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Young and Helms

Illustration request I did recently for 
It's a binary system made out of two Mars-like planets. One of them have much thicker atmosphere. Due to gravitational effects both bodies are volcanicaly active.
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I really love artist renditions of extraterrestrial worlds.

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Always loved playing around with concept of binary planets. Even one of the systems I'm on has binary habitable planets. Great work.

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very nice ! 
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Yeah this turned out really nice. Both worlds are a little over 0.25 or .3 x the mass of our Earth so they are able to stay active through volcanism. Helms, the other planet seen in the picture has a thick atmosphere at around 3 times that of ours. Imagine a thicker atmosphere on a world with less gravity, it'd feel very weird.
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Well, in our Solar System, we have Titan. It has 1.5 more atmospheric pressure than on earth and the gravity is really weak. You would almost fly if you jumped. It would be like being on the bottom of a pool !

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Would be much easier to fly on Helms, then.
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I've always found it fascinating to imagine a situation where both components of a binary planet (or the moons of a gas giant) would both be life-bearing and maybe even develop intelligent life at the same time... Not very likely, of course, but it's fun to think about how such cultures might eventually learn of each other by observing each other's large-scale building projects and the spread of their respective civilizations.
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Wow! So awesome!
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This is amazing work! The details are brilliant!

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Nicely done, and quite imaginative!

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Wonderful work of art (or rather, Masterpiece) !.#1 
I love the great amount of detail in the landscape and also in the atmosphere of the planet in the background.:D (Big Grin) 
The choice of color palette and the use of the latter in the piece is really great IMHO.:) (Smile) 
It is also a nice touch that both planets are volcanically active due to the effects of gravity on both worlds ... a little inspiration from the Jovian moon Io ?, also those worlds have some kind of tectonics (although not necessarily tectonics of plates on a global scale like here on Earth) on their respective surfaces accordingly?:-? (Confused) 
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