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In the shadow of the broken moon

Triton - biggest Neptune's moon. It is doomed to be ripped in pieces by Neptune's tidal forces.
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This has to be one of my favorites of you.... It's just insane. I love the effect on the clouds it feels like the clouds are alive and ready to trap you inside the darkness forever
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wow so beautiful and great work ! :D

regards Bernd
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I don't know why. I'm just into shattered moons lately :D
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Me too!
I am thinking about painting another illustration featuring shattered moon.
Just not sure about setting yet :)
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This is fantastic!!! I wish I could paint like this... Breathtaking!
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Hi! This image has been featured on my poetry blog here: [link]
I just want to add that this looks so dynamic and realistic! I particularly like the way the moon seems to be shattering into a thousand tiny pieces.
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JustV23 i have a blog n i was wondering if i cud post yur art on it
JustV23's avatar
Sure, no problem with that :)
And thanks :)
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so when is your next piece coming out?
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Well I'm not sure, because i am really busy right now so i don't have much time for drawing...
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so do u hand draw all this?
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Yep, well it's digital, i did this using tablet, but everything was drawn by hand, no textures used...
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n my teacher thinks u photoshoped it
JustV23's avatar
:D lol
Well i used photoshop for painting it, but it IS painted not photoshoped
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But just don't use it anywhere else...
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Breathtaking rendition of a sight that no human may ever see
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Yeah, unfortunately we will not see this event :/
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Then it is like the countless other events taking place all the time, where nature and the cosmos create breathtaking beauty never to be seen by any eyes.
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Hey hey you got featured in here [link] :D
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