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Leaving on a Jetplane [Canada X Reader]
The Canadian stood outside his best friend's house, staring at the door nervously. Wow. This was going to be harder than he thought. His family was moving away to England and leave Canada, thus also leaving his childhood, and may be his only true friend, [Name]. He didnt want to leave, but his father's work was assigned to England and he had no way of refusing.
Matthew sighed.
All my bags are packed Im ready to go,
Im standing here outside your door,
I hate to wake you up and say goodbye.
The Canadian turned his head, the sun was already rising. He had to go soon, or they'll miss their flight. He had to do it now, or never do it at all.
But the dawn is breaking, it's early morn
The taxi's waiting, he's blowing his horn,
Already I'm so lonesome I could cry.
"Hurry up, bro! We gotta go!" Matthews brother, Alfred called. He ignored it.
Matthew stared at the door, he grabbed the doorknob and just as he was about to twist it, someone was twisting on
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Dear Diary [America] by juubyshuuya24 Dear Diary [America] :iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 1 3 Dear Diary [Germany] by juubyshuuya24 Dear Diary [Germany] :iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 1 2 Dear Diary [France] by juubyshuuya24 Dear Diary [France] :iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 3 2
Because of a Letter [Canada X Reader]
On the Valentines day of your fifth grade, someone sent you a letter, and this is what it said.
"Dear [Name],

        This is me, writing to you. It feels so weird since I've never actually written these things before, and it feels so weird. I know I'm.. we're still young, but I've already had these feelings for you. I don't think I can say it right away, though. I'm sorry for being a coward. Until I can say it to you, confidence and all, please wait for me.

