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Hello~ Welcome to uh this!! I have not much to say, just that I am very much in love in Hetalia, Attack on Titan, Supernatural, Steven Universe, Harry Potter and a lot of other various things!! My older posts here are all XReaders if you guys have not yet noticed, however, I do plan to post some stories in here! But be warned!! They may or may not contain Yaoi. Well-.. mostly MAY contain Yaoi. Lol!

Currently 16 years old and the stories I've posted are the 13/14 year old me! But I don't mind. Some of my older stories are really stupid and maybe a little TOO fluffy, but I like fluff just as much as I love angst! Sooo.. probably expect that as well, lol!

I LOVE TO ROLEPLAY. I kinda have tons of roleplays in my gmail mostly from omegle, but I don't mind roleplaying here as well, so if anyone is interested in rping, welp, just call my attention or whatever, I don't bite! xDD

That's kinda all for now~
(Someone sent me this is Quotev and said I had to do it in both Quotev and Deviantart ^^")

1.What country/state/city do you represent ? : 

I represent Crossrit, a state in Canada.

2. How old are you ? :

I'm 15.

3. What is your real name ?:

Mavis Martinez

4. Gender? 


5. What type of bad habits to you have?

hmm. I tend to get too caught up with the Mafia business. Tch. *scowls a bit* Those goons can't even do a simple task neatly. If you want to do something, you have to do it yourself, it seems. *sighs*

5 What is your favorite food ?

Red Velvet Pancakes!! >w< I swear...

6. What is your favorite drink ? 

Frappuccino!! With extra whipped cream, please!! >w<

7. What do you feel about war ?

I absolutely hate it!! I remember the Second World War, ugh. Canada was so messed up about it. And America didn't even comfort him cause he was too busy having this damned Cold War with Russia! Eh, so irritating!!

8. Have you ever killed anybody?

Not with my own hands, I mean... indirectly, I guess?

9. Do you like somebody? (Don't try to hide it, I know you do ^.^) :

*blush then looks around* I.. u-uh.. I do.. *looks down*

10. What do you think about England's cooking ?

W-well.. er.. *looks away* I.. I dipped his scones on maple syrup once, and they weren't--..!! a quarter bad!! ^^"

11. Do you know who Canada is ?

Well, yes. I'm one of his states. 

12. How are you doing right now?


13. Are you sure? 

I think so...?

14. Do you like waffles?

Yeah, but pancakes are always better.

15. What is your fear/phobia ?

I'm really really scared of spiders. TT^TT

16. Shy/Social/ or both ?


17. Do you consider your self pretty/handsome ? 

No. But, my neighbors say I'm cute..! I hope that's enough.. ^^"

18. Who are your friends ?

Hmm.. North and South Dakota, East and West Caledon, Ontario, Canada.... uhm.. Japan, America.. uhm.. that's it I guess.. (I really want to get to know Prussia though..!!)

19. Who are your enemies ?

Russia.. uhm.. not really enemies.. Im just really scared of him.

20. Do you hate anybody ?

None in particular.

21. What do you usually do at world confrences ?

I'm a state, therefore, am not obliged to attend. ^^

22. Do you want to dance ?

N-no thank you...

23. What other country to you like to visit ? 

I've always wanted to visit Spain! I want to try food there and.. I think Spain is really nice.

24. Describe your personality ?

Introvert... uhm.. Shy, but I  can act normally around the people I'm comfortable with. I don't like going outside.. I'm friendly too, and I always smile.

25. What are you doing right now ?

Well, I was reading this book and listening to music.

26. Is anybody watching you ?

*looks around* I think I'm safe.

27. Name your favorite sport . 

Football! Ah! I love FIFA! It's so exciting! And Basketball too! I can't wait for FIBA!

28. What is your favorite song ?

The Man Who Can't be Moved by The Script and Good Life by One Republic

29. Do you like singing in the shower ?

... I do it, but.. I don't know if I like doing it..

30. What are your hobbies ?

Reading!! Uhm, listening to music and playing video games.. hanging out with my friends.. but not always.. 

31. What is your favorite color ?

*giggles* It's Red.

