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Edit: before I forget, here are some of the things mentioned in the tutorial that you might want to check out.

Lineart Tutorial: [link]
Original Artwork: [link]

You may need some basic skilled and understanding of the
program before you can use this tutorial effectively

What are your brush settings?
Ummmm, I was thinking of putting brush
setting up but I am constantly changing it
as I work. I must of gone through
400 brush settings for that piece.

I can give you some hints.... ummm.ummm...

Brush size: It really depends on how big your canvas is.
Pick a size that is easy for you to work with

Brush Minimum size: Urrr.... this can be tricky depending
on which style you want. urrrr... oh god this is
complicated to explain. Okay.... if you want the line
to have more variety than set it to 0 (note that this
is some what hard to control for beginners)

Brush Density I normally leave it at the full 100% but when
cging I change it all the time. Once again.. personal preference.

I hope this helped. I fail at teaching, that is why
my future teacher career looks a little dull.... :iconotlplz:

Man the categories really pisses me off. Did I even put this in the right one? Urrr.... anyways :heart:
because of popular demands I decided to make a quick tutorial of how I work.

There isn't a lot of useful things here since there are so many better tutorials out there. Please don't comment about my spelling and grammar. It's almost 2 am and I don't have the energy to edit.

Enjoy while I go to sleep. Nighty Night :heart:
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