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New scars

View of a binary planet system.
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beautiful scenery as art and well done / I love it .
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Beautiful as always. Love how you did the clouds as well. :heart:
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We live in binary planet system. Our moon is very big compared to Earth.
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love forever

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That's very nice. I like to imagine myself traveling to all of these worlds and exploring...
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Oh my God!!
I think I love this painting !!
They remind me of the matte paintings used in the middle of the last century as a background.
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Cool, reminds me of some of the old TOS Trek background matte paintings
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Well, my first thought when noticed the thumbnail:

"... also known as Dune (queue the intro Giggle)" 

OK, "Storm is coming. Our storm". It's that good.
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omg yes! I love this <3
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It's amazing! It reminds me a lot of old animes, very well made details!

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Scars of yesterday
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Really neat, those clouds are extra nifty,
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Wow thats beautiful! Nice work
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beautiful work
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Très réussi ! ^^
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