32. Did some one threaten you ?

Of course. This person cannot just ransack my storehouse and get away with it. *tapping my revolver* A shame that I wasn't able to inflict any.. damage. But at least my boys did~

33. Are you strong ?

Sadly, no.

34. Fact of the day !

My state has it's own Mafia, and is called by the other Mafia organizations as "The Shield of Aegis".

35. Do you have any pets? If so what is it/their name/s ?

*nods* I have a German Shepherd named Cameron.

36. What is your favorite season ?


37. Any problems you have? Feel free to talk about it.

None... at the moment.

38. Dirty little secret ? o.o

Well.. not dirty.. I just.. kinda.. sorta have this.. teeny, tiny, small, bite

Was tagged by : :iconcrimsonlabyrinth:

(lol, sorry this took so long xD)

The Rules: 
1. Each person has to share 5 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. No tag-backs

5 things about me:
~ I really like shounen ai.... ^^"
~ I have been addicted to Hetalia almost 2 years now. "xDD
~ I ship people based on attitude and not their experiences with each other.
~ On Hetalia, Canada is my longest crush. Like, the first crush was Japan, then I discovered Canada, then I found more crushes, but Canada still stayed. <3
~ I really really hate spiders.

1) Have you watched Hetalia???
2) How do you ship people?
3) How long have you been watching anime?
4) Do you draw?? If not, what do you do?
5) Are you alright with Yaoi/Shounen Ai?
6) If you had a million dollars, where would you wanna go to spend it in? (Your own country is not allowed.)
7) Worst fear?
8) If your crush/favorite character in an anime died, would you cry? Why?
9) Your favorite season?


10) All time favorite anime character? (Not allowed to say "None". I need only ONE name.)

Mein Questions:
1) Can you stand on your hands unassisted?
- Nope.
2) What do you have on your fridge door? OwO
- Eggs, an open boy of pocky, water, a can of coke, juice aaaaaaand some chocolate.
3) What’s the last thing you took a picture of?
- My classmates.
4) Is your belly button an innie or an outtie?
- Innie.
5) Are you left or right handed?
- Right.
6) Who was the last person to send you a text message?
- A guy named Aidan.
7) Are you scared of spiders? Or at least cockroaches?
8) If you could learn any language fluently what would it be and why?
- Japanese, so I wouldnt need subtitles to watch anime. <3
9) Favorite genre of music?
- Punk Rock!!
10)  Do you sing in the shower?
- I do. :3

I shall tag!!!:::











*takes deep breath * IM FINALLY DONE. xDD *wipes sweat*

Okay, so here's what happened...

The other day I was chatting with this hetalia fan over the internet and she was all like, "Yuuki, dude, have you read "Spades"? " And I said, "Well.. no. Is it a fanfic or something?" And then she was all like freaking out and said, "DUDE!! It's USUK! Cardverse, yknow???" Then I asked, "Cardverse? And I already told you before, Im not a USUK fan.." then she said, "I know, but still!! The plot is just AMAZING!! Cmon!! Just try it!!"

And so, after we chatted and said our good nights, I went to go look for it, and of coarse with my awesome knowledge of the internet, I found it. Well. I found the fic. So I read it (currently in chapter 4), and it is just.. AMAZING. I love the plot! I have a feeling that someone (specifically Arthur) will die though. ._. I'm not searching for any fanpics yet, cause I know there are some in Google that get mixed with pics and comics, and I just KNOW there'll be spoilers in the pics, so yeah. Im not gonna search for pics. YET.

I didnt know what cardverse was, so before I read the fic I started researching about it and found out a lot of things( which I will not point out :p ) and found it really interesting! I started reading the fic and it really was!! It was so interesting and even at church-- Lord God forgive me, I was still reading it through my tab. ^^" Technology and genius writers these days...

Well!! Im saying it with all honesty, I must leave! Haha! I have to read the 4th chapter now! xDD

1.) What's your name, who are you, and how old are you?

Hi.. My name is Yuuki Eneyama. I have a twin brother named Yuuto Eneyama. We represent a small town/city in Canada. East and West Caledon. Outside the World Meetings and such, Im actually just a normal girl, really. Nothing special about me. Oh, yes. Im 14 years old.

2. ) Interesting! What species are you?

