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Noise Marine with loot

Thought I'd do something a bit different, so, Noise Marine of the EMpyrean Guard, heading off with some fun plaything he musta found lying around. Greater Deamon of slaanes in the background. good times. :P

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May 25, 2011, 9:10:02 PM
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karlosculo's avatar

can you do a sons of the pheonix artwork?

XxCapnxDinoxX's avatar
Is that a keeper of secrets?
JesterOfTheDarkCourt's avatar
im surprised noone mentioned the marine on the keeper of secrets arm
Fishyribbit's avatar
He looks like he's having fun. ^-^
thepoweroflogic's avatar
It's not a party till someone dies
Knyghtos's avatar
This is perfect!
Master-of-the-Boot's avatar
Bastard is stealing our women! Where's Duke Nukem?
NewGuy13's avatar
Probably in a ditch somewhere.
"Oh, I'm taking one to go"
Krootman's avatar
I almost wanted to read this as. "Noise Marine with Lute"
DarylChin's avatar
Loot: Kyaaaa!
Noise Marine:
:iconmegusta4plz::iconmegusta5plz::iconmegusta6plz::iconsaysplz: Sexytime...
Warpwind's avatar
can he even fully... err, 'enjoy' the spoils of war? doesn't all sapce marines have screwed biology?
catroi's avatar
according to fluff they are just sterile but can "raise the flag" although it's size must seem ridiculously small compared to the rest of the body (as it's not a muscle I doubt they get "enhancements" for this organ ^^)
Jutami's avatar
Well, it's quite up to your imagination what the marine will do to his loot. Might be noise marines just remove adrenal and other fluids from people for creation of drugs etc.

Warpwind's avatar
with that huge of a population you just have to find other use for them
Warpwind's avatar
yeah, or gets her body as an ornament for his armor
Skeith-Skeith-Skeith's avatar
wear her skin as a pretty dress
Baveboi's avatar
Good lord, that thing is HUGE.
Is that a keeper of secrets or a daemon prince? (or daemonette princess, whatever row the boat)
thevampiredio's avatar
i love pillaging for chicks!:D
heretic14's avatar
I wonder, why this cloth between his legs is so long :3
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
To compensate his lack of penis :)
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