From.. Me."
You still had that letter up until now. You put it in your wallet for safe keeping. Ever since then you would always think about that boy who wrote it, and vowed to wait for him. It didn't seem right, since it was like waiting for something that may or may not come, but it seemed as though fate was on this boy's side, since you didn't really like the other boys who asked you out.
Then one day, as you were playing with your dogs in your lawn, you friends visited you.
"Hi, [Name]
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A Letter [America X Reader]
A Letter [America X Reader]
The American moved out of his car, carrying a bouquet of flowers as he walked through the cemented pathway. It had already been a year since that tragic...death that happened to this certain [Nationality] girl he loved, and he felt a bit guilty as to not being able to visit her so often as he did before. So here he was now, having a day off from his Boss and gave the time to his dearly beloved. 
Ariving in front of [Name]'s grave stone, Alfred had said nothing. He just stared at it, a sad smile scribbled on his face. He started thinking about the past.. all those memories he had spent with you.. the laughter, the tears, everything. But he didn't cry. Not yet. No words were said as he placed the bouquet of [flowers] on her grave stone. He reached into the pocket of his bomber jacket and took out a piece of paper, slipping it just between two pieces of [flowers]. He stood up and turned his back away from the grave stone, just before a tear escaped his eye
:iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 28 23
Terrible Things [America X Reader]
He took a shaky glance to his side, his son was smiling brightly beside him. The American sighed. He looked just like his mom. Those brightly [e/c] colored eyes, the hair that stuck out like hers and of course, how could he forget, that delicate, soft but carefree smile. Their son reminded him so much about her. He sighed and looked back at the side walk as they both continued to walk on the moonlit park. His deep sigh worried his son, causing the boy to glance at his father quite worriedly.
"Dad? What's wrong?" The boy asked quietly, softly. Like how she would ask.
He winced a bit at the picture of a young [h/c] haired girl, smiling at him softly as she lay on the bed, white sheets covering her. Honey? What's wrong?.He shook his head dismissively and gave the boy a weak smile.
His son just told him about this wonderful girl he had met in school today. He noted that his son was smiling brightly as he told him about the girl. About how nice she was, how pretty, how
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Listen [America X Reader]
"Hey [Name]!! Wait up!" A lively voice called from behind you.
You stopped on your tracks and sighed, waiting for the blonde to catch up. He was so annoying.
Finally arriving at your side, he panted and started to walk beside you. "So?" He said cheerfully, "How was your weekend, dudette?"
You sighed a 'meh' indicating that you weren't really interested in the topic, so he shrugged and left it. You both were silent until you got to school. 
From outside, the school looked gloomy. Kids didn't talk, they just leaned on the walls and kept quiet. The sky wasn't blue, it was grey. Like it was going to rain, but really won't. It just left a mark that it wanted the day to be as gloomy as it is now.
Alfred was awfully quiet right now, but you didn't think it was a matter to be talked about. I mean. He's Alfred. The most popular and most lively boy in school. Why would he be gloomy. So, you left the topic for your mind to erase.
Before parting ways though, he asked you a qu
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[England X Reader]
You looked around, eyes roaming, looking for a certain Brit. They finally stopped as they some across blonde hair and emerald eyes; sounds of gentle laughter reaching your ears. You smiled contently as you see his calm face and hear him chuckle. You stood up and walked to the gate, because you were content. Because that was enough for you.
"Ahahaha!!" a loud laughter was heard throughout your room as the secret you kept for months finally reached your Hungarian friend's ears. "I knew you liked him!" She exclaimed. "The way you kept looking for him after class~ The way you stared at him from behind~ Ah!" She stood a dramatic pose, the back of her palm against her forehead. "Love!"
You sighed then looked down on your homework, your face flushed a crimson red. "Please calm down, Liz. I really don't want to think about him right now."
"But, [Name]!" she whined, "You just have to tell him!"
"Liz," you sighed, turning your head to face her, "I can't."
Her eyebrow arched, "Wh
:iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 78 13
Milk and A Stormy Night [Romano X Reader]
"[Name]!" Antonio calls.
You hurry to his side with your pajamas on, leaving the toys you were playing with behind. "Yeah, Toni?"
He kneels down to your level and pats your head, "Feli and Lovi are in the room now," He smiled, "Why don't you join them? It's almost bed time you know."
You smiled brightly and nod as you scurried past Grandpa Rome on the way bidding him a goodnight.
As you enter the room, you find Feli and Lovi each on their beds, sound asleep. You smile and head to your own bed, snuggling yourself into your blankets and slowly drifting to sleep.
 Awoken by a loud BANG, you quickly sat up looking around. You set your gaze on the window just in time to see a streak of lightning scribble across the sky followed by another, much louder ROAR of thunder.
Slowly you lay back down to sleep. At least,you tried to. You shifted around your bed, turning left to right, trying to find a good position. But sadly, to no avail. You lay on your bed, eyebrows furrowed and eyes set gaz
:iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 175 49
Never Alone [Canada X Reader]
You whispered through the door hole of the young Canadian's room. 'What had happened?' you think to yourself. Maybe it had something to do with that boy from Cuba? Or maybe it's because of that attractive British boy in school? Or we don't know, maybe it's because of his brother. Whatever the answer was, this was the result; Matthew locking himself up in his room.
"Mattie, come on." You softly call.
You heard sniffles from the other side and figured that he was sitting just infront of his door.
"Mattie, please..?" You pleaded for him to open the door.
"Is it really that hard, [Name]..?" He asked softly, just in between his hiccups. "Is it really /that/ hard to remember me?"
You sighed as your heart started to break from his question. It wasn't hard for /you/, why is it hard for them? It didn't make any sense. Or are they just ignoring him? Why would they, though? It's not like he did anything mean to them. There wasn't a reason for them to ignore him.
You snap back i
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Origami [Romano X Reader]
You were folding, yet again, another marguerite. What can you say? You loved making an origami marguerite. It was just so complicated and difficult that it kinda challenged you to make it perfectly, and now that you did, well, you just couldn't stop yourself anymore.
You loved making flower origami-- all kinds of it actually. May it be paper planes, boats, flowers or animals, you were never too tired to try an learn a new type of fold. And since you were quite well with your hands , nothing ever stopped you to do so.
"What the fuck it that?" A certain brunette blurted out besides you, his face painted with a look of disgust. It didnt really bother you anymore, though since he's been doing that for as long as you could remember.
"It's origami, duh." You replied without giving as much as a glance at him, and just continuing your work.
"Well freakin' stop it!!" He demanded.
"And why should I do that?" You asked challengingly, a small smirk planted on your face.
"Because I said so, dammit!
:iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 103 47
Everything Seemed Perfect [Norway X Reader]
You sat on a chair, just outside the principal's office. You were new to the school and just moved in from [City]. Your dad's job was moved here and he just had to take you with him, since you're the only one he's got.
"Mrs.[L.Name]." The secretary behind the desk called.
You hurried to the desk and smiled shyly at the woman behind. "Yes ma'am?"
"Here's your locker key Mrs.[L.Name]." She smiled, handing you the key.
You took, said thank you and went on your way.
As you walked, hundreds of students walked right past you, ignoring the new girl in school. The hallway seemed crowded, so you squeezed yourself though the next corridor. Your face brightened at the sight of your locker. You walked up to it and was about to open it when three boys came to interrupt you.
"Hey there, you new here?" The one in the middle asked. He seemed to be the leader of the three.
You simply nod.
"Cool. I'm the Awesome Gilbert!" He stated proudly. "That there," He pointed to a blonde who was holdin
:iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 68 6
Cookies [Norway X Reader]
"What do you mean you're leaving?!" Mathias exclaimed, his eyes fixed on Berwald. "You can't survive a single war without ME!"
"I'm sorry. But I need my Independence." Berwald stated firmly.
"You're just saying that!" Mathias countered, "But after you do gain Independence, you're just gonna crawl back to me for support!"
"I won't do that. I have Tino with me and--" He was cut off mid-sentence by Mathias' rage.
"Don't say that like you mean it! Sooner or later you will come to me for support! And don't think I will give you support, 'cause hell I won't!" Mathias was infuriated, just the thought of Berwald wanting Independence from him felt like a horn growing on his heart. Was he not enough for Berwald's happiness?
Not thinking twice, Mathias flung himself at Berwald and crashed his fist on the Swedish's face. Tino tried to get between then but Berwald stopped him. He knew that fighting back would just make matters more worse.
Not being able to do anything, Tino plastered himself
:iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 202 20
Coffee and The Tide by juubyshuuya24 Coffee and The Tide :iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 0 4
Other Half [Denmark X Reader]
"Oh! Sure Tino! I'd love to come! Mhmm! I'll be right over!" You smile delightfully as you put down the phone, quickly running up to your room to change your clothes. You were invited over to Tino's place for a 'get together' party he and Berwald held up. You were pretty nervous though, Tino  is your bestfriend, but you never actually met his brothers.
You slipped on some jeans and put on your favorite [color] shirt and went on your way. As you knock on the house's door, it creaked open revealing your blonde bestfriend standing infront of you. His grin was unmistakable, he was so excited he could throw a tv out the window.
"[Name]!!" He exclaimed, pulling you in, "Finally you're here! C'mone! Make yourself at home, drink something, shove something in your mouth, it's a party!" He says excitedly, leading you in.
The place was packed with people you knew, and people that weren't really familiar to you. You looked around to see Arthur and Francis bickering, Alfr
:iconjuubyshuuya24:juubyshuuya24 57 7


