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Storm season in extrasolar planet...
Process: [link]
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Looks like a tornado is coming
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The sinkholes on the planet give me a feeling that the planet is a bit similar to Utapau in Star Wars where the inhabitants of the planet built their cities in these massive holes to protect themselves from the winds that scour the surface of the world. Though the landscape is inviting, the sky gets me to stay. These strange and indeed alien cloud formations draw me in, and the moons give me a sense of wonder that this world is unique in its own special way. Excellent job! 
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That's incredible.
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Wow, that's a landscape I wish to see once with my own eyes... Incredible.
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Yeah, i wish i could see this with my own eyes too...Thank you!
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You're welcome! ^^
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You're welcome! ^^
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this is absolutely stunning. i love the sense of space and atmosphere created within this piece.
: )
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Another beaut, great color selecetion and the planets look great.
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Really awesome, your skies are amazing and they keep getting better!
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Thanks! I was wondering am i doing any progress on my works at all...
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wow ur amazing at ur skies. i must learn!!
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ah... another gorgeous one. Found your gallery through your DD of "Jupiter", and I'm so happy! you have a knack for drawing atmospheric phenomena. Although, I'd love to see something in pinks or oranges and reds, just out of curiosity. And bigger, grander! I think your sky paintings have to be seen in size.
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some pictures are so impressive that the would earn a own movie... if anyone would collect those masterpices and create a film with this material, it would be legendary like Lord of the Rings.
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