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Neutron star system


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A neutron star cannibalizing it's sister star. View from a planet orbiting this restless system.
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Very cool!

For me its got a vide of there being a long lost civilization on that planet

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Absolutely beautiful landscape. Nicely done.

Uchia-Madera's avatar

Fuck that shit, whoever's taking that picture needs to run!! jk Beautiful art.

JustV23's avatar

Running might be too late by this pont. Thank you!

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Great work. How's things going?

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Definitely one of the better examples I've seen of such an event. The wide format of the landscape and the "divide" caused by the canyons breaking the system into each of its components makes this eye catching and also slightly unsettling to imagine being lost in that enormous landscape whose mood would completely change depending on which shadow your'e standing in.

It reminds me of "Avatar the last airbender"

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I wonder how long an unshielded human would last on the surface of this world.

Not very long, I'd wager.

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There is a lot of 'yes' in this image, but just in case it wasn't stated.... YEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!

excellent work as always.

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midblowing. this is beautiful

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Wonderful and exotic landscape!

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I see its a binary system, and judging on the brightness if the star its a red giant, getting slowly ripped apart by the intense gravity if the neutron star.
Uchia-Madera's avatar

I think it's a black hole already, there's two astrophysical jets and an accretion disc in play.

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Beautiful Quasar.

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looks amazing!

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Not a planet you would want to be walking around on for too long without a hardened EVA suit. Even with said hardened suit, the x-ray flux from the neutron star's accretion disc would cook you inside out pretty quickly!

Seriously beautiful picture though. I love the contrasting orange of the main sequence star and the almost painfully-intense blue of the pulsar.

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Well, when you know how big universe is you can proudly say this place actually exist somewhere.

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Oof, hopefully that planet wasn't already inhabited, because it's probably getting bombarded with deadly radiation now.

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Awesome work. How's things going?

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That planet is not going to survive for long.

Great work!!!

Scyphi's avatar

Actually, the planet itself would probably survive--it appears it's far enough out that I'd bet it's orbit has remained largely unchanged for now.

No, it'd be any natives on the planet that probably wouldn't survive for long. Radiation levels tend to spike critically around neutron stars (and the like), especially when "feeding" off of another star like shown here, and so that planet's probably getting a heavy and constant bombardment of it now, more than any natural defenses the planet may have already had against it could shield.

Of course, neutron stars are typically the result of a supernova, so more than likely, the blast from that had already "killed" the planet, now that I'm thinking about it.

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