I’m.. Uhm.. What you call a country..? I'm a city though.

3.) Continuing on... what are your likes and dislikes?

Uhm.. Well.. I really like maple syrup. I usually lick some from a spoon or something.  And what I dislike are spiders. *shivers*

4.) Awesome! Here's a VERY interesting question... do you have anyone special in your life currently? A crush? A lover?

*blush* W-well.. Yes, actually.

5.) Awww!!! ^.^ Do you love him/ her?

*softly smiles* Yes. I really really do.

6.) Here's a easy and classic question! What's your favorite color?! >.<

*giggles* It's Orange.

7.) What are your hobbies?! What do you like to do for fun, huh?!

*shocked* Oh. Uhm.. When Im at home, I usually draw. I also, really like reading too! My brother is usually the sporty one. He plays basketball, soccer, baseball and volleyball, while I play the indoor games.. Uhm.. Like, chess, damath, scrabble. Its boring, I know.

8.) Wow!!! ^.^ Do you have any special skills?! What are your special skills?!

E-eh.. Well.. People say that Im really good in drawing and.. Uh.. I don't know.. *blush* singing? I don't know when they hear me sing! Because I only sing when I take a bath or when Im in my room! It was Alfred who heard me once though..

10.) Maybe that's something I shouldn't of asked, here's your final two individual questions for today... do you have any pets and what is your dream for the future?

*nods* I have a pet cat named Kai, and a dog named Mikko.

My dream is.. To be a successful City and possibly help Canada with his problems.. And I want to find a boy that.. uhm.. I'm not going there. *smiles*


Here are the rules:  

1.) Choose one of your OCs, and he/she must answer them truthfully .

2.) Don't think and answer it like you would, but how your OC would... keep that in mind!!! ^.^

3.) The journal title should be "OC Interview Questionnaire" exactly.

4.) When you're done, make sure to tag at least 5 different people.

5.) Your OC doesn't have to be an "Invader Zim OC", it can be any character that belongs to you and only you!!! ^.^

6.) The most important rule? Of course, have FUN with it and ENJOY yourself!!! ^.^



NOT saying Im gonna stop tho.

Just.. rest..?

SO, can someone PLEASE give me something to read.

Im having writer's block.. AGAIN..
Wahahahahhahaha!! Why is Sweden's birthday take place right after Denmark's?? We'll NEVER know!! xDD

Happy birthday Berwald!! I also didnt have anything prepared for you, and a, sorry. :(( But I'll celebrate your birthday here, again!! ^_^

Okay, Imma eat some Oreo now. See ya guys!
Heya!! It's Denamrk's birthday today!! :D Happy Birthday to him right??


Well, I haven't made any stories for him. TT^TT I don't have any ideas for the moment and my phone was the one who told me that it was his birthday, so.. I haven't really prepared anything for him.. ._." I'm sorry Mathias. But, oh well!!

im gonna celebrate his birthday here , tho. xDD so, see ya later guys!!
       Dear Journal,
Oh my gosh!! I like, totally am back in writing now!! Thanks so much to :iconneyon: and :iconineia: for giving me some advice, which TOTALLY worked!! Oh my gosh!! Thank you so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!! xDD

With Love,
Oh Jeez I dunno what to write anymore. TT_TT I need inspiration. TT_TT Somebody give me inspiration. TT_TT Or rather, someone to write about. TT_TT I have nothing to live for in Deviantart if I dunno what to write about. TT_TT Everytime I open zhe laptop I directly go to Youtube and watch the new episode of The Voice, or watch Pewdiepie play games and wait for new updates, or listen to Cry reading about this creepy True Story he really likes reading, or watch SMOSH do stupid stuff, or watch anime and listen to music, or read Wattpad. TT_TT But /NOW/?? Oh no god, I just dunno what to write anymore. TT_TT I wanna write again, but everytime I start writing, halfway through I forget what happens next and BOOM! It's gone! Like wht happened to my Poland X Reader and Canada X Reader! It's in me drafts, unfinished! Ugh damn. 
Hiya everyone!! Oh my gosh!! I'm already at Chapter 14 part 1 of HetaOni RPG and I can tell you guys, that you should totally WATCH IT!! *sniff sniff* It's so AWESOME that at Chapter 10, you just HAVE to cry because.. *sniff*.. it really hurts.. TT^TT

I SWEAR! If you're perfectly devoted to ANIME and IN LOVE with HETALIA, you really will cry. So if you're devoted to anime and in love with the Axis and Allies, Spain, Roma-chan and Prussia.. Well.. Prepare you feels cause they're about to get raped and multiply.

