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Jupiter jet


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Jupiter's powerful lightning storms most likely generate lots of transient luminous events.
In this scene, during the early morning hour, as the rising sun lights up the top of a massive thunderstorm a lightning strike generates a gigantic jet, shooting high up in the atmosphere.
Three of Galilean moons can be seen in the sky Io, Ganymede and Callisto.
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great scene !

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Yes! glorious!!!

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Beautiful artwork and concept!! :D

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Cool and splendid art work!

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There is something eerily sinister about this scene, the dusk lighting just hitting the top of the clouds against the dark sky behind them looks almost apocalyptic and the organic structure of the "jet" looks alive and alien. like something that might strangely enough continue to hang around long after the lighting that created it disappeared. It would be an epic sight to see and I always hope Jupiter would have such dramatic cloud formations standing right on edge with the clearer parts of its atmosphere to allow for sights similar to this.

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That's pretty Freaking Cool!

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WHOA! Jupiter’s Lightning and Jet’s must be really cool! And if they were on Earth they would be far more powerful than anything we know.

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Wow, this is really cool!

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