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Ring Plane

View just above the planet's ring.
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Una sombra que marca la inmensidad de la imaginación biológica, maravilloso aporte.

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works awesome good too much 
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Beautiful ! A masterpiece
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yep. you're pretty much at the peak of what you do.
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love the details, especially on the storms
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Epic and glorious.
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"We're going to hit the Ring"
"Put on your EVA suits and get into the aft airlock, if you guys make it out of this we'll be lucky to light up the scopes of a trader ship or pirate or miner, anyone"
"I'm venting some radiator fluid to try and flip the ship around. I reckon the radiation shield could soften the impact. just hoping though"
"go on ahead without me, they'll need you for the comm relay. I'm not leaving this ship without being here to see it go"
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This sounds like something Cooper would pull off.
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I want to die here.
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"O2 Below Minimum Level"
"Hypoxia Imminent"
>"go ahead"
"You're Going to die Sir"
>"thank you"
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Unless of course I start having a panic attack and pull off my helmet and spin wildly into the void
Oh man, to look out a window and see this.
Just phenomenal man.
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Oooh...  Evokes a feeling of awesome.  The level of detail you put into this is superb, I especially like sense of perspective.
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Amazing, love it!
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Really great work! Stellar distribution of rocks, and I love the shadows on the planet :)
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This is a unique combination of lighting direction and ring perspective. Having the rings lit from underneath in subtle ways such as the shadowing of the particles and the ring shadows casted above the ring plane here :) The hurricanes are cool too. Imagine the view of being in the eye of one as the sun is eclipsed by the rings :omg:
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Than you!
And that's a great idea for another picture! I might try it out :)
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Beautiful! Possibly inspired by Juno's latest images of Jupiter's polar vortices?
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Thank you!
Actually, no. I wanted this planet to have some more Earth-like storms. Like hurricanes.
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No problem :) Oh ok, I see it now. It reminded me of those patterns.
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