Look, I don't want to spoil anything,, buuuuuuuuuuut. DO NOT cry when you think Prussia dies in the first parts. DO NOT pity Germany when he hides in that closet-like room somewhere after Japan got back. And DO NOT think, "Oh my gosh, finally it's over.." in Chapters 11, 12, and 13 because, the Game's REALLY just starting. And DO prepare your FEELS by the last chapters, specifically Chapters 15,to 17. :> That is all.

Oh, and if anyone is interested: Some people here on deviantart are planning and already starting to make the HetaOni Anime and I can tell you that it'll be REALLY REALLY AWESOME!! SO if anyone is interested, why not help them in making the anime??

Hehe! Love you guys and keep on keepin' on!! >w< Peace out yo!!
Haaaiii! Wow, this journal thing is really doing good for me. It's like I'm making it my personal diary. xDD

Aaaaaanyway, Im writing about HetaOni this time! Hey don't get me wrong, Ive come across HetaOni lots of times before and have tried researching it too. But I just got very imaptient about the page loading and stuff because my Internet isn't really that fast, so I set it aside for other anime and stuff.

but then this one time in Pinterest, I came across a photo with Artie and Alfie in it. Alfred was holding up 3 fingers infront of Arthur's face and asked, "How many fingers am I holding up..?" Then When I looked closer, I realized Arthur's eyes were emotionless, I mean, they were still green, but void of emotion. Then Arthur replied, "Im sorry America. I can.. No longer see." When I read that phrase I was all like, WUUUUUUUT?? IGGY'S GONE BLIND?? Then so, I got curious.

That time I was really determined to find out the root of what happened to Artie since I couldn't bare not knowing what happened since, as I know, he's my favorite character in the series(besides Japan, Prussia and Romano. ehehe). So I did try to find out. So wound up to the HetaOni wiki. And thats where I read the plot and found out that it was originally a game. And of coarse I found out why Iggy got blind.

Then I tried finding a good doujinshi about it, since the game was pretty amazing and was created 3 or 4 years ago, I thought maybe someone had already made a doujin 'bout it. First I went through the Google, trying to find the link of a dawning, I tried each one and not even one of them went through Half of the to. But still, I was content. And I should say that each doujin was very different from the other and was also very interesting in their own way. But still, as I told you, not a single one was finish until the end. But I realized it didn't matter, at least I could reread each of the drawings. xDD

And then this. I came across a doujin made by :iconmieulinhtu: . Hope you don't mind me tagging you. xDD

She draws so awesomely and adds suspense and stuff like real manga should have!! It's really awesome! Although I had to tear up on some pages because she made it emotional. -3- Like the one when she brought up America and England's past, and Japan and China's past. I was like, OH GOOD LORD TAKE ME NOW! I DONT WANNA CRY ANYMORE! And there was the time where, I think(I just THINK. I dunno yet since she didnt finish it yet) that PRUSSIA DIED. Oh GOD I HOPE HE DIDNT DIE. I LOVE PRUSSIA. I just love him. And about that time when Japan realized stuff about Prussia and it was like, OMG PRUPAN MOMENT. And I just loved it. :>

okay Im getting off track here..

