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Under the light of sisters

Twin stars dimly lit this cold dessert...
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It reminds me of a dream I had a short time ago and it was this:

I was a dark gray-skinned being, robed for clothing and wrapped in bandages as used by the mummies of Egypt. I had no age, no race, no age, an entity without a past and looking for something ... my purpose to exist, my final destiny, to seek to inherit a supreme power that had meaning with a thing in the real world. I do not know.

I was walking aimlessly on a desert planet, the color of the desert was unrecognizable to me but suddenly I felt an earthquake, huge structures and needles of unknown origin arose from the depths and I noticed that every structure was composed of a mineral that is fleshy-rocky-metallic and I could see how valuable it was.

I appeared in the middle of an absolutely bizarre market where people bought their belongings ... each inhabitant had a unique and indescribable shape and as I approached a food stall, an old man with a long back, head with antigravity gray hair, with ten arms offered me a delicious soup that I think was called Czx'xx'pzc; he didn't understand anything because they all spoke a non-existent language. Then I walked where there was a huge door with writings engraved on the frame and I accessed a cathedral with abstract floors and each floor had its own gravity, in one of those floors I managed to enter something that resembled a painting and it transported me to a beautiful endless Autumn forest ... but in the middle of the forest I found an inverted willow tree with roots that grew very tall.

The tree opened a path that led me to a cave and inside there lived a giant levitating entity, with six long arms, a head that ended in a point like a bird's head but had no eyes, no mouth, or face but he could see me; I get up to convince myself to drink a juice served in a bowl and by drinking it all, I perfectly understood his language (implying that he was a drinkable universal translator).

The entity told me that it is a being of divine descent ... something like a god but with wrinkled skin and with orbs orbiting around it, that it was born from the remains of a deity's corpse and to observe all activity in the extraterrestrial realms and beyond the infinite planes.

Then I woke up not understanding anything. For now.

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Muy lindo amanecer desconocido.

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Una imagen con una vista que te hace viajar hasta lo más desafiante de tu percepción realista.

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I read that it can take millions of years for light to reach our planet and that there are many stars that are already dead.
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When you look out into space you are looking back in time.  Really big and hot stars tend towards very short life times.  Only a fraction of a billion years.  But most stars are actually red dwarves and those have lifetimes on the order of trillions of years.  Far older than the universe so far.
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It’s just so awesome. To be able to envision such a vast system. The earth, and humanity in particular, has only really been around for such a short time in comparison. 

Didn’t Stephen Hawking theorise on intelligent life outside of what resides on our own planet? ^_^

The Giant Impact Hypothesis is interesting. It is theorized that the Earth was hit by a massive object, now nicknamed Theia, around 4.5 billion years ago. It is suggested that the resulting ring of debris that accumulated around our Moon contributes towards the likelihood of this scenario. Research suggests that the resulting evidence for this hypothesis can be observed through the mean density of the moon, which is considered to be 60 percent of the Earths. The data from this research apparently coincides with the density of the crust of Earth. It is suggested that the impact into the Earth’s crust could have assisted in and contributed toward plate tectonic cycles, which as you probably already know, are an integral part of the rock and carbon cycle on earth. 
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As a big nerd of arts and astrophysics this is very beautiful. Amazing work!
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Wow, a row of Gibraltars!
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Love the radiant lighting here.  The suns look especially lovely.
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Wow! That is gorgeous! 
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I love your work, but especially this piece. Would I have permission to use this as the background for a song I will be uploading to YouTube soon? I will provide credit and a link to your dA page. 
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Hi geoplex, I love your songs :D
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Haha thanks man :)
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Sure, go ahead!
And thanks :)
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Absolutely love the colours here, it looks like a dream.
Is there a larger version?
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Great sense of depth of the ice sheet:  gives a nice feeling of own insignificance.  But, the mountains on the second level seem to have the same quality and size of details as the ones in front.  It's nit picking, I know, but making the detail finer and fuzzier would help with the distance of the ice sheet.  :)
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Wow I love those 2 warm suns with a little of planet touch there. LOL Well done!
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Magnificent :D Clap 
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I love the colours you have used for this one! Even though it's all reds and pinks, you still show the cold temperature of the scene! (and of course, the art is magnificent as always! )
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Nice work. great atmosphere feel.
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