WIP - Placido, Juanito, Macaraig by mmcalpharho WIP - Placido, Juanito, Macaraig :iconmmcalpharho:mmcalpharho 4 4 Tumblr Sketch Dump 2 by Hootsweets Tumblr Sketch Dump 2 :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 5,166 258 You Wanna Talk About It? by Hootsweets You Wanna Talk About It? :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 5,118 265 AT Gumlee Sketchdump by Hootsweets AT Gumlee Sketchdump :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 5,778 387 Tumblr Sketch Dump 3 by Hootsweets Tumblr Sketch Dump 3 :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 3,447 197 Special Feeling by Hootsweets Special Feeling :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 6,260 402 Birthday Wishes by Hootsweets Birthday Wishes :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 3,345 107 Gumlee Happy Halloween by Hootsweets Gumlee Happy Halloween :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 6,466 321
CanadaXReader - Broken Promises
"You won't forget me, will you? Everyone else did, a-and I don't want that to happen with you!"
"Of course not! I'll always remember you, Mattie! You're my best friend! No matter how long it takes me, I'm gonna come back, just wait!"
Matthew smiled faintly. "I'm going to miss you, (Name). It won't be the same around here with you gone."
You grabbed his hands and squeezed them. "You won't be alone! You'll still have your brother, and Tim and Katy, and I bet you there are other people who are your friends that you forget about. And I promise I'll come back, so you'll have me too, eventually. Wait for me, Matt. Anyway, I have to go now. I'll see you sometime soon, okay?" You said, staring deep into his eyes.
He nodded and squeezed back before letting go and watching you walk away. "Okay..." he whispered.