And so I read it till the part where she couldn't continue yet, but still I'm waiting. :> And so I also discovered that she was admin of a group where they were going to make an anime of it. That's why, instantly I wanted to become part of the products! But then I thought, "What can a mere 13-- Turing 14 year old girl help at making an anime?? So I decided, I'd just support their production from the sidelines!! I know they can do it! I just have a feeling that they can! E heheh! Sorry. I have feelings like that.

okay, it's like. 11:25 here and I need to sleep. I totally do. Love you guys and I hope you support the project too. :>
Alright, the title isn't really the real thing about what Im gonna say here. Let's coach out the word 'again'. Cause I don't really mean again, I just mean that I'm gonna start posting stories AGAIN! :D

Let's see.. I typed some in my phone's notepad, in the deviant draft, in my desktop Microsoft, in the laptop's Microsoft, and in this iPad's memo. xDD
most of them are Red X Readers. You guys know red, right? Pokemon, Mt. Silver, GREEN. Red! Huh? Huh? Alright, I hope you do know him, cause by the time being I really love him. xDD and I'm gonna start posting stories about HIM.

you know, like the times that I loved--not saying that I don't anymore, Norway/Lukas, and I mostly made stories of him and had fun doing it. It felt good and AWESOME making stories of him. And now I'm feelin' the same thing with Red! Or maybe Canada/Matthew too. And I'm not gonna stop making stories for Lukas! I love him too much to stop writing about him. xDD

And so.. This journal thing is really new to me, and it says that I should say what I wanna say, right? So I just wanna share something about this book I read. It's call Perks of Being a Wallflower. I saw it oin the bookstore and remembered my friend, Maycelle liking it a lot, so I thought maybe we'd share the same pspective of it if I got to read It myself. So I bought it.

Then when I came home I got my brother to see it, the he was all like, 'Theres a movie of this book.' Then I said, 'Oh? Cool.' Then I tried to walk away. Then he spoke up again, 'You could've just watched the movie rather than buying the stupid book and waiting mom's money.' Then I got mad, so I said, 'Whats it to you?' Then we had this long fight. About money, books and SPG movies. I mean, he like, started to get mad at me for some unknown reason, Ora reason he made up himself. We don't share the same love for books, and it was MY money not mom's.

ugh. Brothers can be so stupid sometimes.

Well, about the book, it was cool! It was about this boy named Charlie who was 15/16 who was a shy and a sideline guy, or some people would call, a wallflower. He meets friends Sam and Patrick who were 2 years older than him,then he started feeling loved and stuff. And in page 33 he detailed something GROSS about what happened to him when he was 10 and I just HAD to skip it. Ugh. Seriously. And the book had all these words that I wasn't ready for like sex and masturbation. (; ̄ェ ̄)And Patrick, Charlie's friends was actually gay and was dating this guy in the football team named Brad. And he caught them kissing in Patrick's room when they had a party and he had to keep it a secret which he had to because he was Patrick's friend. But then at the end they broke up cause Brads dad caught them making out in their basement.

Well!!i loved this little talk with the computer, and if anyone did read this, because I don't expect anyone to, thanks!! 。 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I was tagged by :iconzendeya67: !!

1.) You must post these rules
2.) Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.) Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4.) Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal (wat can't I choose like only 1 person? XD)
5.) Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (Can't they just go though their messages? XD)
6.) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that."
7.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people 
8.) No tag-backs
9.) You can't say you don't do tags 
10.) You MUST make a journal entry.

okay, I will now share 10 things about me.. XDD

1. I don't like having crushes on real people or celebrities. I like having crushes on anime guys ONLY.
2. But if I do want to have a crush on a guy, I'd like him to have blonde hair and blue/green eyes. :>
3. I think Lovino/Romano from hetalia, is a bit more of a crybaby that Feliciano/Italy.
4. I hate spiders.
5. I hate fish.
6. I sometimes breakdown when I'm alone. (Ehehe.. ^^")
7. I often get bullied, but I don't really care. I guess.
8. When I got my first Pokemon cartridge for my SP, I like,totally ran out around our house and kissed each of my dog. On the head.
9. I think Tv News Patrols are boring and would rather watch anime.
10. I watched anime in the middle of the night in day 2 of my exams cause I couldn't take the stress.

thats ten things~ now Imma answer the questions..

