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Winds of Neptune

Cloud walls of Neptune...
Inspired by this Voyager 2 photo:…
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DAUM, that's some insane artwork

I can almost feel myself seeing that with how wonderfully you depicted it
sohighlydubious's avatar
Such a beautiful piece of art, lovely work.
aenru's avatar
I SO wanna go flying around in that sky in a lucid dream. :D
Great clouds and beautiful colours! :)
You can feel the cold of that world.
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Neptune's sky is so awesome
Superb piece of work.
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Aruro's avatar
Supreme! Light rays look artificial at start cutting trough the cloud stream, but removing them seems not an option. I start to value them more - now i like the multiperspectiveness they create - there is horizon and Sun. Congratulations.
damien-mckenzie's avatar
This is the best Neptune painting I have ever seen! I've also added it to the Featured works of #ForeignWorlds. This is truly a masterpiece in my view :clap:
JustV23's avatar
Thank you! It's not that great, it's still a little sketchy.
But thank you for considering it good :)
damien-mckenzie's avatar
You're a perfectionist, aren't you? :D Well I can tell you, it's not far off! ;) Oh and I don't consider it good. I believe I said/wrote it's the best I've seen so far.
JustV23's avatar
Well, when it comes to illustrations that involves landscapes i try to paint everything as realistic as it could get.
But i always end up with more sketchy and animation background-like pictures :D
jack-bird's avatar
I admire you works!
May i give a link to your page on site of SF-lovers?
JustV23's avatar
Thank you!
And sure no problem with my page link. I really appreciate this :)
And sorry for late reply :)
jack-bird's avatar
Thanks! I gave a link and got 7 "thank you" marks by now - so people there like your works (Pity, but no comments from them)
mrNepa's avatar
You should do some tutorials for sky painting, you are probally one of the best sky painters I have seen!
JustV23's avatar
Hmmmm maybe i will...
I never thought about making process of my works. They kind of just pop out in my mind and i just try to paint them as i imagined....
Thriem's avatar
... it cools my mind... like an clear, starry sky in real. You may never stop to watch at it... just relax and lose yourself in space.

It's maybe a quite an idea to make an 'E-book' ... like that your fantastic art is printed as a background of the page... or maybe, some advanced idea, to make even a small program with this background, freaky font-art and slow moving text through the image... with cool transitions like snow-squalls... that would be a very thrilling thing and really... I do not like reading books because there are no images in it... you imagine something like it's described and later you may change your image because something is explained in more detail so your image would be wrong... (hope you got my point^^)... but if there is any image which leads you through the story - maybe with some f*cking epic music kinda "Two Steps from Hell" - will summon me to develop a desire to continue reading with highest effort!...

... and something I want to note in here... I'm getting a new TV for my bedroom and I had planned to display there some relaxing images... may I add some of yours too :? ;)
JustV23's avatar
You've got some pretty interesting ideas... and sure you can use my pictures for your TV :)
Thriem's avatar
[link] - something like that, wouldn't it be nice?
JustV23's avatar
That is really cool work!
Yeah, it would be really nice, but i have to think of a good story and learn how to make flash's like this...
Thriem's avatar
;) I'm used to do some flash-work, maybe I can support you in any way :)
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