What happened to 'I'll always remember you'? Matthew thought, watching you silently from his hammock. You were outside with Alfred. On the
:iconrussianrevolution:RussianRevolution 50 97
Canada x Reader: Good Day
You glanced over at the quiet Canadian. You always noticed him, aimlessly painting on his canvas. His violet eyes appeared melancholic beneath his glasses, but his painting involved such rich, bright colors, it was hard to imagine the boy could be so…down.
And you knew exactly why.
Your hand tensed, and you ended up smearing the red paint on your brush in the wrong spot. With a sigh, you decided to place down your brush and ask to go to the bathroom pass.
Sitting next to Matthew Williams just made you depressed.
It felt like walking to the bathroom was taking forever, even if it was just around the corner. The hall seemed to lengthen, your attention captured by all the paintings and the mural and everything.
And what Mattie had done.
Your feet stopped moving when you got to the stairs, the ones just halfway down this hall. It had happened here, during third lunch. The door had been propped open, held with two heavy English IV textbooks. You had gone up to see your English teache
:iconforeverbeforenight:foreverbeforenight 245 126
He's 'The Magician' after all by Serikio-chan He's 'The Magician' after all :iconserikio-chan:Serikio-chan 28 2 Lily of the Lamplight [APH] by RockBabi Lily of the Lamplight [APH] :iconrockbabi:RockBabi 23 6 Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart [APH] by RockBabi Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart [APH] :iconrockbabi:RockBabi 65 6 Arthur is Everything by Fayolinn Arthur is Everything :iconfayolinn:Fayolinn 53 18 We'll Meet Again Fan Cover by WilburLover We'll Meet Again Fan Cover :iconwilburlover:WilburLover 18 3 Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart FanCover by WilburLover Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart FanCover :iconwilburlover:WilburLover 42 20



Death is yet to come upon me friends.
Hello~ Welcome to uh this!! I have not much to say, just that I am very much in love in Hetalia, Attack on Titan, Supernatural, Steven Universe, Harry Potter and a lot of other various things!! My older posts here are all XReaders if you guys have not yet noticed, however, I do plan to post some stories in here! But be warned!! They may or may not contain Yaoi. Well-.. mostly MAY contain Yaoi. Lol!

Currently 16 years old and the stories I've posted are the 13/14 year old me! But I don't mind. Some of my older stories are really stupid and maybe a little TOO fluffy, but I like fluff just as much as I love angst! Sooo.. probably expect that as well, lol!

I LOVE TO ROLEPLAY. I kinda have tons of roleplays in my gmail mostly from omegle, but I don't mind roleplaying here as well, so if anyone is interested in rping, welp, just call my attention or whatever, I don't bite! xDD

That's kinda all for now~


juubyshuuya24's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
Hello~ Welcome to uh this!! I have not much to say, just that I am very much in love in Hetalia, Attack on Titan, Supernatural, Steven Universe, Harry Potter and a lot of other various things!! My older posts here are all XReaders if you guys have not yet noticed, however, I do plan to post some stories in here! But be warned!! They may or may not contain Yaoi. Well-.. mostly MAY contain Yaoi. Lol!

Currently 16 years old and the stories I've posted are the 13/14 year old me! But I don't mind. Some of my older stories are really stupid and maybe a little TOO fluffy, but I like fluff just as much as I love angst! Sooo.. probably expect that as well, lol!

I LOVE TO ROLEPLAY. I kinda have tons of roleplays in my gmail mostly from omegle, but I don't mind roleplaying here as well, so if anyone is interested in rping, welp, just call my attention or whatever, I don't bite! xDD

That's kinda all for now~


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