1. What is your favorite anime? -- I cannot really choose, but at the moment, it's Hetalia <3 :D
2. Do you sing along to your favorite anime's theme song when it plays? -- Yes!! And when my classmates here me singing in another language, they laugh at my face.. (I don't kind though!! xDD )
3. What is your favorite ice cream flavour? -- MANGOOOOOOOOO!!!
4. If you could marry one anime character who would it be? -- I.. Ah.. Uh.. (WHY ARE YOU PUTTING ME IN AGONY?!?!?!) Maybe, for now, JUST for now. It would have to be Matthew Williams, AKA Canada in Hetalia.
5. What kind of 'dere' are you? -- I am a Deredere~!!
6. Why do you take commissions? -- Uhh. Because I'm nice? xDD
7. Do you love presents? -- Yes, I do. Especially if that present is a cartridge 
8. How do you get inspired to make art? -- Im inspired by hearing sad/inspirational/happy quotes from anime/books/manga. Then with that little quote I expand it to make literature. :>
9. Do you tolerate beggers? -- Yep! In facts I talked to one before, her name was Gina. :D
10. Who is your fav game character? -- Hmm. Since its game, I guess Pokemon is no exemption right? So I guess, it'd have to be Red. :>

Alright, done witht that.. i had a problem with that comission part.. xDD here are the Questions for you guys ;>

1. If you were given a chance, would you marry Levi Rivaille from Shingeki no Kyojin?
2. What's your fave. country?
3. Do you like Hetalia?
4. Do you watch Pokemon?
5. What games do you play, I mean, if you're a gamer.
6. Marshmallows or Nips?
7. Canada or America?
8. Can you live without anime in your life?
9. Anime or Manga?
10. "Anime is stupid." What do you answer?

IMMA TAG.... :
:iconhetafan123: :iconlive-for-the-stars: :iconrinnyrinlove: :iconhetalialover18: :iconobsessedhetaliangirl: okay seriously that's All I can tag.. Imma go to sleep now,. XDD
Alright, this is my first journal~ yay! And I just wanna dedicate it to Hetalia! Cause i love it sooooooooooooo much!!

okay, Imma start.

Hetalia's not the kind of anime you'd like in first glance, and it doesn't have a straight plot, but Hetalia is what I watch when I need some cheering up. It can turn my most depressed face into something that can give off a light hearted laugh, just because of one episode. I mean, in each episode you just HAVE TO laugh, it's practically amazing how it makes me do so but despite that, the fans can also turn it into something even more amazing. Try reading the fanfics, reader inserts, the captions of some pictures, of even the pictures themselves! Some emit this aura that are so emotional, even by just staring at the pained faces of the characters in it can make your eyes water. Believe me, I have tried.

Like the one about America gaining Independence from England. If they'd portray it in the anime, it'd be something like a comedy or something. But sometimes it's even more than that. Tears take place when the readers and fans imagine it. Why don't you try? Imagine you have a little brother whom you loves so much, did everything in your power to protect him, then one day he barges in and says, "Hey, I need Independence." How would you feel? Well, I dunno 'bout you, but I'd be devastated; heartbroken. I mean, Arthur did everything for Alfred. He taught him how to play the violin, he slept beside him when Alfred had nightmares, he held him for hours just to make him stop crying and know that He's always there for him

Or how about Prussia. We all know that his country had dissolved in, correct me if I'm wrong, 1947 right? Well, when you see him in anime, he's all "MEIN GOTT, AM SO AWESOME!" wow, it's like nothing even happened! It's like he didn't go through World War II, which he lost or something, and still keeps that smile on his face! It's like he didn't leave Germany behind, it's like he he's forgotten about Old man Fritz dying. Well, you know why he keeps calling himself awesome? Because he thought, that if he'd do so,someone would believe him. And if they'd believe. Maybe one day, he will too.

Or maybe the thing with Holy Roman Empire and Italy? Before Holy Rome left, Italy gave him his broom stick(or 'panties') hoping one day Holy Rome would come back. But he never did, now did he? Holy Rome was Italy's so called 'First Love' even though Holy Rome was also a boy(Hey, you've heard Yaoi haven't you? Cut them some slack and accept. Jeez). He waited and waited and waited until he got his Independence and knew he had to leave the protection of Austria, which led him to leave his memories of Holy Rome in the house. He never did know what had happened to him, but he knew someday he'd come back. And today, he did. Although he wasn't sure if it was really Holy Rome, he didn't care. That's why he keeps hanging out with Germany, cause he reminds him of his most beloved Holy Roman Empire.

See? It's funny how something made for comedy and entertainment, can be turned into something emotional and heartbreaking.