca, gym leaders [Unova Gym Sets can either be in sets of 8 or 9]], Evil Teams [Team Galactic, Team Rocket admins from HGSS]], manga characters, Rangers and so on. These would only be available in chibi-design size, not large. Ask for prices.


- add 3 or 4 solar color-changing beads - 1$ extra [per charm; results look like OUT and in SUNLIGHT]
- linked charms [makes them dangle] - 1$ extra [per charm - works best with two charms, but it can be done for Eevee-evos so they can be interchangeable [if you buy the full set] for your convenience (Ex: Eevee --> any Eevee-evo would cost 14$ for two charms)]


...And that's my big idea so far! I'm not sure if I'll try selling them on eBay, Etsy or on here, but I might as well ask around first. Please tell me what you think and feel free to ask questions so that I can add more information to make you less confused! Better final designs are coming in the near future [as in next month]!

- Juuchan17
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Interested~! But I may need to wait a while so I can get some way to pay for them...