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Super earth

A ringed super earth visible in the sky of one of it's moons.
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It looks to be a fantastic place at least to the views. Is the moon capable of sustaining life. Those thunderheads. in the distance look like ones I have seen depicted inside the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn

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dear sir :v

how to download full side image

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Here I am siting on my deck chair, enjoying the great view and sipping a nice cup of Liber-tea!

Now THAT is life!

Couldn't resist the Helldiver reference btw.  :)
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Superb work!👏
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My God!
I think I'm speechless ...
The sense of depth and scale in this painting is simply overwhelming.
The details in the atmosphere of Super-Earth, the clouds of the moon, the illumination, etc ... leave me stunned.
Simply a magnificent work of art.
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That moon is a planet itself. Also, wish our planet had rings. Also also, wish Saturn's rings wasn't fading as we speak.
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It makes you wonder, just if.
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Thank you very much!

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I absolutely love this. The composition and colours are spot on and the sense of scale and depth is wonderful.

My only qualm with this is the actual main planet. If those are supposed to be Mars-Earth sized moons in orbit around it; with their own atmospheres and oceans, I really doubt that they'd be able to form around a very low mass planet like a super-earth. If we are going for realism here, that main planet won't be a super-earth, in fact it most likely won't be a jovian like Jupiter. It would have to be a super-jovian in order for moons like that to form "realistically" and remain in stable, low eccentricity orbits for billions of years.

Of course I'm not saying that it isn't possible, this scenario can occur through capture whereby a migrating super earth happens to capture it's mars sized moons. It would would have to be a really big super earth though, more bordering on the edge of a slightly lower mass neptunian, otherwise the moons won't have stable orbits around it.

Other than my little unnecessary rant, I just love the work for what it is. :)

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I was wondering the same while painting this. The planet here is about four times the mass of Earth and twice the radius. The moon we are supposedly standing here is roughly the size of mars with a big molten core producing magnetic field, strong enough to protect the atmosphere from solar radiation. The other moons seen here are much smaller.

The only way I can think this moon could orbit a planet like this would be due to capture, or formation after super earth colided with another planet in a simmilar way to our Earth-Thea collision. Since our moon that formed from the ejected material is bigger than it normaly should for our planet.

Thats what happens when I paint the idea first and only when think about science behind it :D

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The title probably helps with this but I like how I can see a real sense of massive scale and weight in the main planet. The cloud patterns definitively make it seem like a larger scale version of earth with more room for a more dynamic weather system going on. The colour scheme feels otherwordly yet still natural enough to be realistic for an early morning kind of setting and the landscape in front is interesting and is making me wonder what event happened to force it into long rows like that (the only thing I'm having a hard time telling is if that's ice or water on the ground there)
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Thank you!

It supposed to be water. I pained it so lightly to show how shallow these pools are, but in doing so I made it look like ice. I might darken it and give it more color.

The straight rows of rock are caused by tectonic uplift, bending and lifting up the layers of rock that later eroded and water filled shallow gaps between them.

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keliauji tiesiai,
bet čia pasuki 45 laipsnius galvą į dešinę
trumpam prisiminti
kokia graži
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